Saturday, February 16, 2013

Patriarch of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church will choose between Gabriel bishops, and Neophyte Galaktion.

Patriarch of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church will choose between Gabriel bishops, and Neophyte Galaktion.

Lovech Metropolitan Gabriel and Rouse Metropolitan Neophyte chosen with 9 votes.
Today we finish preparing for "Election ecclesiastical and national council" to elect a new Patriarch of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church by selecting two more candidates.
  Lovech Metropolitan † Gabriel gets the greater public confidence in most public forums and discussions.
First candidate for Patriarch of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, however, yesterday was appointed bishop of Stara Zagora Galaktion patron of archons and tamlieri.
It turned out that Galaktion was collected 10 votes needed for the nomination.
Rouse † Metropolitan NEOFIT Lovech Metropolitan † and Gabriel are gathered by 9 votes in different rounds.
Varna and Veliki Preslav Kiril † is collected 4-5 votes each round.
Information on choosing a council spokesman confirmed the Synod Bishop Joseph.
Few left the Holy Synod to become a disgrace because they are already sent invitations enthronement of the new head of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church to numerous dignitaries.
 Afternoon, the Holy Synod decided that two-thirds of the 14 votes are equal on 9 votes and a third which is closer to 9 than to 10 votes. So it was decided that the bishops who yesterday has consistently taken nine votes - Neophyte and Gabriel are indicated as selected.
On February 24 will be held election of the new Patriarch of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. 142 delegates will participate in the election of new Bulgarian Patriarch. The number of diocesan delegates from 15 dioceses is 80 to 48 clergy and 32 laymen. In the election of a new patriarch involving all the bishops of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, 14 archbishops and 19 bishops, one representative of stauropegial monastery - Rila, Troyan and Bachkovo that are under the direct jurisdiction of the Holy Synod, 13 monks and 11 nuns from all the dioceses and one representative of the Sofia and Plovdiv Seminary.

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