Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nationalization or termination of theft?

Nationalization or termination of theft?

Protests in Varna that go thousands of angry Bulgarians, against which was released Constabulary may escalate dangerously in Sofia and to destabilize the country.
Facebook and not very pleasant for the authorities already have social networking movement.
We get to laugh with sick ideas for nationalization of EDCs instead legislative to put them in their place and state to do its job and stop stealing.

Video Meteorite in the Urals, and over 300 injured persons,5-heavy video.

The cost of the energy system caused by installed capacity of power plants producing energy from renewable sources (RES) are truly colossal.
Installed capacity last year were well above forecast.
The majority of PV capacity was connected to the power grid in the last 20 days from the previous regulatory period, when operated at higher feed rates, because they have caused more expenses.
Contracts for the purchase of electricity, signed the "Maritsa Iztok" two-TPP, before the "age" of EDCs, there is no clause to protect the state.
 Both "Maritza" have more than 1,000 megawatts and at least 1-2% of the increase is due to them.
We hear from time to time how to sell power from Kozloduy cheap electricity is exported and sold in the country more expensive.
 If the GERB government really wants to intervene urgently in the problem, do so on the issue of "general conditions" of monopoly.
Terms of contracts are used by EDCs, utilities, heating companies, mobile operators and banks.
   Commercial law makes it easier, enabling them to adopt and publish these Terms, containing all the necessary provisions protecting only their interests in dealings with people.
  Users are bound by the conditions that are known to them and have not even read them, and read them they are written so that they are incomprehensible.
Today Stanishev deflect accusations that the left offers nationalization as the only solution to the problems of monopolies in electricity and high bills. The New TV he rejected attacks on BSP that ideas like this seeks to restore the leadership of the Party and said that nationalization of the electricity distribution companies is the last resort. "First you need to ensure effective control over the EDCs;
Dobrev ... to track financial flows to examine privatization contracts, "Stanishev recommended.
In the spring of 2010 Borisov attack distribution companies and NEC for electricity prices.
He even allowed the termination of contracts for privatization of EDC and asked dividend to the state. Borisov vowed from July 1, 2010, electricity prices are not so high.
During the same April 2010 Traicho Traikov was against nationalization of EDCs.
"Now is not a priority of the government to nationalize the electricity distribution companies (EDCs) told then in on bTV Minister of Economy and Energy Traicho Traikov."
After first vowed to break privatization contracts with CEZ, E.ON and EVN for the power distribution companies (EDCs) because selling expensive electricity to people and were unnecessary intermediaries, later Borisov urged journalists not to use the word "nationalization" to not frighten foreign investors.
Then the charges were that the distribution companies that 40 per cent of activities of third parties, and costs are entered in the price of electricity, no regulator can check them.
In the same 2010 Bolivian President Evo Morales ordered the nationalized four power companies to increase state control over the sector.
One of the companies had a joint venture with France's GDF Suez, and the other - with the British Rurelec.
In October 2010 Volen Siderov said from the tribune of the National Assembly that electric distribution companies and mobile operator "Mobiltel" must be nationalized. Siderov called to terminate the contract with CEZ, as the company has been drained profits from Bulgaria "to food Czech pensioners. "
In 2012 Siderov position has not changed: "monopolists should be expelled from Bulgaria, the nationalist leader.
All political leaders should express their views. If they are so against "a" to continue plundering the people Siderov said and stressed that this political test will show who has the interests of the people and who is a colonial ruler or wire to foreign interests. "

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