Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Referendum on leaving the EU. Best to become 51 th state of the elder brother.

Referendum on leaving the EU.
Best to become 51 th state of the elder brother.

British Prime Minister David Cameron will ask after 2015 to hold a referendum in which Britain will be able to choose whether the country should remain or leave the European Union.
In today's statement, Cameron said he would like to renegotiate the terms of Britain's membership of the EU. "When renegotiate new terms would enable the British to vote in a referendum with a very easy choice - whether the country should remain or leave the EU," it said in the text of the statement.
David Cameron under pressure from his party position and hardens challenging the EU.
It actually gives an ultimatum for the next two and a half years to adopt some form of revision of the terms on which Britain is a member of the union.
Insolence of England is infinite.
Let us remember how in 1984 Margaret Thatcher recovering part of the UK contribution to the EU budget on the grounds that Britain did not win many of the common agricultural policy. Thus Thatcher secured a discount in their union.
Despite constant pressure since the UK does not want to hear about the cancellation of this discount.
Let's first EU to immediately cancel this rebate.
Do not forget that the Schengen Britain granted special status that allowed her to meet any of the provisions of the document and so far refused to sign the Social Charter included in the contract, which recommended the adoption of a number of provisions relating to working conditions .
At the height of the debt crisis it has refused to sign the pact, which sets stricter overall fiscal discipline and this angered its partners.
Best to become the 51st state of the elder brother.

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