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Thistle. Herb in folk medicine. How to prepare a decoction and extract?

Herb in folk medicine.
How to prepare a decoction and extract?

Thistle in folk medicine is recommended as a remedy for prostate problems, impotence, hemorrhoids, skin rashes, herpes, cough, asthma, scrofula, weak heart, malignant wounds.
Often the seeds and leaves of the thistle is used for liver and kidney diseases.
Milk thistle is harvested from July to late autumn morning to 10:00.
It is said that a decoction of the aerial parts or baskets of colored thistle helps ulcers and cancer.
Increases the tone of smooth muscle in small doses excited and in larger works oppresses the central nervous system.
Legends have to treat prostate and enhancing male strength.
For this purpose, two teaspoons of dried flower baskets Boil 10 minutes in 500 ml of water. This is the dose for one day.
Decoction of thistle is recommended by some of the cough.
 The whole plant decoction is drunk for stomach pain and the roots for kidney stones and bladder.
In one scoop and "coffee" from roasted seeds are taken internally in powder piles.
Thistle contains tannins.
 External colorful baskets of herbs are used for skin infections or skin rashes.
The herb has a positive diseases of the genitourinary system in prostatitis. It is used in suffered from serious infectious diseases, severe burns after blood loss, chronic inflammation of the liver, bleeding hemorrhoids, anal fissures, epilepsy, catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, skin cancer, wounds, prolapse of the rectum.
There is some antimicrobial activity.
Thistle is a biennial herbaceous prickly plant of the family Asteraceae.
The root is fusiform and fleshy, gray and the trunk is fibrous and standing height 1-2 meters, highly branched with broad longitudinal wings its spines to 5 mm long.
Its leaves are oblong consecutive roughly and unevenly cut thorn.
Baskets of the plant are semi cumulus, the colors are hermaphrodite, with pipe-like shape and red-violet or white.
It blooms from June to September.
Used milk thistle extract, decoction, capsules and tablets from different manufacturers.
How to prepare a decoction and extract?
-Decoction of thistle-3 tablespoons finely crushed herb is boiled for 10 min with 500 ml of water.
Allow to cool, strain and drink 4 times a day after meals.
-Extract - 3 baskets of colored thistle added to 400 ml of warm water for a few hours. The so prepared extract is filtered and drink it four times a day one cup of coffee.

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