Tuesday, March 5, 2013

China scares neighbors with Army, with increased military spending and the doubling of GDP in five years.

China scares neighbors with Army, with increased military spending and the doubling of GDP in five years.

Session of the National Congress of China transferred power to a new, fifth-generation politicians.
"Interfax" read a statement on the Chinese prime minister almost like a threat: "The Chinese army is ready to fulfill its" historic mission "- reads the message header.
In fact, in the report there was no hint of aggression. In any case, no more than a farewell speech, President Hu Jintao.
However, China's military budget has increased again, and the U.S. decreases.
In 2013 the growth of military spending in China reached 10.7% or 115.6 billion, reported Xinhua.
Last year the cost was 106.4 billion dollars.
So China keeps second place in the ranking of countries by the size of military spending.
Firstly this indicator remains around U.S. 633 billion in 2013 and drastic cuts.
Russia's military budget for 2013 is projected at $ 70 billion, but as always, on this issue the Russians can not be trusted.
According to The New York Times, the Chinese army has a hidden task that justifies the continued increase in military spending. The leadership of the party and the country needs support in the face of war and to maintain its credibility, both within the country and to intimidate its neighbors, which regularly occur territorial disputes.
China confirms "Socialism with Chinese characteristics".
Over the past five years, GDP has nearly doubled, the annual increase was 9.3 percent, the average income of the population increased by 8.8 to 9.9%, spending on education reached 4% of GDP, as a whole, China successfully opposes global crisis.
 Curiously statement of the Secretary General and future President Xi Jinping, that "the party will stay in power only if members are firm in their beliefs" and asked, "Why the Soviet Union collapsed, why the CPSU collapsed?
Currently there is a liberalization of the political system.

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