Saturday, March 31, 2012

Predict monstrous tsunami in Japan.

Predict monstrous tsunami in Japan.

Japanese scientists talk about a new terrible tsunami: it will be due to changes in the earth "fault Nanko" and the height of the wave after the earthquake will reach over 30 meters. The bad thing is that in some places it reaches the coast even before the earthquake to complete and will not have time to react.
"Nanka fault" with a length of 900 km, runs east from the main Japanese island of Honshu - and this disaster is expected in Japan in the coming decades. The latter was similar earthquakes in 1946, with the magnitude was 8.1. Then the wave of the tsunami destroyed over 35,000 houses.
The new data are published in connection with the fact that the State Commission revised the survey since 2003.
According to his data, the height of the tsunami must not exceed 20 meters, but now Japanese scientists claim that in some areas will exceed 30 meters.
The worst affected will be Kochi Prefecture, Shikoku Island by a monstrous wave height of 34.4 meters. Tokyo is expected wave of 2.3 m

In China, the coup attempt and arrests?

In China, the coup attempt and arrests?

Chinese authorities arrested the Internet to spread rumors about coup d'etat and the appearance of the streets of Beijing on military equipment.
Blogs, news quickly spread strange outside China and have been quoted by many media, sparking rumors of a possible coup.
Department of Chinese control of the Internet space is shut down at least 16 sites for the dissemination of misinformation.
Was recently removed from his position influential party leader and member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of China Bo Xilai, head of the Communist Party in the city of Chongqing in south-west of the country.
Bo became popular with the impressive transformation of Chongqing has become the biggest metropolis in the world. Bo Xilai, former trade minister, led a vigorous campaign against corruption in Chongqing and had the ambition to revive the city called "revolutionary ideals" - more than 30 years after Mao's death.
Bloggers write about shooting near the headquarters of the government and the unusual movement of the Beijing military airport.
In China are changing the government in October.
China will have a new president and prime minister, and a power struggle between the Communist Party lobbies unprecedented yield parameters.
To date, no evidence in favor of the suspected coup, but the official Beijing silent on the issue.

Bulgaria somewhere smack in the U.S. and Russia.

"South Stream" is the price of the "deal" which Bulgaria agreed to 11 percent discount in the price of Russian gas.
And surprise: Bulgaria declared a priority and European gas pipeline project "Nabucco" competitive and almost mutually exclusive with the "South Stream".
The removal of intermediaries in gas supplies, which places Bulgaria has not been resolved.
HSBC still has not provided its report on the feasibility of the Belene project, which was rented, given millions apparently going down the drain. It was necessary to await the conclusions of the consultant, it was clear that the construction will go at least 20 billion lev, Bulgaria does not have any.
Why, then, gave millions of HSBC?
The price of natural gas to Bulgaria will be reduced by slightly more than 11% from 1 April for the next nine months ended realized after meeting Minister of Economy and Energy of Bulgaria, Alexei Miller.
With the abandonment of the construction of NPP "Belene" Bulgaria has undertaken to pay all Dobrev Minister declared the meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Igor Sechin.
Both sides agreed within one month, to clarify the obligations of Bulgaria under the "Belene".
Russia will participate in the transformation of the "Belene" two in one nuclear unit NPP "Kozloduy".

Friday, March 30, 2012

Bulgaria and Russia, the price of gas, nuclear power and more.

Bulgaria and Russia, the price of gas, nuclear power and more.

The price of natural gas to Bulgaria will be reduced by slightly more than 11% from 1 April, estimates of "Gazprom" for the next nine months ended realized after meeting Minister of Economy and Energy of Bulgaria, Alexei Miller.
With the abandonment of the construction of NPP "Belene" Bulgaria has undertaken to pay all Dobrev Minister declared the meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin.
Both sides agreed within one month, to clarify the obligations of Bulgaria under the "Belene".
Russia will participate in the transformation of the "Belene" two in one nuclear unit NPP "Kozloduy".
Gazprom is interested in building a gas power plant in Belene and will explore all possibilities.

Increasing the retirement age of 67 years adopted in Poland.

Increasing the retirement age of 67 years adopted in Poland.

In Poland agreed to increase the age for full retirement to 67 years.
The two ruling parties avoided the plan to be voted in a referendum, which would almost certainly be approved.
Now, women in Poland retire at 60 years and men 65. Increasing the retirement age to 67 on all Poles to reduce government spending and debt.
The planned change comes as a sharp blow to many, although women can take part of your pension after age 62 years and men - 65 as long as you work part time.
After age 67 years, however, their pension will be lower.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ferrari and qualities of Fernando Alonso.

Ferrari and qualities of Fernando Alonso.

Only the exceptional qualities of driver Fernando Alonso led him out in the standings after two races, although slower car of Ferrari.
Winning the Grand Prix of Malaysia due to the Spaniard's advantage he has over other youngsters wet and heavy track.
Ferrari continue to seek improvements in their cars for the next races.
"Now the pressure is on us and we must improve the performance of the car. In Malaysia we took most of the situation in which our car behaved well. But if we fully dry race, then the situation for us would be totally different," says Fry.

"Milan" and "Barcelona" finished 0-0 in the first quarterfinal match of the Champions League. "Bayern" won 2-0 "Olympic".

The players of "Milan" and "Barcelona" finished 0-0 in the first quarterfinal match of the Champions League. In the other match, "Bayern" won 2-0 "Olympic" (Marseille) as a guest and took good advantage. Germans imposed goals with Mario Gomez and Arjen Robben.
Expected to match "Giuseppe Meazza" does not offer particularly attractive football, unlike the previous two against the two members in the group stage of the competition.
"Barcelona" just ask the penalty spot in the 16th minute for a violation of goalkeeper Christian Abiati against Alexis Sanchez.
Catalans, who defend their title, try your favorite style of passing and possession of the ball, but the opponent and a poor terrain prevented them. After the break there was no significant change in terrain, such as errors in the game for both teams continued.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bulgaria finally refused to build NPP "Belene".

Bulgaria finally refused to build NPP "Belene".

Prime Minister of Bulgaria for the first time officially announced the refusal of Bulgaria from the project for a second nuclear power plant.
Borisov said that the NPP is in a seismic area and fault than "this is the expense of Bulgaria." "You saw what was happening in Japan - an earthquake removed Bulgaria from the world map", and financial arguments against the construction of nuclear power plant.
You should make up the 140 million already finished reactor.
The construction site for NPP "Belene" would cost 6 billion euros, but with interest the new nuclear plant would cost about 10 billion, Prime Minister added.
There are clear financial implications for this country and Russia and Bulgaria have each filed claims in court for uncollected receivables.
We will negotiate with Moscow to initiate construction of the seventh of NPP "Kozloduy" with the new reactor, said the prime minister.
After the decommissioning of the first block of NPP "Kozloduy" could think of building even the eighth reactor.
There is an idea of ​​the Belene site to build a gas station, but it all depends on financial and economic feasibility.
It turned out that the Russian company "Gazprom" are aware of the high gas prices and are willing to revise its price in Bulgaria, however, should be for the benefit of both countries - Bulgaria and Russia.

Concentrated to the U.S. Gulf and Iran, marines, aircraft carriers and amphibious assault-groups.

Concentrated to the U.S. Gulf and Iran, marines, aircraft carriers and amphibious assault-groups.

U.S. sends in the Gulf region, another amphibious landing point group, including a helicopter carrier.
The vessels on board which is landing battalion Marines left the base, "Norfolk" (Virginia).
According to the navy group goes to the planned trip "to participate in security operations in sea areas in response to crisis situations, enhance regional cooperation on security and the presence of naval forces in the areas of responsibility of the Fifth and Sixth Fleet." Zone the responsibility of the Fifth Fleet, is the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea.
It should be noted that two weeks Enterprise aircraft carrier sailing the Indian Ocean and the coast of Iran.
On Tuesday, he entered the waters of the Mediterranean.
After arriving at the point the total number of aircraft carriers groups in the U.S. Gulf will increase to three.
Now in the Arabian Sea near the coast of the Islamic Republic are Carl Vinson aircraft carriers and Abraham Lincoln.
It is remarkable that this campaign for Enterprise will be the last. Aircraft, built in 1961, will be decommissioned at the end of the campaign.

Bulimia, prerequisites for the development, treatment.

Bulimia, prerequisites for the development, treatment.

In bulimia phases of starvation alternating periodic overfeeding and subsequent emesis only. Suffer from bulimia have a sense that the behavior of food during these attacks can not be controlled. Patients often abuse laxatives, diuretics and vomiting induced only by a fear of weight gain. Subjected to strict diets, starvation and physical hyperactivity. To be diagnosed bulimia must mean there are two periods of extreme overeating per week for at least 3 months and sustained over-involvement with the state of the figure.
How to recognize bulimia:
Greedily or uncontrolled eating only punishment with strict dieting, fasting, vigorous exercise, vomiting or using laxatives or diuretics in an effort to lose weight using the bathroom frequently after meals, in the depression of body weight fluctuation of moods out of control, swollen lymph glands neck and face, heartburn and swelling of irregular periods, dental problems, constipation, sore throat, vomiting blood, weakness, sunken, bloodshot eyes.
Both diseases lead to an overall impairment of the body. The changes are reversible in most cases with normalization of eating.
Even among the other heavy and serious diseases they do not pay enough attention, statistics show that they are second only to drug addiction in mortality at a young age.
Treatment includes monitoring and regulation of dietary habits and health counseling or psychotherapy.

