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Day of Bulgaria.

Day of Bulgaria.

Question of the day: ministers not answer the Prime Minister, why you have that basis?
The reason was prosaic. For several days Raikov has a new mobile phone service. Until now has used the services of a French operator.
Let's hope that ministers do not want to talk to strangers, and they are not responded to the call of Prime Minister.
The opposite would be a very bad sign that all of the government.
"To be honest, more than half did not raise me," he told bTV Raikov.
The joke of the day: Prime Minister Marin Raikov, "talked about tapping opponents with Secretary of Interior Kalin Georgiev, who assured him categorically that there is no such practice."
The scandal of the day: The signal for illegal tapping of senior politicians, businessmen, leaders of public protests and active citizens Tsvetanov. Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov order proverka.Tsvetanov gave notice of the Directorate on operational and technical information (SDOTO) to eavesdrop on a particular person, no request for RCC without permission of the court, without resolution on the work done then, no reports of employees?
Goal of the day is Atanas Atanasov, a former head of the National Intelligence Service: eavesdropping charges related to psychological portrait of Tsvetan Tsvetanov, this is a man who has no boundary between legal and illegal, but it is a matter of expediency. He has no conscience built to comply with the rules, decided that it was allowed to achieve political goals.
Secret of the Day: The head of the Inspectorate of SCP Malena Philippi was crucified "umbrella" over allegations Miroslav Naydenov learned from the interview of Deputy Prosecutor Bob Sarafov to your BT. The proximity of the two was because of the pet obvinitelkata whose GP was Naydenov, who is a veterinarian.
Boredom of the Day: Mole, John and Andrew, Dennis Rodman and imaginary scandals.
Shame of the Day: Mira Radeva and wretched and straining to revive Borisov and Tsvetanov sie.I this is the same specialist who claimed during the 99 th that in Varna Dobrin Mitev will become mayor in the first round of local izbori.Razbira be missed in the lottery, and was sentenced Mitev and ran around the world.
The skin of the Day: Emil Dimitrov, who declined to run because "in GERD has too much intrigue," told "Trud" that to his office in Sofia some time stay constant gray "Ford Mondeo" with two men inside.
He claims that GERD is currently governed by Tsvetan Tsvetanov, and he was warm relations with him and, "How you see me in a party with Iskra Fidosova?"
The horror of the day: Bulgaria highways and zero deficit ate people.
 Additional 84 million lev were given "Lyulin" and two sections of the "Thrace" and "Struma".
 More than 67 million lev agreed were given an extra just 7 km from the ring road of Sofia.
 "Lyulin" was built for 185 million contract price was 137 million and hungry protestors unaware paid an additional 48 million lev
So the "Lyulin" final price was 9.6 million km on a contract initially pledged 7.7 million euros.
25 million lev pay additional State last section of "Trakia" The money went to the builder - a consortium "Trakia IV", in which the main partner is "holding PCT" associated with Vasil Bozhkov.
Lilyana Pavlova, however, is outraged that the government paid 20 million Levs benefits will be charged to investments in infrastructure.
"This is contrary to the commitment by the interim government that granting such aid would not be at the expense of infrastructure," said Liliana Pavlova.

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