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Three Bulgarian bishops neat scandal Cyril choice for deputy-chairman of the Holy Synod.

Three Bulgarian bishops neat scandal Cyril choice for deputy-chairman of the Holy Synod.

Three bishops believe that the choice of Varna Metropolitan Kiril of deputy-president of the Holy Synod is illegitimate, transmit BTV. Yesterday's meeting of the Synod, the first Metropolitan Kallinikos fled Vratsa, Pleven Plovdiv Nikolay Ignatius and without signing the minutes. "This is a heavy cross. God help him, "said Nikolai address of Cyril.
Media molestation Nicholas, as a lover of expensive SUVs, S-Class and expensive watches. Three bishops insisted that the election contrary to the statute.
 It is stated that the decisions of the synod must have the support of more than half of all members are chlenove.Vsichki 14, which means that the eight votes needed for a legitimate choice. In voting seven bishops supported Cyril. Yoanikii voted for 4 persons, one was a Neophyte Ruse.
Plovdiv Metropolitan Nicholas received zero votes. The vote was secret. "On 10 November, 23 years after the change, the Holy Synod recognized democracy," commented theologians.
 The vote was a secret, but did not specify which Cyril had secret vote, but that can not be talking about a re-run of the election. During the meeting, no one had objected.
"A selection of the patriarch is not possible another procedure," Cyril firmly.
 Changes in the statutes of the church to allow Nicholas to become a patriarch without age 50, will be.
Evil tongues say, Metropolitan Kirill elected bishop in 1989, is the nephew of the then deputy head of the Committee for Religious Affairs and State Security colonel Hristo Marinchev.
 From declassified archives of the State Security revealed that Bishop has worked for intelligence and Sixth Directorate of State Security as an agent and Vladislav Kovachev.
 In 2007, scandal erupted swaps of church lands in his diocese. He fired the members of the church board in Rogachevo who appealed for prosecution captured land to the temple from aides to the Archbishop.
  Cyril dismiss even priests who dare to criticize him.
  The media continue to deal with the new car, "Lincoln MKZ Hybrid" model in 2012

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