Inflammation of the small intestine in children, causes, clinical, prevention, treatment.

The disease is caused by bacteria (Esherhiya cars), which causes inflammation of the intestine (enteritis). Affects mainly infants. These bacteria are gram-negative and ciliates. They emit toxic substances endotoxin (at its dissolution) and exotoxin (from live bacteria), and some - enterotoxin. These toxins damage the intestinal mucosa.
Sick or healthy infants bacteriological media release bacteria into the environment through their stool. Bacteria fall in food and water that cause disease when consumed. Special hazards in infants causes the habit to put in your mouth other contaminated objects. Become trapped in the digestive tract bacteria penetrate the intestinal mucosa, it degrades. Toxins than intestinal mucosal damage nerves and central nervous system. Comes increased excretion of intestinal fluid and mucus in the small intestine with rapid intestinal peristalsis and the occurrence of loose stools. The loss of fluids causes disturbances in blood circulation, shock with a sharp drop in blood pressure.
Clinical features.
The incubation period is 3-7 days. The disease begins acutely with fever and deterioration of general condition. Sick child is relaxed and light. Appear vomiting and diarrhea. Loose stools are sometimes mixed with mucus and blood. The skin is dry and loses elasticity. For milder forms of disease incidence of vomiting and bowel movements less. In more severe forms that occur in premature infants fed inconsistent and vomiting and bowel movements are more frequent and stools are liquid, mixed with blood and mucus, dehydration is severe, often occurring seizure disorders, blood pressure lowering occurs toxic and hypovolaemic shock.
The forecast for milder forms is favorable. At some of the children the disease becomes chronic and the prognosis in such cases is unfavorable.
Treatment is conducted in an infectious hospital. Appointed diet with milk or powdered milk. Apply antibiotics and substitution cocktails. The treatment regime is aimed at rehydration. For recurrent tendency to toxic and hypovolaemic shock increases.
Prevention is aimed at limiting the spread of epidemic disease. In childcare performed isolation of infected and conducted a complete disinfection. Suspected of being infected children undergo medical prophylaxis. On this subject prevention and healthy bacteriological media. Of great importance is the improvement of personal, domestic, public and occupational hygiene. It is important not to allow children to put objects in their mouths.

Anorexia, prerequisites for the development, treatment.

Anorexia, prerequisites for the development, treatment.

In the so-called Anorexia nervosa is a tendentious denial of food as an expression of "the victory of spirit over body." The disease occurs almost exclusively in women and covers most age after puberty.
A prerequisite for the development of the disease are social exclusion, raising the family relationships, problems with communication.
Patients find their extremely low birth weight perfectly normal and are perceived as healthy people.
Anorexia is a mental illness that is not a consequence and cause of food anomalies. Very often before they "regulate" the food in anorexics is a very high anxiety. The problems most often associated with the family sphere, intimate life, unsatisfactory to friends and peers. Usually appear intrusive thoughts that if they lose weight, will be certain things happen: for example, will be happier, you are liked, their lives will change in a positive direction.
Clinically anorexia occurs with loss of at least 25% of original weight, it is possible that this loss may be due to other somatic reasons. Extreme weight loss due to depression, schizophrenia, neurosis and phobias also excludes the diagnosis Anorexia nervosa. Typical manifestations of the disease have amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), bradycardia, emesis only, phases of physical activity.
How to recognize: the loss of a significant amount of weight, prolonged dieting, despite their weakness feel fat even after weight loss, intense fear of becoming fat, cessation of menstruation, worry about food, calories, fat and nutrients in the fasting isolation and cooking for others, hair loss, cold hands and feet, feeble voice, strenuous exercise, lie on their nutritional depression, weakness, threatening, debilitating periods of hyperactivity, poor development of hair on arms, legs and other body parts, the occurrence Moss on the body, palpitation, dry, scaly skin, irregular breathing.
Treatment: to seek a psychologist and nutritionist, but when it comes to hospital accommodation and internist. None of these units can not be ignored. Treatment is very long and difficult for both patient and for those around him.

Greece to expulsion from the Schengen zone for illegal immigrants from Turkey.

Greece to expulsion from the Schengen zone for illegal immigrants from Turkey.

Greece is threatened with expulsion from the Schengen area, if not urgently take concrete measures to combat illegal immigration, warned the Minister Michalis Chrysohoidis.
Greece is the most problematic country in the Schengen area as failing to deal with illegal immigrants from Turkey.
80 percent of all illegal immigrants enter the EU just over the border between Greece and Turkey
Minister Michalis Chrysohoidis said that the deadline for application expires in June this year Chrysohoidis stressed that taking measures to combat illegal immigration can no longer be postponed and that "the problem is not possible to constantly be hidden under the carpet."
Necessary measures include the creation of 30 centers from closed to illegal immigrants.
The construction of the centers will be funded with 250 million euros from EU structural funds, said Chrysohoidis.
Local authorities in Greece have to submit proposals for the location of centers for illegal immigrants within one week.

Italy accuses two great-Germany and France for the European debt crisis.


Mario Monti said that the roots of European debt crisis are predominantly irresponsible for Germany and France against the euro since its creation.
Monty that the two strongest players in the European Union are not tolerated fiscal rules has given a bad example for the rest of the continent.
Germany and France were those who were not serious to public deficits and debts.
Mario Monti said that the problem was ignoring the rules of budgetary deficit of 3% of GDP.
Berlin and Paris had acted these rules, but did not receive appropriate punishment.
"Of course, if the father and the mother of the eurozone breaking the rules, you can expect ... from countries like Greece to be executive"
Monty undertook reforms, layoffs, and managed to stabilize the Italian economy and regain the confidence of the markets in Italy.

Listen smart men.

Listen smart men.

Vaclav Klaus said that the eurozone crisis is the result of a single exchange rate and one rate for countries with very different economic parameters.
Czech Republic currently has no plans to enter the eurozone, said Vaclav Klaus.
The Czechs have been sufficiently aware of and prior problems with the "wrong" constructed Monetary Union, and do not want to hamper economic growth, joining the eurozone.
You must stop "creeping" but increasingly growing "green law" and should not be allowed to "green" to "conquer" the economy under the banner of "such erroneous" ideas as the doctrine of global warming.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

China is a threat to everyone?

China is a threat to everyone?

BRICS are the five leading developing countries - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Their fourth summit is on Wednesday, but shortly before the opening was marred by unexpected revelations.
From the Indian capital jumped sensational document reveals that the two key countries, India and China - see each other as potential enemies.
Indian strategists have developed a scenario in the event of another war with China. BRIC in the best case remains an economic union, but the political issue is very controversial.
Indian experts call China the main threat to national security of India, which became "superpower of the XXI century" and ahead of India in all key indicators.
China's GDP is now four times bigger than India (7.3 billion dollars from 1.8 trillion).
However, procurement of arms for the first time in India recently surpassed China.
China and India have fought each other in 1962
Beijing then took control of the northeastern region of Kashmir, Aksai Chin. Territorial dispute between the two countries has not been solved yet. Delhi accuses Beijing of the occupation of the Trans-Karakoram, Pakistan is transmitted to China, a year after India's defeat in the war of 1962
Another disputed territory between Beijing and New Delhi is the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, most of which China considers its territory.
China has announced a major strategic threat to Russia.
The authors of "Strategy 2020" recently scored in the list of China's strategic threat to Russia. In this connection, experts have advised foreign policy of the future President Vladimir Putin to focus on Europe.
Economic growth of China as a threat to the West and its financial expansion of world markets over the next decade will increase, analysts predict.
By 2020, the yuan could become a global currency for settlement. All these trends have become a major challenge not only for Russia but for the world as a whole, the authors of the document.
According to estimates in the near future, Chinese products will continue to replace the Russian market for local producers. Beijing will also strengthen its position in the IMF and WTO, which may interfere with Russia to achieve its objectives within these organizations.

Monday, March 26, 2012

For fuel prices, the shortage of oil and bizarre policies.

