Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Neoliberalism crash. Est quoque cunctarum novitas carissima rerum.

Neoliberalism crash.
Est quoque cunctarum novitas carissima rerum.

Neoliberalism is a fake lever over utopian, utopian thrust of capitalism with freedom of capitalist monopolies and non-interference of the state led to the "state of the corporate interests of the business merger policy, the corporate oligarchy and political model.
In the western world, governments do extensive processes of privatization and deregulation, removing barriers to access to public assets to private equity. The role of the market and boost the infinite intrude utopian dogma that there is no alternative to the public, and finally came to the Chinese.
European capitalism characterized by generous health and social benefits with short working hours, long vacations, early retirement, and relatively equal distribution of income is clearly dying.
It kills slowly and imperceptibly Chinese capitalism based on fierce competition, low social support, a high degree of state intervention and continued strong growth.
When China add Brazil, India, Taiwan, Korea, Turkey and several tigers, we see that the situation is deplorable.
Chinese capitalism is living with his ability for permanent evolution and especially the willingness of Chinese workers now work longer for less money and with little social luxuries.
Utopian capitalism came into Europe in the 80s in England and gradually the welfare state gave the State the corporate interests of the merger of the business with politics, the corporate oligarchy and political model.
Survived less welfare state, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and to some extent the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, but some of them are shaken dragged the total mud flow.
In some of these really work, others hinge on "raw capitalism" like Russia and OPEC.
After devastating economic blows inflicted by Chinese capitalism unfortunate for Europeans and Americans remain a choice:
 Really begin to compete with China, which is almost incomprehensible because several generations irreversibly spoiled, but real work only guest workers and immigrants.
They could destabilize China by force or by other means.
Provoke the emergence of trade union movement in China probably have powers and abilities.
To provoke the Chinese to love "welfare state" or similar utopia.
Nothing like that happens now circulates hope that China would "overheat."
Dum spiro, spero.


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