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Folk medicine for asthma relief, treatment, prevention.

Folk medicine for asthma relief, treatment, prevention.

Prevention and protection:
 Patients must adhere to a health food, not to smoke and not to drink alcohol and avoid the smog and the flowering of the lindens and poplars.
To live in a dry and bright room and practice deep breathing.
Recommended playing bagpipe (read wind instrument) to strengthen the lungs.
Extremely suitable can be breathing exercises of yoga and other Eastern teachings without heavy loads, but gradually.
Morning gymnastic exercises, deep inhalation and slow exhalation chest friction with lukewarm water.
Nerve stimulation play a big role in the frequent attacks and should be avoided.
In foggy weather the patient not to go outside.
Constipation can be avoided with adequate nutrition.
 To avoid fatigue, sport incremental loads.

Treatment and relief of seizures:

1. Eat garlic.
2. Mix a cup of very hot water with a couple crushed garlic clove. (Pretty crap is not for children)
3. One cup of hot water every hour.
4. Cold water for the neck for 1-2 minutes sometimes miraculously relieves the attack.
5. After the meal the patient to take 1 cup syrup 250g plain beer with the addition of one lemon, nicely squeezed and crushed without seeds.
6.Otvara hawthorn, 3 tablespoons in 3 cups of water, boil 20 minutes, or a decoction of marshmallow color and / or leaves of garden strawberry and apple peel.

In acute anxiety state and immediately seek medical attention, preferably in a hospital.

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