Monday, February 11, 2013

Why are high and will become even higher electricity bills.

Why are high and will become even higher electricity bills.

Spending in Bulgaria's energy system caused by the installed capacity of power plants producing energy from renewable sources (RES) are massive.
 The new photovoltaic plants have been the only real surprise for distribution companies because their installed capacities have been significantly above forecast.
The majority of PV capacity was connected to the power grid in the last 20 days from the previous regulatory period, when operated at higher feed rates, because they have caused more expenses.
What you said Angel Semerdzhiev and which then gave ridiculously under obvious pressure that at least 3 percent would raise the price of electricity from July 1, 2013, for renewable energy production is inevitable but will postpone the election.

Video Meteorite in the Urals, and over 300 injured persons,5-heavy video.

Do not forget that nearly 700 megawatts before July 1, only 89 MW has licenses from regulator and all the others are connected directly by the electricity companies.
Why and how, Silence of the Lambs.
"Maritza East 1" is the largest industrial complex not only in Bulgaria but also in Eastern Europe. It consists of three plants - one state "Maritza East 2" and two private - ENI "Galabovo - Maritza East 1" and "Contour Global Maritsa Iztok-3 '.
Contracts signed for "Maritza Iztok", two thermal power plants in the reign of Ivan Kostov, no one clause to protect the state.
Both "Maritza" have more than 1,000 megawatts and at least 1-2% of the increase is due to them.
In June 2001 Ivan Kostov has signed contracts for 15 years and tied the state to buy electricity at very high prices.
The price at which NEC as a public utility buys electricity on both private TPP is two times higher than the price in the state, although the three plants have a similar mode.
So the longer period at the end of the year, the cold weather may be true but they are not the main reason.
Urgent decisions taken after protests dreaded meeting at the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism deferred repayment of high bills can not solve the problem.
GERD impact involved only the latest "emergency" permits "green energy". The main problems are accumulated from 12 to 13 years by successive governments.
Do not we remember how it sells power from NPP Kozloduy.
She did not let lazy to search and see how Kozloduy export cheap electricity, but to us it sells more.
And who took commissions th EDC, taken.
He took commissions from renewable sources, took no traces.
It is interesting to at least see all the proud owners (RES) would be an interesting list
Possible future hypothetical re-nationalization would take the total pocket.

Grammy Winners 2013.

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