Is oil running out? Approaching a limit entropy? These questions arise periodically in times of crisis and then forget. Some experts argue that world oil production is near its maximum.
Dr. Campbell Vice President over the years a number of world oil companies, "BP", "Shell", "Fine", "Exxon" and "Chevron Texaco" claims that the surge in production of "easy" to extract oil is already gone in 2005
Crude oil prices rose 15 percent this year due to litigation threats fools and limitations of the West to Iran.
Endless tales only worsen the situation that brought to Europe after a suicide operation in Libya, just as lack of markets Libyan oil and fear of looming war against Iran led to the deficit and surge in prices.
Cost of lead-oil imports will rise to 1.5 trillion. dollars this year for instant oil prices.
Especially vulnerable is the European Union, the price of fuel is becoming a major problem.
IEA estimates that the EU this year will spend a record 520 billion dollars in net imports of oil, which represents 2.8% of gross domestic product (GDP), and between 2000 and 2010 the cost of oil imports have averaged 1 , 7 percent of GDP.
High oil prices are incredibly rich and some believe unfairly oil producers. At the same time, they have limited budgets of consumers.
Already the economies of major industrialized countries fail to price shocks, but what about poor countries like Bulgaria.
States are increasingly concerned about the prospects of a continuing upward pressure on oil prices and natural probability of war for redistribution on the agenda.
Hopes of a boom in production of shale gas in Europe appear dashed against the problems facing companies dealers in Poland.
The Polish government announced that reserves of shale gas in the country might be less than expected.
The cost to develop well in Poland appears to be three times higher than the U.S..
The failure of two wells of Exxon Mobil Corp finally ruined hopes.
Oil futures will reach higher levels in the coming months the price of Brent is likely to reach $ 200 a barrel.
Global supplies remain unusually sparse - a trend that is unlikely to change soon.
Only 3 of the 30 countries that control nearly all the oil wealth receive a high enough score to be among the nations that Heritage categorizes as free - UK, USA and Canada. These countries rely on private companies to run their energy industries, but they have only 16% of world reserves, almost 90% of them are in Canada. U.S. passed its peak production in 1970 and now rescue the situation with shale gas, and Britain is probably passed its peak production recently.
Another six of the leading producers receive mostly free evaluation of Heritage. Since Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates are in this group, it has a lot of oil - 38% of world reserves. Relatively good rating indicates that the economies of these countries are stable and functional, but in all these countries the oil industry is controlled by the state rather than private contractors.
Other countries with significant oil reserves - a total of 21 countries with 44% of proven oil in the world - are mostly unfree or repressed.
Proven reserves of oil: Russia has 15 billion tons, which is security for 50 years, Europe - 3 billion for eight years, Asia - 101 billion tons for 71 years, Africa - 12 billion-35 years, America - 20 billion in 24 years , Australia and Oceania - 0.5 billion for 16 years.
Total worldwide are about 152 billion t mean security for about 46 years.
Is oil running out? Entropy approaching a limit?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fernando Alonso "Ferrari" won the Malaysian Grand Prix Formula 1 track "Sepang

Fernando Alonso "Ferrari" won the Malaysian Grand Prix Formula 1 track "Sepang

Fernando Alonso "Ferrari" won the Malaysian Grand Prix Formula 1, in heavy rain on the track 'Sepang' in Malaysia.
Double world champion in the rain was in power and chose the right tactics to get out and head to hold its lead over Sergio Perez with a unique "Sauber".
Third of 14.5 seconds left Hamilton with "McLaren".
Mark Webber finished fourth while Kimi Raikkonen recording great second race after his return and remained fifth with "Lotus", followed by Bruno Senna ("Williams"), Paul Di change ("Force India"), Jean-Eric Verne ("Thoreau Rosso ") and Nico Hulkenberg (" Force India ").
Sebastian Vettel remained outside the zone of attack points for traffic. He was 11th, one place behind Michael Schumacher, who had problems with tire wear their "Mercedes". The winner of Australia Jenson Button finished 14th after a series of failures.

1 Fernando Alonso Ferrari 56 9 25 2.44:51.812
2 Sergio Perez Sauber - Ferrari 56 + 2,263 10 18
3 Lewis Hamilton McLaren - Mercedes 56 + 14 591 1 15
4 Mark Webber Red Bull - Renault 56 + 4 12 17 688
Kimi Raikkonen 5 Lotus - Renault 56 + 29,456 5 10
6 Bruno Senna Williams - Renault 56 + 37,667 13 8
7 Paul di Resti Force India - Mercedes 56 44.4 14 6
8 Jean-Eric Verne Toro Rosso - Ferrari 56 46.9 18 4
9 Nico Hulkenberg Force India - Mercedes 56 47.8 16 2
10 Schumacher Mercedes AMG 56 49.9 3 1
11 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull - Renault 56 5 75.5
12 Daniel Ricardo Toro Rosso - Ferrari 56 76.8 15
13 Nico Rosberg Mercedes AMG 56 78.5 7
14 Jenson Button McLaren - Mercedes 56 2 79.7
Felipe Massa Ferrari 15 56 97.3 12
16 boats Vitaly Petrov - Renault 55 +1 lap 20
Timo Glock 17 Maroussi - Cosworth 55 +1 lap 24
18 Heikki Kovalainen boats - Renault 55 +1 lap 24
19 Pastor Maldonado Williams - Renault 54 laps 11 +2
20 Charles Pick Maroussi - Cosworth 54 laps 21 +2
Narain Karthikeyan 21 HRT - Cosworth 54 laps 23 +2
22 Pedro de la Rosa HRT - Cosworth 54 laps 22 +2
23 Kamui Kobayashi Sauber - Ferrari 46 +10 17
24 Romain Grozhan Lotus - Renault 3 +53 6 laps

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lipase values ​​of laboratory results.

Lipase values ​​of laboratory results.

Lipase is a digestive enzyme. Mainly secreted by the pancreas (pancreas). Involved in the breakdown of fat.
Normal lipase levels were between 5 and 60 U / l.
Increasing the level of lipase in serum (blood) test is specific for acute inflammation of the pancreas, called acute pancreatitis. In developing this illness amount of lipase increases within four to six hours. The amount of enzyme peaked overnight and maintains this value about two weeks.
Elevated levels of an enzyme can be seen in other diseases of the pancreas. Lipase is degraded and excreted by the kidneys. Therefore, malfunction of the urinary system, the level of lipase increases.

Glucose - profile, laboratory results.

Glucose - profile, laboratory results.

In healthy people the values ​​of blood glucose are between 3.89 and 6,1 mmol / l by transient elevated 1-2 hours after ingestion of food.
In patients with diabetes mellitus for the assessment of the treatment: diet or diet in combination with medication - tablets or insulin, performed blood glucose profile. Examine blood glucose at different times of day indicated by the doctor so that some measurements of blood sugar is fasting, and in others after a meal. In the hospital, blood sugar can be studied in 3 hours and in outpatient settings (tracking) is most often conducted 4x profile: eg. at 7, 12, 15 and 18 hours - so three measurements were fasting and after a meal. In judging the values ​​of metabolic compensation of diabetes, ie Are those achieved target blood glucose values ​​in which the risk of complications of diabetes is minimized.

Glucose - profile, laboratory results.

Glucose - profile, laboratory results.

In healthy people the values ​​of blood glucose are between 3.89 and 6,1 mmol / l by transient elevated 1-2 hours after ingestion of food.
In patients with diabetes mellitus for the assessment of the treatment: diet or diet in combination with medication - tablets or insulin, performed blood glucose profile. Examine blood glucose at different times of day indicated by the doctor so that some measurements of blood sugar is fasting, and in others after a meal. In the hospital, blood sugar can be studied in 3 hours and in outpatient settings (tracking) is most often conducted 4x profile: eg. at 7, 12, 15 and 18 hours - so three measurements were fasting and after a meal. In judging the values ​​of metabolic compensation of diabetes, ie Are those achieved target blood glucose values ​​in which the risk of complications of diabetes is minimized.

"Manchester City" - "Stoke City" 1:1.

"Manchester City" is headed back in the Premier League, where he was during most of the season but made a wrong move away to "Stoke City" and a chance to city rivals "United" to come forward with a three-point difference if he wins "Fulham" on Monday.
"Citizens" has resulted in the 1-1 away in the fortress "Britain" after the third straight game were the dominant team, but were found to score liability. Against "Swansea" players Roberto Mancini lost 0:1, but against "Chelsea" did turn from 0:1 to 2:1.
Against "Stoke" "citizens" were quite bezideyni the attack in the first half, but still controlled the match. Serious scoring opportunities do not come, except for the header of a Jack and a few stirring.

"Barcelona" is closer to three points from the "Real".

"Barcelona" approached only three points of the provisional leader of La Liga "Madrid" (Madrid), after having reached a tough luck 2-0 in one of the toughest stadiums to visit - "Iberostar" in Mallorca.
"Barcelona" reached success with hits Alexis Sanchez and Gerard Pique, then 57 minutes I had to play with one less for a second yellow card of Thiago Alcantara, but that does not affect the outcome, despite the pressure of "Mallorca ".

