Thursday, February 28, 2013

Message from the President Rosen Plevneliev and civil society in Bulgaria.

Message from the President Rosen Plevneliev and civil society in Bulgaria.

President Rosen Plevneliev addressed the people and the National Assembly, and promised civic board for fair elections to the interim government.
Elections to the 42 th National Assembly will take place on May 12 and the current National Assembly can work up to 12 March
Unfortunately, its circulation has prepared inaccuracies.
President said that street protests showed that Bulgaria has civil society.
No street protests are an expression of civil society, on the contrary, the absence of civil society.
People begin battle for civil society.
Street protests and riots are the hungry and reach impasse Bulgarian citizens.
People are now fighting for the creation of civil society.
Various academic sources and encyclopedias have slightly different wording that basically boil down to:
"Civil society is a form of society in which private interests and privacy rights are the basis of the system of relations. Private property is the material substance of civil society and freedom - spiritual.
 Social Regulators civil society law and morality, and morality plays an important role.
In free civil society operate free from State control organizations of citizens expressing their interests. The state performs only the main features, leaving civil society the opportunity to self-regulate.
Chief regulator of relations between state and civil society is the law that equally applies to the state and society. "
The term "ethics" is a set of beliefs about good and evil. It is legal category. Morality in the narrow sense is recognized by a particular social group a set of rules of conduct in accordance with the economic conditions, views of right and wrong, duty and justice, conscience and honor, praise and shame.
The golden rule, anything you want men to do to you, do ye also to them. "Is a summary of what each person deep down always knew it was right.
The collapse of morale among children due to state intervention in the family, the lack of religious values, the destruction of its patriarchal values ​​and aggressive offensive mug-chalga morality. The big loser of the whole situation is normal average families.
What is the morality of journalism, our media companies. The public interest, they will work only if the public interest coincides with their own interests.
They must face the need to choose between public and self-interest and of course choose your own interest, we have seen in the last four years.
Moral and social norms form the rules governing social relations. Morality, however, is formed slowly and is more inert nature of the legal norms.
Moral norms influence the legal system in two ways:
-Some of them directly receive legal sanction and become law.
-The other moral norms that are not converted into law, serve as an additional source of law criterion of legal norms.
The justice system is not currently talk and walked the background.
Unfortunately, almost none of the demands of protesters Bulgarians will not happen without a new, truly independent judiciary.
I even quoted from me and unpopular former U.S. ambassador and a great friend of the fallen government, James Warlick:
"In Bulgaria there are two justice systems. One is for the rich people in power who remain above the law, and the other - for ordinary Bulgarians."
   Immediate changes in the judicial system, for me to be one of the first tasks of the new HC and possibly VNS.No really changed for independence.
So does will eliminate the feeling of criminal impunity Elements reached the heights of power.

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