Sunday, January 27, 2013

Comments for referendum in Bulgaria, 2013.

Comments for referendum in Bulgaria, 2013.

Volen Siderov "GERD afraid of the opinion of the people, they run direct democracy, such as the referendum."

Ivan Kostov: "The question now is whether GERD PM Borissov will follow" and "big mystery now is how will vote GERD, not how you vote, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov."

Tsacheva: I voted for the future of Bulgaria and Pleven my constituency the only true way.

"Reuters: Voting is a measure of confidence in Borissov.
Bulgaria is expected to give a positive vote to build a new nuclear plant in the first referendum on the country with which to oppose the government's decision against the construction of NPP "Belene" comments "Reuters".

Lyutvi places: "We must treat with sufficient honesty and courage, not to hide behind the referendum own inability to accept political responsibility for decisions."

Blagoevgrad Roma: "There money, there's a vote." Lagoevgradskite Roma. "

A complaint to the CEC for illegal campaigning Tsvetan Tsvetanov from the BSP.
In a report broadcast on TV7, he told reporters: "Political disputes were many lies by our political opponents. Lie that will develop northwestern Bulgaria, there will be many jobs that current will become very cheaper, but economic analyzes that were made, it became clear that this is a project that will cost a lot of money and Bulgarian citizens will have to pay for many years. "

Rumen Petkov: "No no cleaner car on the road from Sofia to Belene." And "... and this is a complete blockage of central northern Bulgaria, is most interested in participating in the referendum."

Rosen Plevneliev: "Regardless of how many people will come out to vote and what will be the outcome of the referendum, it is a great success for democracy in Bulgaria."

Stanishev: "The referendum is an opportunity for civilian control of the government." and "this is the first referendum in the history of Bulgaria, which is not imposed by the government, and is caused by people."

 "Press": power with higher salaries, lawmakers failed to vote freeze them.

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