Tuesday, February 19, 2013

At a press conference Boyko Borisov rest on proxies, representatives of the protesters.

At a press conference Boyko Borisov rest on proxies, representatives of the protesters.

Boyko Borisov: from March 1st turn can reduce electricity prices by 8%, by lifting the quota of NPP "Kozloduy" that produces the cheapest energy.
Three EDCs were fined, and in today's license will be revoked, CEZ Bulgaria.
"No, I'm the one who will nationalize EDCs in Bulgaria. Nationalizing We will not. Whoever wants - to come and nationalized," said Borisov.
When asked about Djankov, Borisov said .. only had my support, because the economy and maintaining fiscal discipline are measures that do not like either ministers or people, but he was also finance minister and deputy prime minister.
Djankov coped poorly with measures to stimulate economic growth.
Was quickly discovered by the "insolent journalists" stooge of protesters and mother of architect. Pavleta Pelovska - Deputy Mayor of Sofia Izgrev appointed by GERD.
Daniela started by Pelovska crutch of GERB and SDS-Swap parties appeared as a representative of the protesters and the government counsel.
The lady threatened that if government resigned the next day will not just be a parliament, but it will be ruined.
In the familiar style of GERD, "the representative of the protesters" blame entirely Gotha, ruling coalition and asked court for their ministers.
Daniela Pelovska placed alongside Borisov throw accusations at Congress and BSP thanked the Prime Minister has considered how quickly their letter.
Daniela is Pelovska Dobrich and former CEO of pasta factory in Dobrich, General Manager of "Serdica Tourist" boss "Dobrudjanski protein" and "Grocery" LTD.
She was a member of the National Council of the UDF, leaves Blues in 2005 and went to "Modern Times."
 Her daughter Arch. Pavleta Pelovska was deputy mayor of Sofia Izgrev appointed by GERD.
Why is it necessary?
And Vice President Margarita Popova regarding mass protests in the country defeated the ruling: "The explanations should give people who run today who are in positions of responsibility of each institution to make decisions and to take responsibility for that," said Popova.

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