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XXV International Ballet Competition in Varna

XXV International Ballet Competition in Varna

 XXV International Ballet Competition in Varna began on July 15 in the Summer Theatre and runs through July 30.
 Organizers are Foundation "International Ballet Competition - Varna" with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture and Municipality Varna and Standing Dance Committee of ITI and CID at UNESCO.
66 competitors from 20 countries will play a contest to fire. 31 competitors in the seniors and 35 juniors will go to the jury and audience. Most major international ballet schools will be presented in the XXV anniversary edition. Young artists from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, China, Korea, Japan, Cuba, USA, Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary, Greece and Bulgaria will compete for talent and skills awards. Particularly striking is the largest group of Japanese participants - 13 people. Seriously - a group of 8 people, is the presence of the dancers from Korea, whose school triumphs of the previous edition. Seven contenders come from the USA, 6 from Kazakhstan. Bulgaria is represented by four dancers.
Chairman of the jury is traditionally Academician Yuri Grigorovich - one of the greatest choreographers and ballet of the twentieth century. His deputies are Prof. Peter Lukanov / Bulgaria /, Constantine Dutu / Romania / Professor Xiao Suhua / China /.
Contestants will be evaluated and winners in previous competitions. These are legendary Aurora Bosch from Cuba, won medals in 1965 and 1966, Kevehazi Gabor from Hungary lauraet from 1972 and 1974, Kenichi StockUS from Japan, a finalist in 1994 Jury member for the first time this year will be Maximiliano Guerra, who shone in 1988 and won a gold medal. Beloved by balletomane artist will participate in the concert of the final competition. The jury will sit Clotilde Veye - Etoile of the Paris Grand Opera and ballet master. She became a winner in Varna in 1978 Bulgarian ballerinas Faith Nacheva, medalist in 1994 and Eugenia Kristeva - with a prize of 1974 will also write estimates on the jury of internationally renowned teachers, choreographers and artists.
In the international jury are still Professor Valentin Elizarev of Belarus, Eldar Aliev from the U.S., Mary Bahar Chimendzhiler from Turkey Prokh. Sung Hee Kim from Korea, Tursinbek Nurkaliev Prokh of Kazakhstan. Hikmet Mehmedov from Bulgaria.
Traditionally, participants and this year will compete in three rounds with works of world ballet classical and contemporary choreography.
From 15 to 30 July in the contest will be held International Summer Ballet Academy. In her classic techniques will lead Aurora Bosch / Cuba / Gilbert Meyer / France / and Liliana Draguleva / Bulgaria /. Prof. Natalia Tarasova will teach specific dances and Louisa Frank / The Netherlands / Tirantsoni and Gianpiero / Italy / - modern techniques.
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