Grid for the Malaysian Grand Prix 2012

1 Lewis Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes 1:37.813 1:37.106 1:36.219 14
2 Jenson Button McLaren-Mercedes 1:37.575 1:36.928 1:36.368 14
3 Michael Schumacher Mercedes 1:37.517 1:37.017 1:36.391 14
4 Mark Webber Red Bull-Renault 1:37.172 1:37.375 1:36.461 19
Kimi Raikkonen 5 Lotus-Renault 1:37.961 1:36.715 1:36.461 13
6 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull-Renault 1:38.102 1:37.419 1:36.634 14
7 Romain Grozhan Lotus-Renault 1:38.058 1:37.338 1:36.658 14
8 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1:37.696 1:36.996 1:36.664 14
9 Fernando Alonso Ferrari 1:38.151 1:37.379 1:37.566 16
10 Sergio Perez Sauber-Ferrari 1:37.933 1:37.477 1:37.698 17
11 Pastor Maldonado Williams-Renault 1:37.789 1:37.589 14
12 Massa Ferrari 1:38.381 15 1:37.731
13 Bruno Senna Williams-Renault 1:38.437 1:37.841 13
14 Paul di Resti Force India-Mercedes 1:38.325 1:37.877 15
15 Daniel Ricciardo STR-Ferrari 1:38.419 1:37.883 14
16 Nico Hulkenberg Force India-Mercedes 1:38.303 1:37.890 13
17 Kamui Kobayashi Sauber-Ferrari 1:38.372 12 1:38.069
18 Jean-Eric Vergne STR-Ferrari 1:39.077
19 Heikki Kovalainen Caterham-Renault 1:39.306 9
20 Vitaly Petrov Caterham-Renault 1:39.567 6
21 Timo Glock Marussia-Cosworth 1:40.903 8
22 Charles Pic Marussia-Cosworth 1:41.250 8
23 Pedro de la Rosa HRT-Cosworth 1:42.914 4
Narain Karthikeyan 24 HRT-Cosworth 1:43.655 6
During Q1 1:43.974

Lewis Hamilton recorded the fastest time of the first free practice session, winning by half a second before the current world champion Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull - Renault).
Third and fourth track 'Sepang' ran pilots of AMG Mercedes Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher.
Lewis Hamilton dominates in second practice session before the Malaysian Grand Prix.
Nico Rosberg Mercedes recording the fastest time in the third workout. After him came the Red Bull - Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber. Rosberg given query sequences and the first to see if the Mercedes system will give them an advantage.

Grand Prix of Malaysia 2012 third workout.

Nico Rosberg Mercedes recording the fastest time in the third workout. After him came the Red Bull - Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber. Rosberg given query sequences and the first to see if the Mercedes system will give them an advantage.
1 N. Rosberg 1:36.877 24.7 32.6 39.4 16
2 S. Vettel 1:37.320 0,443 25.1 32.5 39.5 15
3 M. Webber 1:37.338 0,461 25.1 32.6 39.5 12
4 K. Raikkonen 1:37.356 0,479 24.9 32.6 39.6 13
5 R. GROZHAN 1:37.382 0,505 25.0 32.5 39.7 13
6 E. Button 1:37.404 0,527 25.1 32.4 39.6 12
7 P. Maldonado 1:37.455 0,578 25.3 32.5 39.5 13
8 M. SCHUMACHER 1:37.663 0,786 25.0 33.0 39.5 15
9 L. Hamilton 1:37.776 0,899 25.2 32.7 39.7 8
10 K. Kobayashi 1:37.977 1,100 25.3 32.7 39.8 17
Lewis Hamilton recorded the fastest time of the first free practice session, winning by half a second before the current world champion Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull - Renault). Third and fourth track 'Sepang' ran pilots of AMG Mercedes Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher.
Lewis Hamilton dominates in second practice session before the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Taliban destroyed a convoy of NATO, there are victims.

Supply Taliban destroyed a convoy of NATO troops on Monday in the western Afghan province of Farah, has killed and wounded.
The attack happened on a road near Golestan.
The insurgents have managed to ignite the fuel tanks. Police were burned nine large oil fuel tanks and three cars with material support.
In a shootout, according to various data have been killed between one and six Afghan employees of a private security company and three employees.
A few days ago in Golestan province held an operation to clear the area of Taliban.
However, the Taliban there.

Monday, March 19, 2012

European White Paper on pensions will make it difficult for women in Bulgaria and will liquidate first and second class pensions.

If the ideas enshrined in the "White Paper on adequate, safe and sustainable pensions European Commission" to implement in practice will most likely be liquidated first and second class pensions and will be leveled age and service retirement for women with those of men.
Now, women in Bulgaria retire three years earlier than men, but after last year's pension reform will happen two years earlier than men.
Men will retire at 65, and women - of '63
Women are entitled to a pension after a short stint as men.
White Paper on adequate, safe and sustainable pensions European Commission requires a level playing field for retired women and men.
The White Paper also calls for reform and soon eradicate early retirement schemes, such ideas are not for the protection of social rights of people working in harsh conditions and early retirement to become unattractive.
Anyway pensions first and second category will be extremely low because the period of accumulation is very small.
So people will be forced to remain in the labor market due to inadequate pensions.
In our already taken and increase the retirement age for workers toil to one year from 2012 to 2014
EC offers people the opportunity to receive a partial pension earlier and continue to work part-time or providing them with new, lighter jobs.
Whether we are next "Pension Reform" will be understood in the near future, now is the level of discussion and experts will be passed to ministerial level.
In the long term low fertility country faces the challenge to care for an increasingly aging population and sustained reductions in the workforce. These ideas in the "White Paper on adequate, safe and sustainable pensions European Commission" will be insufficient about 2040-2050 g, if urgent action is taken on the demographic catastrophe of Bulgaria.
Despite the demographic catastrophe that increased the time from which benefits are calculated to leave.
If it was intended to reduce the birth rate among Gypsies mistaken gentlemen will reduce fertility of nurses.
With an average of 1.4 children per woman again, Bulgaria is a European and global bottom, because the replacement of generations are needed more than two children. Children who are born now will grow up in a country where at best they will be 48% of the total population and how they will pay the pensions of their parents?
People who are now 30, will be able to retire until at 70
Ivan Neykov predicted recently, Chairman of the Balkan Institute for Labour and Social former minister.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Formula-1. Jenson Button won the Grand Prix "Albert Park" in Melbourne, Australia.

Jenson Button won the season opening of the 2012 Formula 1 - Grand Prix of Australia. Sebastian Vettel finished second, third left Hamilton.
Interesting race with a lot of tension. Seyfi car, start networking, effluent from damage and collisions before the final catastrophe.

Classification of pilots, "Albert Park" in Melbourne, Australia.

1 3 Jenson Button McLaren-Mercedes 58 2 25
2 1 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Racing, Renault 58 6 18 2.1 seconds
3 4 Lewis Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes 58 1 15 4.0 sec
4 2 Mark Webber Red Bull-Renault 58 5 12 4.5 seconds
5 5 Fernando Alonso Ferrari 58 21.5 12 10 sec
6 14 Kamui Kobayashi Sauber-Ferrari 58 13 8 36.7 sec
7 9 Kimi Raikkonen Lotus-Renault 58 38.0 17 6 ​​sec
8 15 Sergio Perez Sauber-Ferrari 58 39.4 22 4 sec
9 16 Daniel Ricciardo STR-Ferrari 58 39.5 10 2 sec
10 11 Paul di Resti Force India-Mercedes 58 15 1 39.7 seconds
11 17 Jean-Eric Vergne STR-Ferrari 58 39.8 11 sec
12 8 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 58 7 57.6 seconds
13 18 Pastor Maldonado Williams-Renault 57 a Lap 8
14 24 Timo Glock Marussia-Cosworth 57 billion LAP 20
15 25 Charles Pic Marussia-Cosworth 53 5 laps 21
16 19 Bruno Senna Williams-Renault 52 6 14 laps
RET 6 Felipe Massa Ferrari 16 laps 46 12
RET 20 Heikki Kovalainen Renault Caterham-38 +20 laps 18
RET 21 Vitaly Petrov Caterham-Reno 34 24 19 Laps
RET 7 Schumacher Mercedes 10 laps forty-eight 4
RET 10 Romain Grozhan Lotus-Renault 1 57 3 laps
RET 12 Nico Hulkenberg Force India-Mercedes 58 laps 0 + 9
DNS 22 Pedro de la Rosa HRT-Cosworth 23
Narain Karthikeyan DNS 23 HRT-Cosworth 24

Constructor standings:

01 McLaren-Mercedes 40
02 Red Bull Racing Renault 30
03 Sauber-Ferrari 12
04 Ferrari 10
05 Lotus-Renault 6
06 STR-Ferrari 2
07 Force India-Mercedes 1
08 Mercedes 0
Williams-Renault 09 0
10 Marussia-Cosworth 0

First points to pilots:
01 Jenson Button 25
Sebastian Vettel 02 18
03 Hamilton 15
04 Mark Webber 12
05 Fernando Alonso 10
06 Kamui Kobayashi 8
Kimi Raikkonen 07 6
Sergio Perez 08 4
09 Daniel Ricciardo 2
10 Paul di Resti a

Program schedule of racing on Formula-1 season 2012:

02 - Petronas MALAYSIA GRAND PRIX (Kuala Lumpur) -23 - 25 Mar
03 - CHINA GRAND PRIX (Shanghai) -13 - 15 Apr
04 - Gulf Air Bahrain GRAND PRIX (Sakhir) -20 - 22 Apr
05 - Gran Premio DE ESPAÑA Santander 2012 (Catalonia) -11 - May 13
06 - Monaco Grand Prix 2012 (Monte Carlo) -24 - 27 May
07 - GRAND PRIX DU CANADA 2012 (Montreal) -08 - 10 Jun
08 - GRAND PRIX OF EUROPE (Valencia) -22 - 24 Jun
09 - BRITISH GRAND PRIX (Silverstone) -06 - 08 July
10 - VON DEUTSCHLAND 2012 Hockenheim) -20 - 22 Jul
11 - ENI MAGYAR NAGYDÍJ 2012 (Budapest) -27 - 29 July
12 - BELGIUM GRAND PRIX (Spa-Francorchamps) -31 Aug - 02 Sep
13 - Gran Premio D'ITALIA 2012 (Monza) -07 - September 9
14 - SingTel SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX (Singapore) -21 - 23 Sep
15 - JAPAN GRAND PRIX (Suzuka) -05 - 07 Oct
16 - Korea GRAND PRIX (Yeongam) -12 - 14 Oct
17 - Airtel India GRAND PRIX (New Delhi) -26 - 28 Oct
18 - Abu Dhabi GRAND PRIX (Yas Marina) -02 - 04 Nov
19 - U.S. GRAND PRIX (Austin) 16 - 18 Nov
20 - GRANDE Premio Brasil 2012 (Sao Paulo) -23 - 25 Nov

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Marcel Hirsher won the World Cup.

