Sunday, February 3, 2013

North Korea officially demonstrated nuclear bomb.

North Korea officially demonstrated nuclear bomb.

North Korea has revealed that he has a bomb and is preparing to hold a third nuclear test.
The wishes of the U.S. and Russia, to maintain Udre arms race with poodle US-UK as a strategic appendage ended in 1960 with France De Gaulle.
Followed by China in 1964, India and later albeit unofficially, but 100% first and Israel. Pakistan in 1999, which came into nuclear rivalry with India.
Now besides North Korea's nuclear ambitions of Iran, many terrorist groups, and Japan is preparing to revise its anti-nuclear stance on Pyongyang's fault.
North Korea announced that it had made a "big twist" in its military capabilities, thereby confirming fears of nuclear experiments.
 Kim Jong Un was made a speech to the Central Military Commission "achieved great twist in strengthening military capabilities."
According to intelligence experts the country has completed preparations for the holding of the third nuclear test.
Earlier this week threatened North Korea against South Korea and its allies and said he believes the recent expansion of the sanctions of the Security Council of the UN "act of war", radio "Voice of America".
North Korean news agency vowed "merciless retaliation" and "great and just war for national unity" in response to the sanctions of the Security Council of the UN "act of war".

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