Sunday, February 24, 2013

In Varna, more than 30,000 of the 15-day protest.

In Varna, more than 30,000 of the 15-day protest.

In Varna, more than 30,000 of the 15-day protest.
They started around 3500, the maximum number of protesters were on the way to the Two Towers.

Varna 15th day of protests began with an appeal to donate blood for Plamen Goranov is lit. From Soapbox reminded that the Varna Jan Palach burned with a slogan for the resignation of the mayor of the city, which is one of the demands of protesters.
Ivan Petrov, who tried to present in Sliven, Varna was severely booed by many of the protesters.
Speaking first organizers of the marches, and those who brought the municipality demands for the resignation of the mayor and the governor spoke and rockers.
On one bike had a poster with the mayor behind bars.
Interestingly, recently Kiril Yordanov is exposing as rocker.
The procession continued, "Maria Louisa" and "Vladislav" of the two towers.
There are quite a cheering uncensored address Mayor and slogans "Bulgarians trying to disassemble our", "Gamizov - Energy Minister", "Quit stealing."
Terrible scandals Ivan Petrov, a young girl, asked to resign kmeta.Zaplashva 15,000 Gypsies from Maksuda because they were behind him.
The procession continues "Slivnitsa".
Before the general returned 8,000.
Before Municipality with powerful chants 'Resignation' for the Mayor Kiril Yordanov continued protest.
The building was guarded by more than a hundred gendarmes.
Chants "Kiro out".
Protest is divided into three parts-the "Eighth Regiment sea" with the great flag over 3,500 municipal and some apparently went to the favorite Devnya Energy Pro, where it waits gendarmerie.

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