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Prices for "Green Energy" and speculators paradise or something else?.

Prices for "Green Energy" and speculators paradise or something else?.

Bulgaria has become a paradise for speculators along with the foolish fool law changes for so-called "green energy".
In a series of criminal acts and criminal-fiat prices of two successive governments failed to set the Bulgarians to something nice and good, namely green energy.
The state should offer voluntary re-signing of contracts and reduction in energy prices, "said Parks," at least 50% or more levels to normal market profits (rather than profits do not give any drugs, prostitution and smuggling, and they are now) to try and if he wants to prove that thoughts of some, albeit modest social justice.
Employees who are granted permits for the use of photovoltaic installations and RES's, would be punished.
Been initiated over 20 disciplinary proceedings, against some of the officials there are several procedures for various deficiencies reported by the Department of Building Control and Regional Office.
Every fifth solar park, which has caught the last train for the sale of expensive power, was in violation.
We are not warm.
Trying to reassure us that several permits will be issued under the rules dated after July 1 and will sell electricity at lower cost.
This is throwing dust in the eyes.
The state has thousands of levers to force owners of delinquent crime rates created by the current facilities to receive normal market prices.
GERB proved they know how well these past years by dumping all the power of the state-SANS, the NRA, NSSI, Customs inspectors and whatnot against troublesome and inconvenient "businessmen".
Why not apply these good practices utilized to reduce electricity prices?
A good approach is to offer state voluntarily re-signing of contracts and minimum price reduction of 50% or more levels to normal market returns.
Good sign that you do not sign even better, you will have to endure day and night checks and all state power.
Will my answers that investors will flee from Bulgaria.
To escape as speculators e.Shte will escape those who do not need.
Did not happen like that would be right, red energy guru
Rumen Ovcharov: "We can not blame Triple Alliance is a law that you change three times."
 "The mess her only stir you. In 2010 over 200% increase in PV.
NEC now has to pay and losses on the project for NPP "Belene" said Ovcharov. "The increase in the price of electricity regulator has ordered personally by Prime Minister Boyko Borisov for the National Electricity Company."
Ovcharov commented that it was "absurd lies, arrogance, thick ochie" to argue that the recent rise in current is due to renewable energy.
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