Friday, February 1, 2013

Block 4 billion for Poland for corruption

Block 4 billion for Poland for corruption

European Union freeze EU funds for Poland fears of corruption in the implementation of road projects.
Stopped funds should be used for road construction.
Brussels took the decision to block money after prosecutors accused Poland of conspiring to fix prices in tendering for projects with EU funding 11 people, among them 10 CEOs of large construction companies and a leader in the Polish road agency.
The European Commission also shut 382 million, Warsaw has spent on the program "Development of Eastern Poland".
To be unblocked cash flow, "Poland needs to take large-scale control / audit to determine the amount of risk possible irregularities and other projects to be affected," it said in a media release by the European Commission. "Wherever if irregularities are detected, the Polish authorities have to make corrections to eliminate irregular expenditure of requests for payment made to the Commission. Communication in large letters is written that" the Commission is "zero tolerance" when it comes to fraud. "
Polish Ministry of Regional Development determine the EC decision as "totally unreasonable."
Donald Tusk opitva to persuade major European importers like Germany, Britain and the Netherlands to give more money to Eastern Europe in the period from 2014 to 2020 Polish diplomats suspect that the freezing of money for Poland is not accidental.

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