Thursday, February 14, 2013

The survivors of a plane crash in Donetsk: The plane crushed like a tin can.

The survivors of a plane crash in Donetsk: The plane crushed like a tin can.

The surviving passengers and crew of the AN-24 airlines that crashed during landing in flight Odessa, Donetsk, local TV explain the circumstances of the tragedy.
  Their words are "hard landing" and engine failure, a version of the "human factor".
Disaster victims are five passengers, all on board were 52 people, although the aircraft was designed for 50 people.
Fans flew to Donetsk for the eighth finals of the Champions League between Donetsk "Shakhtar" and "Borussia" Dortmund.
"Before landing felt that the speed of aircraft increased, then collided with the ground, then the airplane is literally crushed cans.
Through the crack, which is formed, we were able to leave the aircraft to ignition "- said a passenger from the plane.

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