Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bulgaria after the resignation of the government and Borisov.

Bulgaria after the resignation of the government and Borisov.

After about 70 days, early elections.
Resignation Borisov panic of BSE this morning. Collapse of the shares.

In the interest of Bulgaria is stopped as soon as the protests and organizing early elections to stop the growing anarchy and the probability of entering a spiral of anarchy and vandalism.

What follows then by Boyko Borisov and the GERB government resigned in the National Assembly.
GERB will not participate in future caretaker government.
Borisov urged MPs of GERD do the same.
 Boyko Borisov, lunch deposited resignation of the government and
said that returns power to the one who gave it to him.

 President shall propose a new term, the first of GERD, in case you quit the BSP.
Upon failure of the BSP should offer another parliamentary term force-DPS attack or Blue Coalition.
Because obviously this National Assembly has exhausted the credit of trust, expect everyone to quit, and only then proceed to the caretaker government appointed by the President.

There is another possibility, Borisov called for all-parliamentary group of MPs to resign, to put an official end to the SC and directly proceed to the caretaker government and early elections.

Now the situation is even worse because there is no regulator because Julia Ivanova (with illegal sales of cigarettes) is a retired Constitutional Court not because of GERD ladybirds.

Natural consequence in the future caretaker government to include representatives of the protesters Bulgarians in the last 11 days, actually caused the resignation of Borisov.

Krasimir Velchev said: "With the price of blood and the price of the victims in the streets, we will not remain in power," but said that GERB MPs leave the Assembly, perhaps waiting for specific instructions.

For DPS Bisserov Christo said: "If Borisov promise and really naobed resign, he said that April 28 is suitable for early elections.

Blue-koalitsiiya Ivan Kostov: said Borisov that abdicates after yesterday gave promises energy and said his resignation in favor of BSP and MRF.

Siderov "Borisov save yourself and Emblem of collapse."

Meglena Kuneva: "Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has chosen the only possible way out of the situation"

BSP will not accept a mandate from the President to form a government in the SC "

Tatyana Doncheva linked Kuneva Valchev and Binev with Chavdar Chernev and circle "bank."

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