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Manipulativni and corrupt media.

Manipulativni and corrupt media.

Contracts are signed for millions of ministries with the correct radio and television, BTV, Nova TV, Television and TV 7 TV "Europe" BNR "Darik" and "Focus."
Relations between government and the media raise the question of journalistic impartiality.
Bulgarian media have been manipulated, but reporters and editors accept bribes to reflect events, publish articles and propaganda does not return information that is not approved by their sponsors.
It's written former U.S. ambassador Nancy McEldowney on June 18, 2009 report to the U.S. State Department.
The document was published on the site WikiLeaks.
Financing and the media should be granted after a competition, not that it would change anything, but the Public Procurement Law makes an exception only for electronic media.
 Over 10 million lev consumed agrarian ministry from July 2009 to February 2012 Media Initiatives program "Rural Development", as recipients are BTV, Nova TV, Television TV and 7 Radio, "Darik" and "Focus".
The OP "Transport" different media were stimulated with 1 million 719 thousand Levs BNR has a contract for 216,174 Levs, Darik radio receives 583,200 Levs, Television takes 300,192 Levs and nearest power TV7 - 200 064 lev
 6 documentaries of 20 minutes was there any new television contract for 419,707 Levs
The OP "Human Resources" over 1 million Levs our social media is a section ministry. The contract with the BNT is 182,300 Levs
BTV has taken 207,648 Levs Nova TV - 217 000 lev, TV "Europe" - 80 990 lev, TV7 only 110,080 Levs "Darik" with 214,450 Levs followed by "Focus" with 99 795 lev and Radio - 59,928 lev
To promote "Regional Development" Works has signed contracts with three radios and a television in December 2010 to February 2011 Each lasts 1 year This is a Radio 99,650 Levs in radio "Focus" There are two - respectively 97 344 lev and lev 120 000 In the same vein Darik radio gets 99,992 Levs, TV7 only 120,000 Levs
Tragically use of media for partisan influence on society and advance the business interests through the selection of information and targeted attacks.
Self-censorship is a practice in media outlets and they have black lists of politicians and businessmen competing not affect or interview.
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