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Recipes of traditional medicine. Inflammation of the respiratory tract. Bronchitis.

Recipes of traditional medicine.
Inflammation of the respiratory tract.

In cold reduces blood delivery systems of mucous membranes in the nose and throat, as it frees the way of viruses and bacteria to the body.
 The inflammation of the lungs can get if you do not make enough attention to their health, when we started our seemingly harmless cough from the common cold. The diet is very important.
From the menu should be excluded foods rich in protein and mucus-forming substance: meat and dairy products, pasta from white flour.
 We need to absorb hot water, herbal tea or freshly squeezed juices. Cold, harsh, fatty foods, alcohol and tobacco should be excluded. Useful are the bathrooms and inhalations with baking soda, chamomile, calendula, mallow, elderberry, thyme, pine tops, walnut shells.
 Especially useful are inhalation grated fresh horseradish or use garlic, onions or turnips. The internalization of turnip juice or radish diluted with large amounts of carrot juice is healing.

 Here are some recipes.
1) 2-3 leaves of coltsfoot be boiled in half a liter of milk. Add the oil to the top of the knife. Drink evening for coffee cup.
 2) Mix 10 g mustard flour, curcuma root with 100 g honey. It is given one teaspoon at night after eating.
 3) A small scoop of crushed mustard plaster, mixed with honey.
4) In 500 ml of boiling water for 1 minute soak 1 tablespoon sumac, coltsfoot and wormwood. Water Filter and drink 1 tablespoon with a little honey in the morning and evening after meals.
5) Tea, Marigold, every morning fasting one cup for 3 weeks. 6) Decoction of thistle is recommended by some of the cough.
Decoction of thistle-3 tablespoons finely crushed herb is boiled for 10 min with 500 ml of water.
7) infusion of plantain for processes of the upper respiratory tract, characterized by tough, stingy mucus in chronic bronchitis.
Brew is made from 1 tablespoon dried chopped leaves with 250 cm3 of boiling water. After 10 minutes, is sipped 1 hour (dose for 1 day).

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