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For urgent convening of the Round Table on the demographic catastrophe and the inevitable collapse of the pension system.

For urgent convening of the Round Table on the demographic catastrophe and the inevitable collapse of the pension system.

60% of the cost of pensions in Bulgaria are financed by taxes, not insurance.
The ideal is to reach the point where funds received by pensioners have 60-70% of their income prior to withdrawal from the labor market, which promised to current retirees and exists in western countries with developed economy and thieving Greeks.
Frequent changing levels of benefits and retirement age in Bulgaria further shaken pension system.
The weakness of the joint system is that those who import, try to bring as little as possible, and those who receive, they want to take as much and here is the role of the state as regulator of interests.
Skipping a feature that solidarity system is part of the social contract 'with the state of the nation and the frequent and sudden changes are unacceptable.
People expect at the beginning of their working lives to know at least roughly what to expect solidarity system when it comes to their retirement.
Hardly delving into bins retirees with 45 or more years of service were expecting just such solidarity and justice.
Reckless pseudo pension reform in Bulgaria by several governments violated the fairness of the pension system and made it unpredictable for young people.
Formidable demographic catastrophe which is Bulgaria gives cause for concern that the pension system could collapse and today's workers actually lose their pensions.
In terms of demographic catastrophe is infinitely compelling "Round Table" take consensual decisions that must be applied by future governments, even if there are other similar financial ministers Djankov.
In terms of demographic catastrophe unprecedented measures to promote fertility, family support is not provided.
Day after hundreds of parents across the country protested the GERB parliamentary group made a proposal to the Ministry of Finance to allocate an additional 30 million Levs to be designed primarily for municipalities to build new nurseries and kindergartens, which is good.
What is justice for the government understood by Menda Stoyanova, "It is appropriate to tax the profits of individuals from gambling."
The idea that "we all get older," is an undisputed fact in this country, but few governments, employers and individuals have realized where it leads a longer retirement period-end the whole concept of retirement.
A vast Interior Ministry will continue to spew young retirees Failure due enormously bloated state.

Smarter than us Social Contract:
Mao Tse (V century BC.) - Integrity Pact has two parts: the first - many agreed to provide sovereign right to decide what is right and the second - the sovereign decisions are correct because they are consistent with predetermined from heaven.
 Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote that people defer to state authority to impose rules and to regulate social relations in exchange for order and security for all. Such a contract is signed voluntarily by all members of the community, or at least most of them.
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