Friday, February 15, 2013

The Holy Synod of the 15 and 16 February set three candidates for the Patriarch of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

The Holy Synod of the 15 and 16 February set three candidates for the Patriarch of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

 Holy Synod to determine three bishops, candidates for the post of the Patriarchal Synod meeting on 15 and 16 February stated in the decision of the Synod of January 24, 2013, published on the website of the Holy Synod.
You'd better help curtail the country's economic interests kak property of the church militant groups through repressive tools that government has demonstrated that it can be better used.
The three candidates for the patriarchal office should be elected by a majority of two thirds of the members of the Holy Synod, which means at least ten of all members.
On February 24 will be held election of the new Patriarch of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.
142 delegates will participate in the election of new Bulgarian Patriarch.
The number of diocesan delegates from 15 dioceses is 80 to 48 clergy and 32 laymen.
In the election of a new patriarch involving all the bishops of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, 14 archbishops and 19 bishops, one representative of stauropegial monastery - Rila, Troyan and Bachkovo that are under the direct jurisdiction of the Holy Synod, 13 monks and 11 nuns from all the dioceses and one representative of the Sofia and Plovdiv Seminary.

When asked in a poll on the blog, "Who would you like to Patriarch of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church?" the following results:
† Metropolitan Gabriel of Lovech-led convincingly by 481 votes out of 1495 so far 32% or collected.
Second is the Metropolitan of Rousse † NEOFIT-with 358 votes or 23 percent.

Here are the full results:
† Vratsa Metropolitan Kallinikos-39 (2%)
Sliven Bishop † Yoanikii-75 (5%)
Vidin Metropolitan † Dometian-55 (3%)
Varna and Veliki Preslav Kiril †-120 (8%)
U.S., Canada and Australia † Bishop Joseph-78 (5%)
Western and Central Metropolitan † SIMEON-25 (1%)
Veliko Tarnovo Bishop † GREGORY-45 (3%)
Ruse † Metropolitan NEOFIT-358 (23%)
† brand of Metropolitan Nathanael-24 (1%)
Pleven † Metropolitan Ignatius-16 (1%)
Starozagorski † Metropolitan Galaktion-23 (1%)
† Metropolitan Gabriel of Lovech-481 (32%)
Plovdiv Bishop Nikolay †-133 (8%)
Dorostolski † Bishop Ambrose-23 (1%)

Votes received to date: 1495.
Voting continues.

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