Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Aftermath of the failed government of GERB in Bulgaria.

Aftermath of the failed government of GERB in Bulgaria.

GERD behave as if filled with righteous anger streets do not affect them.
240 thousand Bulgarians have lost their jobs.
The lack of real opposition to monopolies and cartels actually encourage them to constantly try new and higher prices, which eventually earn people on the street.
Social contract between GERB and the Bulgarian citizens is broken unilaterally by the Prime Minister and GERB failed.
According to the Bank this week to 8 March fiscal reserves at the central bank amounted to 2.7 billion lev
Favorites and chosen ones experts say banks have deposited another 300 million lev
Thus, the total reserves of the country are currently 3 billion after the issuance of 800 million lev domestic debt, to ensure the stability of the reserve for the payment of agricultural subsidies per unit area.
Borisov's government went mainly due to disastrous personnel policy and the use of people as Djankov, Lucho brain Tsvetanov, Miro Naydenov Fidosova and myriad health ministers endless ladybugs with fake diplomas, not degrees, illiterate and drunk as a minister, and so ad infinitum end.
Copies of diploma of the former boss of the regulator Juliana Ivanova not in institutions, but it has signed a statement that there are no legal obstacles to hold office as President of the Commission, and one of the requirements is to have a higher education.
Bad joke played by the government and the endless ladybugs GERD.
 Kalina Ilieva was just the tip of the iceberg.
From the Technical University in Sofia announced that they Juliana Ivanova diploma is issued.
The biggest failure of Bulgaria from 1990 is non entry into the Schengen area. Europe clearly told us that we have a problem with corruption, security and rule of law.
 Borisov ever changed your mind about energy, the economy, scientists called feudal elders and cut the budget of the BAS, the library and the money was invested in the museum of socialist art.
Under political pressure was elected Konsitutsionen Court and the Prosecutor General and placed under almost complete control and depending on the legal system.
The media have been bought and crushed so that they dared to write a word against the government.
Tsvetanov bragged that he broke the backbone of the crime, while domestic crime jumped 100 percent, and murders and robberies of banks and automobile collections did not stop and spec shares were baptized with the names of the judges uncomfortable.
 GERD and crisis-management - debt lev 8 billion and 800,000 unemployed, including 100,000 young people, increasing food prices by 50% to 500% with medication and income - frozen. Small or crushed following businesses were only oligarchs and monopolies.
Money for health insurance were stolen from Djankov.
Doctors were humiliated by the parliamentary tribune and the mass began to leave the country.
 Mladenov did put the country in various international scandals, including Macedonia and in Arab countries.
Handing out huge bonuses to the people lay in misery.
Complete failure of Regional Development and Public Works, no evaluation of the vast resources regionite.Izsipa is important for GERD in Burgas and Sofia, other districts will not.
In the economic sphere relived the years of the lowest foreign investment, total volume due to inadequate policy of the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism, the disgusting business climate in the country, and the constant divergent signals emitted VAT, for example.
From the Chamber of Commerce predicted unemployment of around 13 per cent, according to the National Employment Agency, about 12.4 percent.
Most companies do not plan to find new jobs in 2013-a.
In the last three months of 2012, employment fell by 22 thousand annually and their number reached 2.95 million, according to the national statistics.
Youth unemployment reached 28.3% in January, reported by Eurostat.

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