Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tunisia and Egypt go to the Islamic severe crisis.

Tunisia and Egypt go to the Islamic severe crisis.

The leader of the secular Democratic Party Balaid was killed on Wednesday in front of his home. In a statement, the Tunisian Interior Ministry crime is defined as "a political assassination and terrorist act."
Prime Minister of Tunisia Hammadi Jeb said he would dissolve the government to form a new government of national unity.
After killing policy held protests degenerated into clashes with police.
The main threat to Tunisia's growing audacity of ultra conservative Muslim Salafists, who want to impose strict control of the country under the laws of Islam and acute confrontation with secular democrats.
Hardline Salafists are only tens of thousands but their organized frequent protests against desecration of Islam, especially by artists rocked Tunisia and managed to mobilize angry youths more skillfully than secular opposition parties.
Until recently headed by Islamist government reacted cautiously to the Salafist demonstrations, fearing further radicalization of the Salafists.
Arab Spring proved wrong policy and lead to ultra-conservative Islam.
Now a policeman is killed in protests in the Tunisian capital, triggered by the assassination of opposition leader, which degenerated into riots.
The dead officer was stoned.
And like Tunisia, Egypt sinks into turmoil and possibly religious civil war.
"Muslim Brotherhood" has openly pushing for the creation of a Muslim caliphate, and Egypt became a tacit basis of "Al Qaeda."
Arab Spring triggered and maintained by the U.S. and EU strengthen radical Islam in the region.

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