Thursday, January 31, 2013

Military threats in the Middle East.

Military threats in the Middle East.

Tensions in the Middle East rose after Israeli warplanes have fired on Wednesday a military research center near the Syrian capital.
Israel says Syria's claims that it bombed a military site near Damascus.
 Iran warned that an Israeli strike in Syria will have serious consequences for Tel Aviv, Israel advised "not to rely too heavily on NATO systems" Patriot "located in the region."
Syrian forces in the Golan Heights region are brought into full alert.
Syria threatens a surprise counter-attack in response to the Israeli air strike.
Hezbollah, "Hezbollah" expresses its full solidarity with the Syrian leadership, army and people. "
In alert the armed forces of Lebanon and Jordan.
Alert and the army units of Turkey, on the border with Syria.
Prime Minister of Iraq (Sunni) said the Israeli aggression against Syria insult to all Arabs.
Iraqi wing of the "Al Qaeda" protesters urged Sunnis to take up arms against the Prime Minister of Iraq Nouri al-Maliki.
Well, that mighty Egypt is busy with their own Islamic-democratic problems.

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