Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Scandal is growing dossier of Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov.

Scandal is growing dossier of Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov.

After Buffalo publish documents Boyko Borisov since 1996 TSSBOP informant, lightning Ministry announced inspection carried out by a special ad hoc committee in CDCOC.
What is learned and not learned from the scandal grew?
Stanimir Florov shows folder contents "Buddha" for recruitment in 1996. Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.
 "Bivol" published a new document to open a case for operational surveillance "DON" to Boyko Borisov.
 The case is the same operative who has offered this tribute informant - Mladen Georgiev surprisingly currently Secretary of SANS appointed to the high post from Borisov.
He was chief of the sector, which has approved the first proposal.
 On the question of the "Diary" why in his first statement targeted after emerging materials for the so-called circle "bank," Borisov said: "Because they are ex-cops."
 "Diary" is trying to explain what are the Slavi Binev circle "bank." Slavi Binev - MEP Archon, president of the civic association proud owner of the first BIAD chalga club and sports club "Deskrim" in the early 90's, the European champion taukon-up and a major shareholder in the "R-System Holding" . For further coop knotted Chavdar Chernev and retired gene. Lyuben Gotsev and other mythical circle of "Monterey." Among the members of the circle "Bank" in "Diary" also referred to this head of the GERB parliamentary group Krasimir Velchev Viktor Valkov, owner of "Risk Engineering" Bogomil Manchev.
    "Bivol" looks set to continue with the removal of more material as mentioned and others available.
 End of the document again raises the basic question of who is in transition and always compromised files, and addicts do we manage?
It is strange that once again the mainstream media have buried their heads in the sand.
Certainly Barekov and Yanet in TV7 and BTV Kirill Radev, Valeria Veleva and eternal Sugarev defended the innocence of Borisov.
Expected leftists demanded temporary committee and GERD attack saw the dark forces and try to defend their leader.
"Realistically, we stopped NPP" Belene ", which undermined many interests, and I became the engine of the" Nabucco. "These are the two things that were out of balance, and hurried to put it now," said Borisov exported data.
 Tatyana Doncheva in an interview with newspaper "Press" develops his thesis that the path to power Boyko Borisov was passed by the BSP with the active participation of the people associated with the services. According to her scandal "Buddha" is caused by "impaired interests that are not the subject of new balance."

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