Saturday, January 26, 2013

Australian Open: Victoria Azarenka beat Li injury in the final in Melbourne.

Australian Open: Victoria Azarenka beat Li injury in the final in Melbourne.

Australian Open winner and there it is again Victoria Azarenka.
Victoria Azarenka won the Australian Open title in a second consecutive year. Tennis player from Belarus won with 4:6, 6:4, 6:3 Na Li in an interesting match in Melbourne. In the first since the early Chinese woman took advantage of the breach, but the leader in the world rankings are kept close. At 5-3 and a service Lee was able to win the set. Azarenka focused game and again reduced the result to serve to equalize. Then Chinese woman playing aggressively and then double error champion reached 6:4. In the second set, Li immediately return a breakthrough, but then in a step sideways service and uses medical time. Azarenka managed to get out of the difficult situation and made a 4:2 twist. At the beginning of the fourth game Li back on sideways and fell, and hit his head. There was another medical timeout for it. After the resumption of play Azarenka match. Athlete from Belarus made ​​a new breakthrough and a 4-2 lead.

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