Thursday, February 21, 2013

No bodies, no country, protesters have to make decisions.

No bodies, no country, protesters have to make decisions.
Protesting citizens are at the crossroads of all to make decisions.

In order to have peace and order, power in modern law is divided between institutions.
In normal countries the main institutions are Parliament, the President (or Monarch), government, independent judiciary, church, political parties, army, police and others.
In Bulgaria, some of the institutions have lost that status, especially in the last four years.
Church is in severe crisis, and we are not sure we will have a Patriarch on Sunday.
The army was destroyed so there is no danger for the government and military have been cleared for the second protest by the Sofia Municipality and protest government has fallen.
March against military policy reforms and ongoing layoffs will take place on February 23, Saturday at 11:00 in front of the Monument of the Unknown Soldier.
Boyko Borisov completely eliminate the National Assembly as an institution ostensibly scornful attitude even towards members of GERD.
Confidence in the police is corrupted.
Tsvetanov very successful exercise last year on judges and courts, and where he could, appoint its "Kalinka".
 In 2009, people hoped in GERD as a lifeline and failure and disappointment reflects the entire political system.
Unfortunately, democracy has not invented anything better in the world.
The other is anrhiya and then some kind of dictatorship of one party or one person.
Protesting citizens are at a crossroads, now have to decide, or at least offer them.
The environments of the protest, however, has by adults and staid people, families with children looking through different political expression to the young boys of 14-18 years with a raging blood.
Consensus is almost impossible.
Hears requests for final dissolution of the parties and all the court were in power the last 23 years.
Sounds fair, but it will put everyone in a spiral of anarchy and even greater poverty.
Once it did, in the 40s.
Wants and Grand National Assembly, or roundtable similar to that of the fall of Zhivkov.
Maybe, but will remain in their current difficult situation for several years.And most likely to repeat the same old faces.
In order not to completely destroy their country, the best place to lustration all were in leadership positions in political parties, state agencies, and the lustration of all informers and employees DS absolutely all open files.
Parties themselves are hollow name, people are guilty havoc last 23 years.
Too many addicts continue to be recruited to easily pull their strings and can not be emancipated.
Certainly not to neglect and equitable claims, resignations of mayors and governors - audit of municipalities and municipal companies; won large orders, but to know that the current control and inspection bodies are irreparably corrupt.
Let's hope that "civic committees" of the protesters will be corrupt and will not overcome hatred, and there will be a sense of the future of the state.
Most likely the parties will go to early elections before "citizens' committee" to organize and present general demands.
Hardly people would be able to put many of his people anywhere, without any real organization.

 Heard that tenants who have received about 1 billion, and yesterday the state and we all debt with a new loan come with tractors in Sofia, Borisov support! Information, Channel 3.

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