Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wounded with a knife informal leader of the protest in Varna.

Wounded with a knife informal leader of the protest in Varna.

The water cannon is ready.
Gendarmerie in Varna receive new asset to riot in the summer. The machine has two water cannons range 60 m
 Protesters will be stopped before the cathedral and guided along "Dubrovnik" the streets "Tsar Simeon" and "Devnya" as authorized by the Mayor of the protest route.
Threatening to hit police with batons on shields yesterday were only for psychological effect.
Gendarmes had no intention to abuse anyone, but to intimidate disturbing public order?
Results were five yesterday arrested and one policeman injured by a blow on the head with a rock and light bodily injury, according to the head of the Varna police.
DISTRICT Court - Varna, acquitted this afternoon three young men indicted for acts of petty hooliganism during last night's protest against high electricity bills.
It turned out that Asparuhov Bridge is the most important protective object as a link with South Bulgaria and not allow closure.
Varnenetsat refused to sign a declaration that they will not be violent during protests. He was summoned to a police station II phone, showed him a printout of his post on "Facebook" to block Asparuhov bridge.
Then asked to sign the declaration.
Other citizens are asked to sign such declarations even without participating in the protests.

Fourth day of protest in Bulgaria seems to be even more massive.
Protesters block "Vl. Varnenchik" between the bus station and the Mall Varna on the canvas to Sofia.
Apparently overlooked by the mayor fixed route along "Dragoman" "Tsar Simeon" Energo-Pro to the "Devnya."
Heavily armed police preprechiha intersection of "Hristo Smirnenski" protesters and the ability to continue to the left to "Devnya."
People in stranded cars support the protesters.
From The Two Towers, the procession continued Blvd "Republic."
In "Mladost" and "Slivnitsa" parade grew.
To block intersections and chanting "Bulgarians-heroes."
As the protesters reached a maximum of perhaps 3000 people.
On returning to the municipal people depart and remain under house several hundred people.
Angry and demonstrate his love with mayor chanting "Mafia" around the building of Varna Municipality.
Protesters are invited to gather at the same place tomorrow at 18 hours.
For Sunday's planned massive demonstration in front of 11.00.
After the protest was stabbed informal leader of the parade in Varna, Ivan Petrov, a former football player and national team coach, "Spartak" Varna.
There is no danger to life.
The wound was superficial and not affected organs.
The striker managed to izbyaga.Samiya Petrov's chasing wounded.
 Described him as athletic and 1.80 m tall, with a hood over his face.
This is not the first attack.
After the second protest Petrov intoxicated and admitted hospital.
 Eyewitnesses say Petrov then attempted to frustrate the intention of the provocateur in protest.
Today it earlier, Ivan Petrov on New TV "It Milen Tsvetkov," said the chief of Criminal Police in Varna has asked him to "slow down the protests."
"Quite the contrary - will intensify," said Petrov added: "This country should no longer just be a mob!"

Flash mob against high electricity bills have made fans of social networks in Sofia in front of the Ministry of Economy and the "Rakovski".

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