Monday, March 4, 2013

Constructs are the first political party protesters - Orlov most - people in unity.

Constructs are the first political party protesters - Orlov most - people in unity.

On March 3 to protest the "Eagle Bridge" in Sofia, announced the creation of a citizens' initiative "Orlov most - people in unity."
We should not kid ourselves that this is laying the foundations of a new party probably populist type.
In case you do not go into a party, you will need to adhere to the old party formations, "giving them their votes" against services.
Only in the last 12 years three times watch informal "citizen" movements were created, categorically denies that it will become political parties, two of them took power and then destroying Bulgaria collapsed.
NMS not even appear on the political horizon.
In a statement of newly popular band says, "put aside differences, the national holiday on March 3, representatives of various cities and organizations have united in an informal movement of citizens under the name" Orlov most - people in unity. "
 "Eagle Bridge became a kind of symbol of the regeneration of the Bulgarians, a sincere desire to change the existing reality.
We believe that will take place as a nation not as magical contact with the heroic leader figure, but a contact with one another. It must be all together - with other informal movements to end this transition - not by force and blood and with a mass scale, organization and intolerance. "
 It is unclear if the protesters genuinely realize that their demands do not reflect the wishes of all Bulgarians and show some surveys where the first places out questions such as:
-Judicial and criminal liability for MPs and ministers with (61%)
-Create a business office (35%)
-Lustration of participating in government and State Security agents by 34% - 36%
-To dissolve the National Assembly by 32%
 Informal movement of citizens' Eagle Bridge - naroda in unity "today takes camp to the Presidency and will not pick up until their demands are met, which sounds somewhat like this:
1) calling a referendum on the Grand National Assembly;
2) changes in the Election Code, which citizens can participate in elections through its representatives;
3) a moratorium on enforcement cases banks.
4) recall of MPs by means of a referendum or election system.
5) public participation in the CEC and DECs with the ability to control the process.
On March 9 convened in Sofia in "Armeec Arena" will be held National Conference of protesters.
  Of course there were opposing views and other leading organizers of the protests, as to BTV, Doncho Dudev Ivanova and John said they would do and the party will not participate in party lists for early elections on May 12.
 Who will pay the rent of the hall to find out at a later stage.
Will be curious to see the struggle for power.
On the evening of March 3 died Plamen Goranov Varna Jan Palach, who himself on fire in front of the municipality building in the seaside capital in protest.
Condolences to the family and friends of the suspect.
God rest his soul!

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