Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Patriarchal Cathedral of the election on Feb. 24 to select the Bulgarian Patriarch.

Patriarchal Cathedral of the election on Feb. 24 to select the Bulgarian Patriarch.

Once at Sunday, January 13 dioceses in 15 - 13 at home and abroad, two held election of delegates to the Patriarchal Cathedral on Feb. 24 to select the new Bulgarian Patriarch continued problems in Sofia diocese.
After two days of scandal and the Sofia bishopric after 4 votes were elected 10 delegates.
 Group diocese priests from Sofia with an open letter to the Holy Synod challenged the procedure by which the list was compiled from deserve to be elected as delegates to the Patriarchal Cathedral.
 Unofficially Aksinia Djurova Anton Donchev and BAS President Stefan Vodenicharov were not chosen for diocesan representatives - Delegates from Sofia Patriarchal Diocese for fair election on 24 February.
 The quota of the laity were elected Dean of the Theological Faculty Alexander Omarchevski Ivan Petev - Professor of Biology in the University, Klimentina Ivanova - Professor of Old English in the University, and of the Holy Synod lawyer Maria Kyoseva.
 The names of decent selection were drawn by Bishop Cyril and despite the disapproval of the prelates of the council elections were held on allegations of pressure and intimidation.
"We'll wait three days, and the reaction of the Synod will consider how to proceed," said Father Peter from Samokov.
Three bishops have already given up the fight for the Patriarch of the Patriarchal Cathedral.
 Metropolitan Nicholas ruled out a run because they may be eligible and will not break the rule.
Pleven Bishop Ignatius also said he will not run for the post of Patriarch, citing old age and health problems.
Sliven Bishop Yoanikii also said that his advanced age does not allow him to run.
13 of the 15 current members of the Holy Synod were informants of the communist secret service, and a great cause resentment among the laity luxury and extravagance that some bishops show.
In a survey, most eligible look Lovech Metropolitan Gabriel of 34% and Russe Metropolitan NEOFIT 21%.

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