Saturday, February 2, 2013

End or destruction of Israel, about 2025?

End or destruction of Israel, about 2025?

There are many studies and predictions exercise for promoting the concept of the imminent end of Israel as a state.
 Among them are works published many years ago.
British historian Arnold Toynbee since 1967 said: "Despite the victory, Israel will continue to exist long ...
Interesting data, which are claimed to have been published U.S. intelligence analyst Hussein al-Berber newspaper Watan.
 Explains the process of returning to their former places of habitation of over half a million fallashey. Ethiopian Jews and other African Jews would be back in the next ten years ", says this work.
Just return to Africa and Ethiopia, I deeply doubt me, these people would try another if necessary, a reliable destination.
Were ready for re-emigration over one million Russians and tens of thousands of Europeans, it is largely logical and possible.
Growth of "revolutionary" wave of Israeli neighbors, particularly Islamism in Egypt is causing concern and fear about life, the future of children and families is also increased.
Confrontation of the Jewish state the burgeoning political Islam has been cited as a major factor.
Horrific details of demographic crisis, a declining Jewish population growth compared to the explosion of population growth in the Palestinian territories is the bitter truth.
Half a million Israelis were now ready with American passports.
 Many people prefer to go to a country with a mixed ethnic composition of the population, and where you can say goodbye to the idea of ​​the purity of the Jewish race, but survival is uncertain.

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