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Herbs and folk medicine for wounds, boils, bites from animals and insects.

Herbs and folk medicine for wounds, boils, bites from animals and insects.

Decoction of dried plantain:
Used for wounds, boils and pimples bites.
Preparation of decoction of dried plantain-2 tablespoons dried plantain mixed with 400 ml of boiling water and boil for 10 minutes, cooled, strained and sweetened with honey.
Drink 3 times a day before meals 50-100 ml.
Unsweetened decoction is used in compression.

Decoction of fresh leaves of plantain: externally as a compress to relieve swelling and softening of the trauma, pain from boils, insect bites, sore eyes.

Compress hypericin external wounds: one bottle is filled to the brim with fresh leaves of St. John's Wort. Pour up to linseed oil and allowed to stand in the sun a few weeks to become red.
Filter and closes at dark bottle.
The resulting mixture is used to treat external wounds and injuries.
It is also possible to make washing with infusion of wort prepared in the above manner.

For old wounds are prepared extract of St. John's Wort flowers or flowers yarrow as 50 grams of the flowers are soaked in 200 ml of olive oil and kept 20 days in the sun. Filter.
 With extract is brushed wounds.

Self-medication is dangerous and often dangerous.
Do not delay consultation with a specialist.

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