Saturday, February 23, 2013

Roundtables in Sliven and Sofia nomination committees of the protests.

Roundtables in Sliven and Sofia nomination committees of the protests.

Roundtables in Sliven and Sofia nomination committees.
In Sliven have expelled all media and signed a declaration of non-partisan organizations.
Unsigned are not allowed in the room.
Invitation to Sliven were received by representatives of all cities in the country, and gathered about 30 organizers of the protests.
 It is unclear who made the selection of invitees.
Participants in advance Sliven lowered statement in which
included nationalization of all strategic sectors and natural resources in Bulgaria ban ruling political life, change the system of governance of the country, including election law, formulation of national priorities.
Expect an answer within seven days, otherwise threaten civil disobedience, non-payment of bills and new civil strife.
There are people who are trying to divide the protesters, and according to organizers, this happened after President Rosen Plevneliev has announced that they will accept people from protesting.
Informal and disapproval of all leader of the protest in Varna Ivan Petrov said that those who came in Sliven are united.
Channel 3 broadcast live from Sofia.
Lists are made to speak.
Collect opinions.
Andrew Slabakov, president of the Association of Free "Free choice" is trying to prevail.
Statements and started focussing mainly for the Grand National Assembly and the repeal of Article 12 of the Constitution.
 It takes control of all spheres of government and all committees of the National Assembly.
Gave the word to Mikhail Konstantinov invited by Slabakov to clarify what can and can not?
He explains what allows the current constitution, shouts and exclamations interrupted Slabakov and help him.
He promised to release protesters to count votes saves the day and wins the audience.
Speeches and still prevalent view of the Grand National Assembly.
 There are exotic requests three ministers, deputy prime minister, finance minister, Minister of Energy and Minister of Interior.
Slabakov intervenes and wants to stay that dominated Parliament from GERB until their demands met.
  Roundtable in Sofia Slabakov sets of roughly the following requests:
 Nationalization of EDCs by returning shares convening the Grand National Assembly, Civil 50% quota in government institutions, closure of BEH, a new energy law and personal responsibility for the unprofitable energy contracts signed.

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