Marcel Hirsher won the giant slalom in Schladming and no new e won the Big Crystal Globe.
Today he took 100 points and now has 25 second lead over Beat Foyts, who announced that he would not participate in Sunday's slalom.
Even to change his mind Hirsher never in his career has won points in the slalom.
Hirsher won the World Cup and the small in the giant slalom after his only rival Ted Ligeti remained 25th.

Formula-1-grid of Grand Prix "Albert Park" in Melbourne, Australia.

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button will stand in the front row of the first race of 2012.
Lotus and Romain Grozhan served biggest surprise third place.
The season seems to be tense and interesting. Pirelli have made great strides with the tires.
Big loser at the moment is Ferrari-12 place of Alonso and 16 put it on the table questions.


1 L. Hamilton 1:26.800 1:25.626 1:24.922 28.3 22.6 33.9 14
2 E. Button 1:26.832 1:25.663 1:25.074 28.3 22.7 34.0 15
3 R. GROZHAN 1:26.498 1:25.845 1:25.302 28.6 22.7 33.9 21
4 M. SCHUMACHER 1:26.586 1:25.571 1:25.336 28.4 22.6 34.1 18
5 M. Webber 1:27.117 1:26.297 1:25.651 28.6 22.8 34.1 17
6 S. Vettel 1:26.773 1:25.982 1:25.668 28.5 22.6 34.2 18
7 N. Rosberg 1:26.763 1:25.469 1:25.686 28.6 22.6 34.1 16
P. Maldonado 8 1:26.803 1:26.206 1:25.908 28.5 23.1 34.2 20
9 N. Hulkenberg 1:27.464 1:26.314 1:26.451 28.9 22.9 34.5 18
10 D. Ricardo 1:27.024 1:26.319 44.8 30.1 16
11 G. TRUE 1:26.493 1:26.429 28.9 23.0 34.4 12
12 F. Alonso 1:26.688 1:26.494 28.9 22.9 34.5 12
13 K. Kobayashi 1:26.182 1:26.590 28.9 23.0 34.6 12
14 B. Senate 1:27.004 1:26.663 28.8 22.9 34.8 16
15 P. DI REST 1:27.469 1:27.086 29.2 22.9 34.7 16
16 F. TABLE 1:27.633 1:27.497 29.1 23.2 34.9 16
17 S. PEREZ 1:26.596 37.9 23.8 39.6 11
18 K. Raikkonen 1:27.758 29.0 23.0 35.0 9
19 H. Kovalainen 1:28.679 29.5 23.3 35.5 7
20 V. Petrov 1:29.018 29.7 23.4 35.7 8
21 T. Glock 1:30.923 30.4 23.8 36.3 10
22 Y. runway 1:31.670 30.5 24.2 36.8 9
23 P. de la Rosa 1:33.495 31.1 24.7 37.3 6
24 N. Karthikeyan 1:33.643 31.0 24.6 37.9 6    

Cartel of fuel prices in Bulgaria? Bulgaria loses 500 million lev of unpaid VAT on fuel.

Commission for Protection of Competition in Bulgaria, by order, bringing alleged violation of Art. 15, para. 1, item 1 of the LPC and art. 101, para. 1 a) TFEU of the Russian "LUKOIL" Austrian "OMV" Romanian "Rompetrol" the Bulgarian "Naftex Petrol" that intervene in the pricing conspiracy to raise fuel prices.
Infringement consists of a prohibited agreement or concerted practices fixing prices, which in its purpose or effect of preventing, restricting or distorting competition in the markets for wholesale gasoline and diesel fuel.
The regulator will announce its final decision on the guilt of the oil companies after 30 days within which companies can appeal.
Largest private Russian oil company, through its subsidiary company "Lukoil Bulgaria" has a significant part of the Bulgarian stations. It also has the only country in large refinery - "Neftochim."
Bulgaria loses 500 million annually from lev unpaid value added tax on fuel, said the director of the Agency "Customs". He explained that fraud will be interrupted after excise complete centralized information system. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Italy against Germany 1/4-final UEFA Cup.

The first matches are on March 29, and revenge a week later - April 5.

1/4-final UEFA Cup:
AZ Alkmaar - Valencia
Schalke 04 - Athletic (B)
Sporting (L) - Metalist (X)
Atletico (M) - Hannover 96

Atletico (M) - Hannover 96 / AZ - Valencia
Sporting (L) - Metalist (X) / Schalke 04 - Athletic (B)

Barcelona vs AC Milan in the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

Here are all the couples:
A. APOEL - Real Madrid
2. Marseille - BAYERN MUNICH

Draw for semi-finals:
The winner of a pair against the winner of a pair of two
The winner of a pair of 3 against the winner of the fourth pair

Formula-1.First and second workout for Grand Prix "Albert Park" in Melbourne, Australia.

Schedule-race program in Australia. UTC / GMT +10 hours.

05:00 Third-workout-UTC / GMT +10 hours.
08:00 - Qualification-UTC / GMT +10 hours.
8:00-Home Competition Grand Prix "Albert Park" in Melbourne. UTC / GMT +10 hours.
Laps: 58
Race distance: 307.574 km.

Australia 2012 - first training

1 E. Button 1:27.560 29.1 23.2 34.9 11
2 L. Hamilton 1:27.805 0,245 29.1 23.2 35.0 14
3 M. SCHUMACHER 1:28.235 0,675 29.5 23.6 35.0 17
4 F. Alonso 1:28.360 0,800 29.6 23.5 35.1 21
5 M. Webber 1:28.467 0,907 29.6 23.5 35.1 21
6 N. Rosberg 1:28.683 1,123 29.5 23.2 35.8 22
7 D. Ricardo 1:28.908 1,348 29.6 23.6 35.3 23
8 P. Maldonado 1:29.415 1,855 29.8 23.8 35.6 16
9 R. Raikkonen 1:29.565 2,005 29.7 23.9 35.8 8
10 K. Kobayashi 1:29.722 2,162 30.4 23.8 35.4 26

Australia 2012 - second training

1 M. SCHUMACHER 1:29.183 30.3 23.3 35.2 16
2 N. Hulkenberg 1:29.292 0,109 30.3 23.5 35.2 19
3 S. PEREZ 1:30.199 1,016 30.4 23.8 35.6 23
4 F. Alonso 1:30.341 1,158 30.5 23.5 35.8 13
5 K. Kobayashi 1:30.709 1,526 30.7 23.9 35.6 14
6 P. DI REST 1:31.466 2,283 31.0 23.8 35.8 13
7 U. TABLE 1:31.505 2,322 30.8 24.1 36.3 14
8 H. Kovalainen 1:31.932 2,749 30.7 23.8 36.6 16
9 N. Rosberg 1:32.184 3,001 31.2 24.1 36.6 17
10 C. Vettel 1:32.194 3,011 31.0 24.4 36.6 19

Hot News from Bulgaria-reshuffles. Bulgaria will build a nuclear plant. Change the tone for shale gas.

Then, late last night as ministers were replaced on the economy, energy, tourism and health in the morning came the surprising news of the nuclear and shale gas.
Bulgaria will build nuclear power plants, nuclear reactor bid for Belene.
Bulgaria will pay reactor NPP "Belene" and will seek option to install it in the NPP "Kozloduy" told BNT Boyko Borisov, "Moreover, the electronics on it is" Siemens "and" Areva "- German and French companies. "
Drop that overflowed the glass Minister Traicho Traikov was business forum in Qatar said Boyko Borisov and the Delian Dobrev will take over exempted from Traicho Traikov post.
Today we accept the resignation, which was filed by the deputy chairman of SANS - Drashkov said early block of BNT "The Day Begins" Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.
Health Minister Stephen Konstantinov was able to comfort all completely understood by Borisov. "Parliamentary group wants to hear, with health insurance are grilled, with alternates, with half grill ministers."
For the Austrian scandal: This scandal in any case we are not good - Borisov said.
Private companies involved in this process, you chase your interest (Monica Yosifova), we divide companies to own and others, whether the companion of Mr. Stanishev. I understand that she has won competitions and working with our management.
For oil and shale gas: the price of fuel is related to the international market the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.
By murmuring for military action in Iran and the region, see the price of barrels. This makes such as our friends in Qatar - very rich. Earn money record, unlike us who have no such reserves. Or - as in shale gas - do not even want to explore - whether we have such deposits. Qatar also has certain environmental organizations, who say, well as punch for oil, "said Borisov, from which it became his personal opinion.

