Thursday, January 24, 2013

U.S. postpone disaster bankruptcy debt to 19 May

U.S. postpone disaster bankruptcy debt to 19 May

After the United States postponed "Fiscal gap" and cuts in public spending two months at the beginning of the year, now the House of Representatives approved a Republican bill paid by the temporary removal of ceiling on federal debt of the United States four months to 19 May
House Republicans approved the measure with 285 votes "for" vs. 144 "against", and many Democrats have criticized its short-term nature.
The law will enter into force rapidly, because the government saved from bankruptcy, albeit temporarily and officially authorizes printing of green uncoated paper.
Democrats in the upper house of the U.S. Congress voiced support for the measure, but Obama said he would sign the law.
The bill removes the temporary federal debt ceiling of 16.4 trillion dollars in order to meet the Government immediate needs.
 Obama frightened Congress that if no agreement is reached to raise the debt ceiling, could lead to economic chaos. Conversely leads to disastrous debt default.
Consumer society based on military power, a shortage of domestic savings stuck in external debts, credited worldwide.
China continues to destroy American model of social production, with its democratic relations between employers, unions and the state, which can not withstand the Chinese market model to use and frantic surge of labor.
Even Obama's attempts to go through with Francois Hollande crazy socialist-populist ideas of 'nationalization', which has already rejected the wise will not lead to anything good.
At present, the U.S. government issued debt in large quantities with no real plans to change this behavior, and it is almost certain that there is no intention and ability to pay.
U.S. Fed print enough green paper to reduce the value of money and the government pays real terms cents for every dollar that has taken.

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