Monday, February 25, 2013

List the demands of protesters, served on the President of Bulgaria.

List the demands of protesters, served on the President of Bulgaria.

1. Do not dissolve the National Assembly.
2. Creation of Public Council of experts and civil compulsory quota him to design a program to meet the claims of its citizens.
3. Creating a Program Office.
4. Contract between the council and public programming office.
-Changing the electoral law. Switching from proportional to majoritarian electoral system.
-Right to respond MPs.
Wear-judicial and criminal liability on the part of MPs and ministers.
Civil -50% quota in all government regulatory authorities.
I. Energy:
1. Immediate termination of all litigation against customers EDCs, heating and plumbing, to establish the legitimacy of accounts.
2. Reducing production quotas expensive electricity. 100% cheaper than electricity produced by the KNPP be used to meet the needs of the internal market.
3. Crossing EDCs in the hands of the state, in line with European standards and directives.
4. Remove all firms. NEC to take over their functions.
5. Declassification of all contracts to producers of electricity for the domestic market.
6. Disintegration of contracts injurious state and Bulgarian citizens.
7. Find court and criminal liability for damages to the state of the signatories of the contracts.

1. Signing contracts with individual district heating companies. Each client companies the right to terminate its contract with one month's notice.
2. Individual meter heating costs / MWh in / so that at any time to know how real consumption.
3. Remove the term "estimated amount".
4. Monthly reporting of actual quantity heat.
5. Remove heat accounting companies.

III. Water
1. Dissolution of any concessions regarding the delivery of water to the citizens of Bulgaria.
2. State to take over the functions of the concession companies.

President requests sent protesters to the National Assembly, the parliamentary groups, the Council of Ministers and retired members of the Advisory Council on National Security.

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