Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bulgarian Interior Minister blamed Hezbollah for the semi bombing Sarafovo in Burgas, but the world heard Hezbollah.

Bulgarian Interior Minister blamed Hezbollah for the semi bombing Sarafovo in Burgas, but the world heard Hezbollah.

In December U.S. Senators Joe Lieberman and Bob Casey James Rish Imports resolution bombing Sarafovo attitudes towards group "Hezbollah".
The resolution urged the U.S. president to support the Bulgarian government in the investigation of the assassination of Burgas.
 Terrorist act of July 18, 2012 in Burgas, according to John Brennan, National Security Adviser and counterterrorism to President Barack Obama, "bore the marks of" Hezbollah "- the only thing attached to support the claim of the three senators.

"The investigation must continue to make it clear who is the guarantor of the attack. Lot of work has been done. Sooner or later things will go. At this point our investigation authorities together with our partners to continue to understand who he was not the perpetrator, and the guarantor. Bulgarian citizen will, establish the identity of some of them. " said Yordan Bakalov, deputy parliamentary group "Blue Coalition" and this was the first news of the Advisory Council on National Security.
He also said: At this point, Foreign Minister might not realize exactly what to do.

Another said Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov after the Advisory Council on National Security. "We have evidence that the attack was financed by Hezbollah."
According to sources, "Diary" first version was different "to the country where Hezbollah has a military organization" instead of "is financed by Hezbollah."
It seems the affair Tsvetanov U.S. "two persons who were involved in preparing attacks in Burgas, lived in Lebanon from 2006 to 2010" and even "justified by data" can not be said that they were part of the military wing of the group "Hezbollah".
You understand that the investigation is not over, but that is the external pressure of the U.S. and Israel.
 Germany and France would hardly be very happy with bizarre formulations.

Sergey Stanishev: created additional risks to the security of citizens in Bulgaria. The government has chosen policy approach and essentially announce a version that was announced by the State of Israel in the first days after the attack in Burgas, when it was started and investigation.

 Significantly vitievatoto and speech of President Rosen Plevneliev after the Board meeting. "Assessment of the Advisory Council on National Security, there are serious progress in the investigation of the bombing of the airport in Burgas July 18, 2012,.
 At its initiative Tsvetanov has decided to inform board members of the interim results of the investigation, said at the beginning of the meeting Plevneliev.

But what the international reaction?
International reactions that Bulgaria has stated "Hezbollah"

BBC: suicide bombing in Bulgaria, which killed five Israeli and Bulgarian tourists bus driver was the work of radical Lebanese group "Hezbollah".

 'Ha'aretz': Bulgarian authorities have blamed "Hezbollah" the explosion in Burgas.

 "Miami Herald": The Bulgarian authorities have evidence showing in Lebanon and the radical Islamist group "Hezbollah".

 "Yurop 1": Today Bulgaria said Lebanese Shiite movement "Hezbollah" as the organization behind the attack on Israeli tourists, which was completed on 18 July 2012 at the airport in the Bulgarian city of Burgas.

 AFP: Bulgarian government announced that the Lebanese radical movement "Hezbollah" was behind the bomb attack in Burgas last July that killed five Israeli tourists and one Bulgarian.

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