Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Caretaker Government of Bulgaria will be announced on Tuesday, March 12, in 16 hours.

Caretaker Government of Bulgaria will be announced on Tuesday, March 12, in 16 hours.

Bulgaria's interim government will be announced on Tuesday, 16 hours on Wednesday to work, said in an interview with Der Standart Rosen Plevneliev.
March 13 will be dissolved and the National Assembly, which is the procedure.
President said that the government will be made up of people who have gained their own expertise and reputation and started from scratch, and yahnoto motto was "A Europe of democracy and economic development."
The official premier will be someone who has been working abroad and is well known and accepted in Brussels.
Plevneliev cites in Italy interim government led by Mario Monti: "I hope it will work the way it was done in Italy by Monty. We should have more ambition than simply to organize the next election and partially suppress the crisis. should have positive energy that now exist in Bulgaria in the streets and on the Internet. "
This happens when a large part of the "leaders" of the protest want to bring the country into haos.Kak just imagine the power in their own hands without making parties do not know, but the story clearly missed school knows-called dictatorship despotism, fascism, communism and similar.

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