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Two months before the end of the world.

Two months before the end of the world.

By apocalypse in the Mayan calendar, two months remain.
While proponents of doomsday talk about disasters, scientists say with a smile on people not to believe in these predictions and bloggers nominate alternative versions.
Many believe that the 21.12. 2012 apocalypse threatens humanity - these conclusions because then the end of the Mayan calendar.
 According to the ancient civilization in the day to complete a full circle of the universe, and many people think that this means that the end of the world.
Judging from Reuters survey, about 15% of the population believes that the world will end, and one in ten believe that the apocalypse will happen in 2012.
 Internet users are joking or not, that the end of the world is related to the expiration of the contract between the Fed and the U.S. government for the use of the dollar.
 This contract will not be renewed and America will introduce martial law and austerity measures, which is why the Internet will collapse around the world, there will be problems with electricity in civilized countries comes complete chaos.
On 21/12/2012 usual wait solstice and nothing more, scientists say.

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