UEFA Cup: Final results of the second round. English teams were dropped.

All have played finals of UEFA Cup. After they became clear eight teams that will participate in the next phase.
Athletic Bilbao - Manchester United 2-1. Athletic Bilbao are ranked by total score of 5-3.
"Athletic" Bilbao after a strong game against the English champions 'Manchester United' again achieved victory. Basque necessitated 2-1 at home with a total score of 5-3 for the future.
Manchester City - Sporting Lisbon 3-2 in the next phase Sporting qualify for general score 3-3, but the Portuguese have more away goals.
"Manchester City" followed by city rivals "United" is simple and its participation in the League. "Citizens" made an impressive turnaround from 0-2 to 3-2 in the rematch against the "Sporting" (Lisbon), but their goals away from home ahead still Portuguese.
Schalke - FC Twente 4-1, Schalke are ranked by total score of 4-2.
"Schalke" results turned against "Twente" from 0:1 to 4:1 with a hat-trick of Klaas-Jan Huntelaar.
Besiktas - Atletico Madrid 0-3, Atletico are ranked by total score of 6-1.
Olympiakos - Metalist Kharkiv 1-2. Metalist Kharkiv be ranked after a total score of 2-2, but the Ukrainians have more away goals.
Hanover - Standard Liege 4-0 to rank Hanover with a total score of 6-2.
PSV Eindhoven - Valencia 1-1 Valencia is ranked by total score of 5-3.
Udinese - AZ Alkmaar 2-1 AZ Alkmaar are ranked by total score 2:3.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Before the beginnings of Formula-1 2012. Prix ​​"Albert Park" in Melbourne, Australia. Schedule program.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Before the first start of season 2012 no clarity, what can we expect in Australia, but it is clear that the leaders of last year will again be strong. They will most likely be closer Mercedes and Lotus.
Mystery is the presentation of Ferrari, who until the past two days came to test the settings of your car.
Red Bull and McLaren or less made the evolution of their cars, but Ferrari decided to be radical in its approach to the new season.
We are waiting the longest for 20 seasons of racing in 2012.
"Albert Park" Melbourne is constantly on the F1 calendar since 1996.
"Albert Park" is located in one of the most beautiful parks in town. The track is in the middle of the lake and part of the track is used year round by road of the city and this creates difficulties for competitors. Overtaking is very difficult and only possible place for this is the end of the start-finish line. The loads on the brakes of the cars are among the largest.
Schedule-race program in Australia. UTC / GMT 10 hours.
03:30 - First workout-UTC / GMT 10 hours.
07:30 Two-workout-UTC / GMT 10 hours.
05:00 Third-workout-UTC / GMT 10 hours.
08:00 - Qualification-UTC / GMT 10 hours.
8:00-Home Competition Grand Prix "Albert Park" in Melbourne. UTC / GMT 10 hours.
Laps: 58
Race distance: 307.574 km
Once in 2011, it appeared that overtaking is difficult to "Albert Park" even with DRS, this year's FIA DRS identified two areas of the track. The first remains the same place as last year - the rights to the boxes in turn # 1. The second zone would therefore be immediately after the first covering the distance between turns two and three.
Only pursuer can use the system. His opponent will be unable to counterattack when being sidelined in the first zone.

"Chelsea" and "Real" continue in the Champions League in the company of "Barcelona", "Benfica", "Milan", "Bayern", "Hapoel" and "Olympic".

The quarterfinals of the Champions League continue "Chelsea", "Real," "Barcelona", "Benfica", "Milan", "Bayern", "Hapoel" and "Olympic".
"Chelsea" Italian side "Napoli" OT and qualified for the quarterfinals in the Champions League tournament. Stadium "Stamford Bridge" in London at regular time ended 3-1 and went to overtime, as the Italians won the first meeting with the same result.
The success of "Chelsea" bring Serbian defender Ivanovic with a goal in 105 minutes and so the "blue" came to 4:1.
Goals for "Chelsea," Drogba scored in the match (28), Terry (47) and Lampard (75). For the "Napoli" was accurate Inler (55).
The manager of "Chelsea" Roberto Di Matteo described as dramatic historical success in the Champions League Semifinals against "Napoli."
"I think tonight we wrote the story. We were in a very difficult situation and even before the fight I knew I had to play a great match to qualify first. Tonight we showed that we care about this club that we have the necessary passion and class to win, "said Matteo me.
"Real" Madrid qualified for the quarterfinals in the Champions League tournament. This was after beating CSKA Moscow 4-1 at the stadium "Santiago Bernabeu" in the rematch between two teams. The first game in Moscow drew 1-1 with a total score of 5-2, the team of Jose Mourinho moves forward.
Mourinho moved to Gonzalo Higuain in the attack, supported by Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo and Mesut Ozil. In the center of midfield acting alone Khedira and Xabi Alonso, while four were on the defensive Marcelo, Ramos, Pepe and Arbeloa.
'Real' lead with a goal by Gonzalo Higuain in the 26th minute and ten minutes into the second half, Ronaldo doubled the lead for his team. In the 70th minute the hosts scored the third goal by Karim Benzema.
In the sequel st game again Ronaldo formed the final 4-1. Honorary goal for CSKA Moscow Zoran Tosic scored.  

An allergy is an over reaction of the immune system. Treatment and prevention of allergy.

Allergy is a disease associated with impaired normal immune activity. Under the influence of antigenic stimulus occurs abnormally strong reaction from the immune system is synonymous with "allergic reaction".
Some mild symptoms of mild allergy:
Frequent headaches, especially over the nose in the middle of the forehead.
Breathing through the mouth open.
Feeling stuffy - with or without mucus.
Feeling faint ears.
Feeling that itch throat.
You can not sleep well.
Treatment consists in the dissolution and removal of the allergic disposition of the body to such an extent that the next meeting with the allergen-antigen does not cause development of an allergic reaction.
In the treatment plan include corticosteroids and other anti allergenic drugs.
Prevention provides removal of all allergenic factors, recovery of infectious outbreaks, gymnastics, hardening procedures, climatic and spa treatment.
Molecular studies help us to predict the "cross-immune reactions" making fruits and vegetables "allergens" foreign to the body.
Keep track of weekly and monthly forecasts of pollen concentration in the locality.
Sorry to say that no medical progress and treatment and prevention are very individual.
In recent years there has been a steady increase in allergic diseases and has serious doubts as to vaccines and some medicines.
All antigens that cause the development of allergy are called allergens. They are foreign substances from the environment and internal generated by mutation or change the products come from outside.
They are diverse - house dust, hair, feather, feathers, library dust and other household allergens, tree pollen, grass pollen, bacteria, fungi, food, medicines, insects, natural allergens and the industrial allergens that cause continuous increase of allergic diseases in humans.
Allergy due to insect bites most often occurs when it comes to bites bee drone, Hornet or wasp, and several species of ants. For some people this condition can not exist at all, but other allergens can lead to death.
Allergic reactions are separated in two groups of allergic-type fast - antibody-dependent allergic reactions and delayed or cell-driven allergic reactions.
Most life-threatening allergic reactions are fast type.
In atopic and anaphylactic reactions have a major role of antibody immunoglobulin-E and are fixed to the cells that produce them. These cells are found in the airways and digestive tract and are genetically determined. Antigens reach the antibodies through inhalation or through the bloodstream and bind to them.
In bronchial asthma under the influence of these substances occurs spasm of bronchial muscle, increases the secretion of the glands in the bronchial mucosa, expanding the blood vessels of the mucosa and increases their permeability. All these changes cause narrowing of bronchitis and difficult breathing.
Other diseases that can cause this type are urticaria, drug and food allergies, some allergic reactions to insect bites, certain types of atopic dermatitis and eczema
The extent and severity of reaction to various allergens determines the occurrence of hives, swelling, low blood pressure, spasms of the gastrointestinal tract, uterus, and various forms of shock.
In a similar mechanism occurs as widespread hay fever.
Another type of allergic reaction occurs when antibodies in the body svrzvat stable antigens occurs and destruction of cells antigen-carrying immune bodies.
And release substances that attract white blood cells, leading to the occurrence of local or widespread inflammatory reaction accompanying the allergic process. With this type of allergic reaction no genetic predisposition. Some drug allergies also belong to this type of allergic reactions, transfusion of incompatible blood group and others.
A third type of reactions are caused by toxic antigen-antibody complexes. The occurrence of this type of allergic reactions need the presence of soluble antigen-antibody complexes circulating in the bloodstream.
This type of reaction occurs in collagen diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, valchanka, serum disease, endocarditis, myocarditis, glomerulonephritis, hepatitis and others.
In allergic reactions delayed antibodies are not involved.
The outcome of allergy can be fatal and major risk is allergic shock. It can be caused by various allergens - medicine, food, contact with poisonous substances or insect stings. Failing to take adequate and timely measures, anaphylaxis, also known as allergic shock can be deadly for children whose defenses are relatively weak and the elderly.
When it comes to severe allergic reactions and complications arising from them should not be missed and skin-allergic syndrome associated with drug intolerance, also known as Lyell's syndrome. Lyell's syndrome, although considered by many dermatological problem can lead to complications and even death.
Fatal in cases of allergy can be caused by swelling, which cover a number of airways in allergic reactions. 

