Friday, September 30, 2011

After paparazzi Eva Mendes, Ryan Gosling.

Paparazzi went in search of one of the most popular Hollywood actresses Eva Mendes and see it at Disneyland in the company of his new friend Ryan Gosling.
Rumors of romance between the celebrities appeared a long time ago, but finally were confirmed. Last week the couple was spotted in the fun park "Disneyland." They looked very happy together and unabashed enjoyed each other.
In a recent interview, Ryan said in the name of his film career must sacrifice his personal life. "My work takes all the free time as an affair just does not work," he said. But now it seems the romantic relationship between Ryan and Eve from the film have turned into real life.

Women can go insane from lack of sex

Nervous system of women requires constant sex, new research shows. Statistics show that 45% of adult women have sex regularly. The rest give all his energy career, children and hobbies. Trying to concentrate on "important things" ladies seriously affect your sex life.
Lack of sex makes the female more aggressive, while others are closed in themselves. As a result, women become a ball of nerves, permanently dissatisfied and poorly tuned.
Scientists advise if you can not find the love of your life, just keep sexual relations with someone who is your friend.

September 2011. Pro-Islamist foreign policy of Erdogan and Turkey.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan's Islamist-is urging members of the Islamist organization "Muslim Brothers" to be given government posts in exchange for help in dealing with the protests, said TV "Al Jazeera". Bashar al Assad, however, rejected this proposal.
Erdogan insisted on the appointment of Islamists from the brotherhood of a quarter of the ministerial seats in the government.
The information was confirmed by Western diplomats to the agency "AFP".
Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamic organization with a political approach to Islam. Founded in 1928 by Hassan al Banna in Egypt after the fall of the Ottoman Empire and has deep roots in conservative Muslim society.
Association of the "Muslim Brotherhood", today announced the formation of his political party will participate in parliamentary elections in Egypt.
Organization "Muslim Brothers" is banned in Syria since coming to power of the party "Baath" in 1963 Over the years they tried unsuccessfully to organize people against the regime of Bashar al-Assad and his father before Hafez. The culmination came in 1982 when Syrian authorities brutally put down an armed uprising in the city of Hama, killing tens of thousands.
In July 1980 Act shall enter into force 49 acting to date, according to which "a criminal offense punishable by death, being associated with" Muslim brothers ".
Mass terror posed by Islamists Western society is unprepared and without adequate response to new threats, and complete misunderstanding of the nature of the problem.
We must not forget that Islam - not what is meant by the word "religion" in the West. This is analogous to the Church or sect whose goal is the human soul.
Radical Islam is too close to some of the ideas of the Communist Party or even close to National Socialism. We realize that radical Islam and subversively sly takes the place of defender of the poor and oppressed, the "proletariat."
For Muslims, unfortunately no difference between politics and religion, both of them are parties to a whole governed by a law-Sharia.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Switzerland bans the wearing of the burka, but conceals an anti-Islamic-oriented security.

France was the first EU country to ban the wearing of the burqa in public places. Belgium joined France a few months ago, and the Netherlands also banned the wearing of the full Islamic veil.
Swiss lawmakers voted to ban the wearing of the burka or other things that cover the faces of people of certain public places, including public transport.
MEPs called for the adoption of the prohibition under the title "Down with the masks."
Burqa to be banned in public transport and the authorities will consider whether to prohibit or restrict access to public buildings such persons, in order to ensure human security.
Freysinger far-right "this ban is necessary because the uncertainty grows wildly in the streets and more people hiding their faces with hoods or jars.
"This makes it impossible to identify these people, a fact which undoubtedly difficult in cases of violence or when identifying the controls do."

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Erdogan people behave like thugs in the UN.

In press leak video of the battle last Friday at UN headquarters between the security of the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and security of UN headquarters. Erdogan decided not to pass on certain routes, and direct. After the brawl between guards, in which Erdogan himself was not involved, he still went on legal route.
Images are available in American newspaper The New York Post. Injuries resulting from combat have people guarding a UN because they have no right to use brute force.
Obviously, insolent Turks have benefited from these benefits, resulting in injured two UN guards, a senior security officer was taken to hospital with bruising and his colleague received a painful elbow in the chest.
"They behaved like bandits," - said a source in the protection of the UN.

27 to 28 September 2011. Bulgaria-balance-ethnic problems.

No tax are not connected Gypsy "king" for years.
His family lived in palaces, drive expensive cars and pay taxes. This is the sight of people throughout the region. How can a prosecutor do not think to check appointed? What police did not stop to check these vans and limousines, driven often by the grandchildren of the king without documents?
Are there any other explanation except that King Kiro bought all - and politicians from the highest level, parish, and prosecutors and judges, and policemen?
Spontaneous anger of people who have had enough of absolute indifference, carefully conducted and used. Directed him to the Gypsies, and why did the Turks?
The sole purpose is to rid the skin, those 21 years, steal and those who hide and conceal.
Demonstrations were held on consecutive days in Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas.
However, in Varna it was clashes and arrests
they are detained at least 54 people.
Ten of the detainees were arrested before the protest. Earlier, three were detained and Roma with 20 bottles of flammable liquid type "Molotov cocktail".
Briefly detained and was a journalist who moves with one of the protesters Circular.
Varna Municipality prohibit conducting illegal activities because of the procession held on 26 September, which led to violations of public policy with an ethnic focus.
According to the order of the mayor, the police must not allow a gathering in public places and public order offenses.
During the march protesters who headed to the neighborhood were greeted by the gendarmerie in the region of "Hristo Botev, which led to clashes. They threw stones and bottles at police who tried to push them to the smaller side streets.
Nearly 1,000 people tried to break police cordon as police blocked the main boulevard with cars. In his campaign and police used dogs.
In all neighborhoods in Varna, where the ethnic Roma population live, is relatively calm.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Catastrophic loss for Sarkozy.

