Tuesday, January 29, 2013

In Egypt the decay of the state?

In Egypt the decay of the state?

Reuters reported last night that the anti-government protesters have broken curfew in the cities along the Suez Canal and shouted slogans against Morse and attacked police stations.
Commander of the Egyptian armed forces warned that political conflict could lead to the disintegration of the state.
 Cities Port Said, Ismailia and Suez have been the scene of mass clashes between demonstrators and police that have killed nearly 50 people. Fighting between anti-government protesters and security forces there for days in the capital Cairo.
Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt tried to save power with an emergency in three provinces.
Innumerable demonstrations in the streets all over Egypt to protest against President Mohammed Murcia, accusing him of "thwarting the goals of the revolution that brought him to power" led to violence and casualties in brute force used by Islamists.
Unable to control the situation islyamistat President Mohammed Murcia declares emergency in three provinces in Egypt and called for political dialogue after deadly clashes with dozens of victims.
The state of emergency for a period of 30 days in three provinces along the Suez Canal, which were hardest hit by the violence took more than 50 victims in the past three days - Port Said, Ismailia and Suez.
Secular and liberal opposition rejected other proposals for dialogue Murcia.
In deciding to address the Muslim president was visibly angry and threatening and warned that he would not hesitate to take new measures to contain the next outbreak of violence in Egypt.

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