Apple receives record number of pre-orders for IPAD.

Company Apple Inc has received a record number of pre-orders for the last IPAD, after last week Apple CEO Tim Cook presented a third version IPAD, available for advance orders.Waiting time in a row of two to three weeks. The device will be available after March 16th.Analysts predict sales to increase from 55.9 million to 65.6 million in 2012 from 79.7 million to 90.6 million in 2013.Despite the fact that currently the most intense competition of the IPAD is Android Samsung, analysts believe that the biggest threat in the long run IPAD is Windows 8.Prices will start at $ 499, and models that can be connected to cellular networks from 629 to 829 dollars.The new iPad will maintain a network of high speed mobile 4G-10 times faster than 3G technology.The third version of the iPad tablet offers better image quality thanks to more pixels and higher resolution than previous models.He now has a resolution of 2048x1536 pixels. The device is equipped with 5-megapixel camera that can shoot in standby HD 1080p.The new model has a screen of the "retina display" that is used in most new phones iPhone, and a faster processor (A5X) is four times faster than previous.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Easter, Holy Week and Lent.

Easter 2012 in the calendar of the Orthodox Church on April 15.
Catholics celebrate Easter this year on April 8.
Easter, Easter, Passover is the biggest Christian holiday, the day which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ son of God.
Preparations for the celebration began in Holy Week. It is celebrated for three days. The evening before midnight on Saturday served a solemn liturgy, all the lights in the temple and put out shortly before midnight, the priest gave lit three candles with singing.
The kindling of candles is similar to that in Jerusalem, the Temple "St. Resurrection "in the descent of the blessed fire. Three candelabra all present their candles lit.
At the beginning of "Thy Resurrection O Christ save" all out of the temple.
At midnight outside the temple, ringing in the priest announces the resurrection with the words "Christ is risen." The announcement of the Resurrection, Troparion is sung holiday and traveling cross bow icon resurrection rests on a special lectern, then read the Gospel and Apostle.
Then the priest knocks on the door of the temple back in the words "Open the door to hell to enter the King of Glory" being before instructed of that person says, "Who is this King Fame?".
People come into the temple to perform the liturgy of the feast.
Velkden is preceded by Lent and Easter period of Lent-Beginning of Lent and Easter or 7 weeks. The home are associated with pre-Christian celebration of the great days, celebrated in the spring. 

Prices of cake, lamb, eggs, subsidies for biofuels and world hunger.

Approaching nutritional peak - the point at which global food production will peak, after which mankind will fall into a long, slow, agonizing starvation. According to this theory, the Earth already "tense all the muscles" to feed us, but even this level of food production can not be maintained, because the soil loses its quality of over-exploitation and large areas of fertile lands become deserts.
Subsidies for biofuels become another element of the mix of quotas, subsidies and price controls means that hamper agricultural markets and led to food shortages.
The majority of Bulgarians are horrified by the continuing rise in food prices. All they expect the government to take any measures.
The government is trying to introduce a package of "anti-speculation" against expensive food, which of course is throwing dust and doomed to failure.
World food prices will continue to rise, predicted the United Nations Food and Agriculture.
Gas prices and thus the heat will rise from 1 April forecast over much of the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission.
Eloquent are the headlines: "Great food prices for Easter", "raise the price of gas and steam", "price shock for Easter" "Ide 25% more expensive Easter", "Food creeping expensive."
Smiling agriculture minister not understand that with the introduction of standards, which nobody wants to produce and have less money to buy, either through direct intervention in the market - through noisy suspension of imports with dubious arguments or emotional appeals for reducing prices will to achieve anything except self-promotion.
His moves are not laws but by "ministerial racketeering" and threats.
That is ridiculous and Bulgarian statistics: a time when prices rise to 50%, the statistics recorded only 0.9% inflation in January and 1.1% this year so far.
To pay farmers to switch from food production to biofuel production is extremely irresponsible policies at a time when food prices rise, when the entire Arab world was blown up by rising food prices and hunger.
Well paid pseudo eco organizations, however, successfully defending the interests of owners of solar and wind farms and producers of "biofuels".
Well-known secret is that biofuel production has led largely to increased global food leads to catastrophic depletion of soil humus and destruction of the authors and are not heard and do not want to hear.
Rising food prices last year and accompanying riots in some countries summoned the ghost of Thomas Malthus - economist priest of the 19th century, which has advocated birth control to prevent the imminent global food shortages.
All arable land on Earth in 2006 was 14 million square kilometers. Another 34 million square kilometers - is used for grazing, most of them are wide uncultivated grassy area. Globally, less food is produced on a smaller area than in the early 90s.
International Research Institute for Food Policy: 30 percent of food inflation is due to subsidies for biofuels, which are used for arable land: 80 million hectares of arable land worldwide is used for these crops. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kidney stones, nephrolithiasis, causes, types, prevention, treatment.

Nephrolithiasis is a chronic disease characterized by the presence of blocks or stones or cavities in the tissue-cups, pelvis of the kidney. Stone formation is the result of complex disorders of metabolism in the body that are not clarified at present.
Predisposing factors include low water use, use only of poor quality water, lengthy bed, gout, inflammation and urinary tract malformations, and others. There has been a known family history of disease.
The stones are formed of different substances. The most common are solid crystalline rocks that are composed of organic and inorganic salts - urate, oxalate, phosphate, carbonate, cystine, xanthine, and others. The size of the stones varies considerably.
Oxalate and urate stones grow slowly and rarely larger than walnut. Phosphate and carbonate stones grow rapidly and can reach larger sizes. When the stone fills the entire pelvis is called otlivachen or koraloviden.
Clinical features.
The disease occurs very rarely hidden. Usually it is manifested by three main symptoms - pain, blood and the presence of stones or their fragments and casts in the urine. The pain is dull and persistent in the lumbar area. Sometimes they are sharp, paroxysmal, cutting - then talk about urokolika. Colic is caused by spasm of the renal pelvis and urethra in injuries or obstruction by the stone.
Lumbar pain often spreads down the course of the ureter. Colic continues from several minutes to several hours or several days and may be accompanied by fever, headache, thirst. Colic can result in ejection of stone, but in most cases the stone is back in the larval or remain in the urinary pipe and clog it. The stone can be excreted in the urine without pain.
Complications of nephrolithiasis are extensions of the cups and the basin as a result of periodic urinary retention (hidronefros), renal tissue, drilling of the basin or pipeline of urinary stone overlay of infection. The most severe complication was reflex stop urine flow or urinary obstruction of both pipeline of stone, which can lead to severe uremia and death.
In the presence of sand or small stones best treatment is plenty of drinking fluids and certain types of mineral water on the recommendation of a physician.
Good tools are diuretic teas from fig leaves, lime blossom, vine leaves. In urokolika apply antispasmodic and pain killers, papaverine, buskolizin, alkozin, spazmalgon, analgin and putting warm warmer in the lumbar area.
In the presence of urate stones are excluded from the food animal entrails, fried and roasted meat, salted fish. Recommended dairy products, fruits and vegetables. Drink alkaline mineral water.
In the presence of phosphate stones appoint meat diet and prohibit foods containing calcium salts (eggs, dairy products, potatoes, vegetables, alkaline water). Drinking acidic mineral water, carbonated drinks.
In oxalate stones appoint a mixed meal, excluding lettuce, spinach, sorrel, rhubarb, prunes, beans, peas, cocoa, chocolate. Recommended alkaline mineral water. Apply some drugs that help to dissolve uric acid stones. They have a limited and uncertain effect (Ural region, Uridium, piperazine, uroklazio and others).
Stones with a limited size (diameter 2.5 cm) can be crushed to sand by means of special equipment - the so-called extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy. Larger stones are removed in an operational way.
Infectious complications and pain are copied with antispasmodics, aqueous electrolyte solutions and antibiotics. Lithotripsy is a method of choice for crushing and discard the stones. When this method does not work proceed to surgery

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez to marry.

Olivier Martinez confirmed that the actress Halle Berry is engaged in an interview for "Miami Herald".
For 46-year-old Martinez is the first marriage. Among his most famous former halves are Mira Sorvino actress and singer Kylie Minogue.
Olivier says that designer engagement ring, which Berry has two months, Robert Mazlo. Paris jewelery is centuries old traditions and rules of jewelry design "Kings and Queens."
Berry and Martinez have been together since 2010, are introduced during the filming of the movie Dark Tide, due out in theaters this year.
For Halle Berry this will be the third marriage.
From 1993 to 1997 she was married to former baseball player David Justice and then - from 2001 to 2005 - to singer Eric Benet.  

Parliament of Egypt: Israel is our main enemy.

