Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Controversy about the evidence against Hezbollah.

Controversy about the evidence against Hezbollah.

In Brussels on February 18 Foreign Ministers of the Member States of the European Union will discuss, which created the mess makers in Bulgaria for the issue of the inclusion of "Hezbollah" in the European list of terrorist organizations.
"Reasonable doubt" about the involvement of "Hezbollah" in the attack on the airport of Burgas, expressed by the Minister of Interior, met strong resistance.
Ivan Kostov was clear that the explanations of the interior minister can not be trusted.
Bulgaria's Chief Prosecutor doubt in the conclusions of the interior minister for "Hezbollah".
The chief prosecutor said the interior minister harshness of "reasonable doubt" about the organization's involvement in the terrorist act. According to the prosecutor № 1 in time prosecutors did not have sufficient evidence to bring charges.
Earlier Prosecutor directly criticized the practice of Interior premature to speak on pending cases. "I think this speech in many cases is definitely not good for proper investigation. Speaking This can create suggestions may even suggest a direction for investigation" in connection with the investigation into the assassination Dogan.
All parliamentary groups of the Bulgarian National Assembly, without GERD, said national security is questionable.
There is no evidence that the perpetrators of the bombing in Bourgas Makers of "Hezbollah" - said the president of "Attack" Volen Siderov.
The government entered into an international political game in an irresponsible manner, without calculating posledstviyata., said BSP leader Sergey Stanishev in parliament in a speech on behalf of the Parliamentary Group of Coalition Bulgaria.
Europol supports Tsvetanov, GERB and "Hezbollah" in Burgas.
Europol Director Rob Wainwright agrees with the statement that the attack is of Lebanese origin, starting from her manner, but said, "The relationship with" Hezbollah "is not so sure."
Brussels says coyly.
Ashton's spokesman in the official statement did not mention even once the group "Hezbollah" that Tsvetanov said he empathizes with the bomb attack and even "The findings of the investigation should be evaluated seriously, because they are linked to terrorist attacks in the EU, which led to the killing and wounding of innocent civilians. "
"Berliner morgenpost" notes that the U.S. considered "Hezbollah" terrorist organizations and the current EU also put it on their "blacklist".
Canada and Australia said they have yet to check the information on the Bulgarian authorities that the bombers may have their nationals.
Dobroslav Dimitrov GERB MP: Nobody has stated "Hezbollah" as responsible for the terrorist attack against Israeli tourists at the airport in Burgas. The only thing that was made KSNS was to provide information related to the attack and make a reasonable assumption. "
"Reasonable doubt" about the involvement of "Hezbollah" in the attack on the airport of Burgas, expressed by the Minister of Interior, met strong resistance and strong support.
Foreign Minister Nikolai Mladenov to "Al Arabia", that participation of "Hezbollah" will not remain without consequences.
"Haaretz", Bulgarian authorities have blamed "Hezbollah" the explosion in Burgas.
John Kerry Secretary of State: United States congratulate our close friend and ally of Bulgaria in NATO and professional comprehensive investigation of the terrorist attack in Burgas on 18 July 2012 conclusions are clear and unambiguous: Hezbollah is responsible for this deadly attack on European soil.
UK's David Cameron "I would like to thank you for your diligent and accurate investigation of the terrorist attack in Bourgas on July 18, 2012 and express full solidarity of the British people and the people of Bulgaria."
"Daily Telegraph", "organization" Hezbollah "is connected with the attack in Burgas".

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