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Marijuana remains accessible to tourists in Amsterdam.

Marijuana remains accessible to tourists in Amsterdam.

Tourists can visit the 220 "coffee shops" in Amsterdam, even if they are not citizens of the Netherlands, said the mayor of Amsterdam Eberhard van der Laan.
Moreover, the government discussed the impact of new policies on soft drugs in Amsterdam and the life of the country as a whole, and eventually came to an agreement on this issue.
In Amsterdam, are about one-third of all "cafes" in the country. Seven million tourists who annually come to the capital of the Netherlands, a million and a half tend to visit places that sell marijuana. After the adoption of the closing "cafes" for tourists in the government began a heated debate on this issue - in particular the possibility of a sharp deterioration in the crime situation.
The Government of the Netherlands three years ago passed a law providing for a ban on visits by foreign tourists, "cafes". In May 2012 the Act came into force in three southern regions. It is assumed that at the beginning of 2013 will be valid throughout the Netherlands.
However, after heated debate, the government decided that the decision to ban or allow foreigners to visit "cafes" should be taken by local authorities.
Meanwhile, the main directions of the state policy on this issue remains the same: prohibits the sale of marijuana to minors, advertising services, such as young people continue to explain health risks from the use of soft drugs.

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