The lower house of Egyptian Parliament calls for the expulsion of Israeli ambassador in Cairo Amity James and stop the supply of natural gas to Israel.
The proposal was adopted by an overwhelming majority of Islamists in particular "Muslim Brotherhood".
This is the background of the latest confrontation between Israel and the Gaza Strip. "We need to provide any necessary assistance to the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank, so that it can resist the Israeli aggression."
Part of the full text of the statement: "Egypt will never be an assistant or ally of Israel, because Israel is a reality - the main enemy of the Egyptian people."
These allegations have no legal validity and are more declarative. The decision remains the head of the Military Council of the Egyptian field marshal General Husein Tantaui.
In Israeli political circles, the statement does not cause violent reaction. "Israel continues to remain faithful to the peace treaty with Egypt and considers himself a friendly country. We are grateful for the efforts made to ensure that the ceasefire between Israel and the Gaza Strip" - a source told the Israeli government.   

Laboratory results: sedimentation rate, blood

Sedimentation rate of blood is measured by the so-called erythrocyte column (ESR) or "reaction Birnaki." This is determined nonspecific inflammatory process widely used as a control medical test.
To perform the test, no blood coagulant is placed in a vertical tube whose height to determine the level of red blood cells in mm / h.
In the presence of inflammation, high levels of fibrinogen in the blood causes agglutination of red blood cells. Are formed clusters of cells that are more quickly deposited. These clusters are obtained in the presence of lymphoproliferative disorders, where one or more immunoglobulins are secreted in large quantities.
ESR is increased in all cases, causing inflammation. ESR reduces anemia, when the cells are sick, poly tsitimiya and heart block. ESR standard for women is slightly higher.
Despite its frequent designation, this study does not provide sufficient information. Used most in diagnosis of diseases such as myeloma, temporal and atrio polymyalgia rheumatica where it can exceed 100 mm / hour.
Widely used as a differential diagnosis of Kawasaki disease and may be increased in chronic infectious conditions such as tuberculosis and infectious endocarditis. It is part of a series of surveyed applied in heavy vatershni inflammation in children.
Study in children shows how the effect of treatment on relevant inflammatory diseases such as temporal atrio, polymyalgia rheumatica and rheumatoid arthritis. Apply and disease Hochkins.
Diagnosing a person who is not in any symptoms is difficult and the method is less informative. In case of doubt about a disease, the ESR value is seen as the degree of morbidity.
Normal value of ESR is measured cc mm / hr or millimeters per hour.
Value increases in the presence of anemia and in black people.
A standard ESR value is:

ESR (with an accuracy of 95%)
 Age (years) 20 55 90

Men 12 14 19

Women 18 21 23

• For infants 0 to 2 mm / hr.

• Up to puberty: 3 to 13 mm / hr.  

Sarkozy loses the runoff?


The first round Sarkozy will receive 28.5%, Åland - 27%, Le Pen - 16% and centrist Bayrou - 12%.
After the Socialists won a second round of local elections in France, the far right is on the rise, and the ruling party of President Nicolas Sarkozy in retreat.
Marine Le Pen at the top of the Front National is the third in popularity behind but enough of Sarkozy and Åland to threaten with the appearance of the ballot any two.
Marine Le Pen was able to collect the signatures of 500 residents, elected officials, are required for its admission as a candidate for presidential elections on 22 April and 6 May.
She declined his party from the traditional focus on anti-immigrant policy and campaigning out of the country area and raise protectionist barriers to French producers.
Recently burden losing chances Sarkozy began to bet on the nationalist card and calls out of the Schengen and promises a reduction of migrants in a second term.  

Monday, March 12, 2012

Obama faces impeachment if the war against Syria.

U.S. President Barack Obama faces impeachment if it decides to war without the approval of the U.S. Congress. Draft resolution for impeachment is presented in the House of Representatives by Republican Walter Jones. The text was published in Sais the House.
This information comes amid media reports that the Obama administration seriously discussed with its allies the possibility of military action in Syria.
Another Republican, former Congressman, Tom Tancredo said that day in the pages of World Net Daily, why such a move would Obama "insulted" the U.S. Constitution. And the reason for the resolution is a statement of the head of the Pentagon Leon Panetta that President Obama will ask Congress permission to enter the U.S. troops in Syria.

France is poised to become the enemy of the Internet and out of the Schengen

After covert application if Romania and Bulgaria join the Schengen zone under present conditions, France will leave her free-transfer from Sarkozy on Sunday ultimatum to the countries of the area without internal frontiers and the candidate countries.
Now France may be among the countries identified as "enemies of the Internet" by the international organization "Reporters without borders", reported agencies. European democratic country can be ordered to dictatorial countries like Belarus, North Korea and others. because of its policy to cut off Internet access to users who illegally retrieve files from the network. So far, France is one of 14 countries placed under surveillance, "Reporters Without Borders." This list along with it are Russia, Turkey, Egypt, India, Australia, South Korea and others.
In yesterday's International Day against Internet censorship in the international organization presented its report for countries that restrict citizens' access to global network. According to "Reporters without Borders" enemies of the Internet are the authorities in Belarus, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Cuba, Vietnam, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bahrain, Syria, Burma and North Korea. In these countries restrict users' access to the network and filter content on the sites. Authorities in Uzbekistan, for example using any means to prohibit the national network segment discussions devoted to the Arab revolution. From the "Reporters without borders" stressed that some countries impose a specific form of censorship, such as Pakistan, which recently announced a tender for construction of a national system to filter and block the network.

Health, health system and the time of truth.

Changing the next Health Secretary unfortunately will not give the desired result for the health system.
Prices of drugs came on the agenda, money for children with rare diseases, tomorrow I will be talking about paths or transplant or something else.
The healthcare system in Bulgaria is terminally ill.
It is time to introduce clarity and order in the healthcare system.
Anyone know what and how you can get quality health care for their contributions and who wants more and more expensive services to pay more.
Socialism is gone for now, so it's time and its health system to go and put some on top of Possibilities adequate public system.
And of course do not expect that everyone will be equal and will get equally good medical services.
Decisions must be taken at a high level and obviously the doctors, drug companies and pharmacists should almost be excluded from decision-making, because in the last decade have shown that first put their private financial and corporate interests.
It is time to recognize that these health insurance may cover only the most simple to moderately priced medical services.
It is time to admit that there is no such animal "free health care" because the latter from which the health care system already is a cure of the patient.
Years in a row has a vested interest in one big players to be maintained as long as possible sick, suffering and most ready to pay.
"Cures" are people who do not need hospitalization, the only interest of hospitals to have more "paths", possibly with a slightly sick. Medical institutions to provide patients with enough tricks, so instead became important as quantity. And every year Treasury pays more and more. And mild cases easily find their place in hospitals, unlike seriously ill.
The healthcare system in Bulgaria is now functioning in a mixture of the three main systems, Bismarck, Semashko and mixed "Beveridge".
The state is no longer able to provide over 4 million people - pensioners and children who meet the law.
National Health Insurance Fund remains an absolute monopoly on compulsory health insurance. Health insurance of citizens remain essentially the tax which they seek to escape.
Obviously keeping this archaic-socialist system in the interest of major players, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy chains and medical bureaucracy at all levels.
You can not live in a market society and not a little to incorporate market principles in health care.
Some developed countries have implemented systems that use the principles of solidarity and social justice for health insurance for the unemployed and not independent entities, and employees acting for competition, minimal state intervention and private property.
Insured persons must be very interested and have a real opportunity to freely choose the insurance company, GP and hospital, and also controlled by the amount of money, quality and cost of services received.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

"United" topped the Premier League after error "City" vs. "Swansea".

Champion "Manchester United" came out on top in the standings in the Premier League, having won with 2-0 as the host of "West Brom". "Red Devils" gathered 69 points and now have a lead over city rivals 'City', which allowed the surprising loss against the rookie "Swansea" 0:1.
Once again this season the players Alex Ferguson impressed with his game.
Newcomer "Norwich" played another strong game in his "Liberty Stadium" during the season as the favorite "Manchester City" for the most part of the game showed a lot bezideyna game.
Manager Roberto Mancini score was chosen cautious tactics, leaving the bench Sergio Aguero and a Jack, but only Mario Balotelli was left up front.

Left Turn in Europe?

The Socialists won a second round of local elections in France, the far right is on the rise, and the ruling party of President Nicolas Sarkozy in retreat.
The parliamentary elections in Denmark won the center-left opposition, including the Social Democrats, Social Liberals, the Socialist People's Party and the Left "Green".
Center-left opposition bloc won parliamentary elections in Croatia shortly before the country to sign the EU accession.
The ruling Conservatives have been punished by voters for a series of corruption scandals and rising unemployment
Center-left opposition bloc Zoran Jankovic - Positive Slovenia "won elections in Slovenia.
Now leftists take power in Slovakia.
The Social Democrats Robert Fico, won the parliamentary elections in Slovakia and will have an absolute majority in parliament, according to the census of 94 percent of the ballots.
Second is the Christian right movement. Five percent threshold to enter parliament are also parties overcame Slovak Democratic and Christian Union "Freedom and Solidarity", "Bridge" and the newly established party "Ordinary People and independent people."
Turn left will be most noticeable after the anticipated victory of the Socialists in France in May 2012
In Germany, probably not very good coping Merkel and Co. will be replaced by red-green coalition in autumn 2013
In Italy it is no secret dominant, lead the Social Democrats, who do encounter early parliamentary elections, will form a left-wing coalition.

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