Monday, February 11, 2013

SARS virus returns changed and deadly. So far 50% of cases are lethal.

SARS virus returns changed and deadly.
So far 50% of cases are lethal.

In late September, the World Health Organization warned of the discovery of a new form of dangerous respiratory virus similar to SARS, which emerged in 2002, killing more than 800 people worldwide.
The new disease is caused by the corona virus from the same family as the SARS virus, says WHO.
WHO spokesman is a completely new virus.
Experts from WHO can not explain is how to transmit the new virus.
Traditional annual pilgrimage of Muslims to Mecca and Medina, probably helped spread the virus.
British health authorities today announced the tenth case of infection with a new virus belonging to the family of the SARS virus.
Patient recently returned from a trip to the Middle East and Pakistan.
So far 50% of cases are lethal.
In 2002, China's mortality was about 10%.
 SARS coronavirus is defined as a large family of viruses, (severe acute respiratory).
It is known that carriers of the virus SARS (SARS), which killed 774 people worldwide, are different animals, especially bats.
 Asians eat excrement or use them for the treatment of asthma, kidney diseases and other physical ailments.

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