Tuesday, January 29, 2013

After shooting with a sniper and assassination of underworld boss.

After shooting with a sniper and assassination of underworld boss.

Zlatomir Ivanov served in the squad to combat terrorism at the Interior Ministry.
 He left the barrel in a protest against the arrest of colleagues in Haskovo, clashed with pimps.
 Together with his squad leave Plamen Galev and Angel Hristov, known as Galevi Brothers.
Zlatomir Ivanov - Beret is suspected of trafficking in women and canals for stolen cars.
MI often associated with drug trafficking.
Zlatomir Ivanov was arrested in 2008, the government of Stanishev.
On 13 February 2012 the Sofia City Court sentenced to eight years in prison for leading a gang of drug trade.

Zlatomir Ivanov Beret was shot with four bullets in the thigh and abdomen to the Courthouse this morning, said the CDI.

Lukov Valentine, one of the defendants in the case against Zlatko Beret: "I asked him okay and he said:" Well I am. "

 According to the order, in the area of ​​the shooting had begun building across the Courthouse. The area was sealed off Courthouse, traffic was blocked.
The shooting started from the attic of the building across from the Courthouse labeled "Trade House". After shooting there kindled a fire, apparently to destroy evidence that was contained about 10.30 hours.

 There may have been two killers team. According to the investigative team has one major and the other is a back and just the second team - Ensuring may be fired. Usually he has used the side entrance of the pavilion from the street "Positano" but today prefer to use central because it is late. It is not excluded either thought that one can not expect to go from there.

Zlatomir Ivanov had several gunshot wounds in the abdomen and legs, said the "Pirogov" where Beret is placed against him after the shooting this morning. Ivanov is conscious and adequate, there is no danger of his life.

"This is one of the most abusive attacks from '90 onwards and at a place that calls into question the ability of the state to ensure the safety of the senior judiciary," said Rumen Petkov bTV.

There is a sentence in the first instance. These people should stay in jail, said Boyko Borisov.

Bulgarian crime boss nicknamed "Bare" was shot and wounded entry into a court building in the city center, where he was to attend the appeal of his conviction for leading a gang of drug trafficking, Reuters reported.

 Unknown assailant shot and wounded an alleged Bulgarian crime boss "Bare" in another blow to the attempts of the center-right government of Bulgaria to restore the rule of law and to improve the image of the Balkan country said on NBC.

 Sniper wounds two in the city center, ITAR-TASS reported.

"Serious concerns and alarming possibility of such a brutal act of violence in the city center, in an area in which are located the main state institutions and public buildings, an act carried out in a manner endangering the life and health of many citizens." -Reads the official announcement of the prosecution.

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