Monday, January 28, 2013

Official results of the referendum CEC - January 28 morning.

Official results of the referendum CEC - January 28 morning.

60.66% of voters answered "yes" 37.93% voted 'no'., According to data from the interim results of the Central Election Commission (CEC) in all treated in protocols processed in the PEC DEC.
1.4% were invalid ballots.
 Turnout was about 22 percent, which means that the issue of nuclear development returns to parliament, where lawmakers have to consider within three months.

Exit poll - the results from last night show and party preferences now:

 More than a third of go to the polls - 34 percent say they would like to support the position of the BSP.

 A total of 24% of voters said they supported the position of GERD.

 29% responded that they did not want to support any party position.

GERD are in a difficult situation because if the policy of Borisov "three times no," you have to vote in parliament vote against the referendum, which is unlikely to be very healthy for them and against the expansion of "Kozloduy" for that at least now claim to be "ON".

Reuters notes that the majority of voters supported the construction of a new nuclear power plant in Bulgaria, which increases pressure on the right-wing government, which is opposed to the project.

AP also points out that the first referendum in Bulgaria after the fall of the communist regime in 1989 polarize public opinion on party lines, has become a test of popularity before parliamentary elections in July

The referendum convened based on socialist opposition filed a petition was seen as a barometer for the upcoming later this year elections in Bulgaria, says the BBC.

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