French Left has won a historic victory for the first time in 50 years took a majority in the upper house of parliament - the Senate. This was seven months before the presidential election.
Left has taken 23 additional seats, which she needs for a majority in the Senate.
The victory of the Left in the Senate will not prevent right-wing government of President Sarkozy to conduct its policy as it will continue to rely on their majority in the lower house of parliament that the constitution is far greater powers than the Senate.

Merkel cut Turkey's EU bid.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said her country is against Turkey joining the EU and dashed Turkish President Abdullah Gul, who came specially to Berlin to receive support for "strategic goal".
German Chancellor is aware that she and her party failed in local elections, and no choice but to warm the hearts of millions of Germans, which they already had enough of Turkish immigrants.
"We do not want full membership of Turkey", - said Angela Merkel, speaking Monday at a regional conference of the party of the Christian Democratic Union. But given that on Tuesday she met with Turkish President, cautiously added that Germany does not want to lose Turkey, "as an important partner."
She believes that the EU must find another way to build closer political cooperation with Turkey.

Rhythmic Gymnastics. Bulgaria won first place in the finals of the hoops and ribbons at the World Cup

Bulgaria won the first gold of the world in rhythmic gymnastics for 6 years, stunned by a brilliant performance at 2 and 3 ring bands in Montpellier.
Reneta Kamberov, Michaela Maevska, Tsvetelina Naidenova, Elena Todorova, Hristina Todorova and Catherine Velkova earned 27.400 points, leaving behind world champions Italy and AA Israel.
With success, they reached the summit, which was the last graduate stepped Lily Ignatova 2005 (5 tapes).
Previously, we won bronze ensemble of 5 balls in the race of individual appliances. A day earlier won bronze in the AA, including the Olympic quota. Earlier, 2 bronze medals and an Olympic quota and won our best individual gymnast Silvia Miteva.

Vettel won the Grand Prix of Singapore, but was only the second championship point in Formula 1.

Sebastian Vettel started from pole position and all the while dictating the pace.
Only in his final exit from the pit, Vettel had a nail-biting moment when the mechanics of Lotus released Trulli ahead of him.

1 1 Sebastian Vettel RBR-Renault 61 Winner 1 25
2 4 Jenson Button, McLaren-Mercedes 61 3 18 1.7 sec
3 2 Mark Webber RBR-Renault 61 2 15 29.2 sec
4 5 Fernando Alonso Ferrari 61 5 12 55.4 sec
5 3 Lewis Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes 61 4 10 67.7 sec
6 15 Paul di Resta Force India-Mercedes 61 + 10 8 sec
Nico Rosberg 7 8 Mercedes Lap 60 million 7 6
8 14 Adrian Sutil Force India-Mercedes 60 1 Lap 9 4
9 6 Felipe Massa Ferrari 60 1 Lap 6 2
10 17 Sergio Perez Sauber-Ferrari 60 1 Lap 11 1
Pastor Maldonado 11 12 Williams-Cosworth 60 +1 Lap 13
12 18 Sebastien Buemi STR-Ferrari 60 1 Lap 14
13 11 Rubens Barrichello 60 Williams-Cosworth +1 lap 12
14 16 Kamui Kobayashi Sauber-Ferrari 59 laps 17 +2
Bruno Senna 15 9 59 2 Renault 15 laps
16 20 Heikki Kovalainen Renault 59 2 Lotus 19 laps
Vitaly Petrov 17 10 +2 59 Renault 18 laps
18 25 Jerome d'Ambrosio Virgin-Cosworth 59 laps 22 +2
Daniel Ricciardo 19 22 HRT-Cosworth 4 laps 57 23
Vitantonio Liuzzi 20 23 (HRT-Cosworth) 57 laps 4 24
21 19 Jaime Alguersuari STR-Ferrari 56 "Accident" 16
Ret 21 Jarno Trulli 47 14 Lotus Renault 20 laps
Ret 7 Michael Schumacher Mercedes 28 "Accident" 8
24 Ret Timo Glock Virgin-Cosworth 21 laps 9 52

Formula 1. Grid of the Grand Prix of Singapore.

1 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull - Renault 1:46.397 1:44.931 1:44.381
2 Mark Webber Red Bull - Renault 1:47.332 1:45.651 1:44.732
3 Jenson Button, McLaren - Mercedes 1:46.956 1:45.472 1:44.804
4 Lewis Hamilton McLaren - Mercedes 1:47.014 1:46.829 1:44.809
5 Fernando Alonso Ferrari 1:47.054 1:45.779 1:44.874
6 Felipe Massa Ferrari 1:47.945 1:45.955 1:45.800
7 Nico Rosberg Mercedes GP 1:47.688 1:46.405 1:46.013
8 Michael Schumacher Mercedes GP 1:48.819 1:46.043
9 Adrian Sutil Force India - Mercedes 1:47.952 1:47.093
10 Paul di change Force India - Mercedes 1:48.022 1:47.486
11 Sergio Perez Sauber - Ferrari 1:47.717 1:47.616
12 Rubens Barrichello Williams - Cosworth 1:48.061 1:48.082
13 Pastor Maldonado Williams - Cosworth 1:49.710 1:48.720
14 Sebastian Buemi Toro Rosso - Ferrari 1:48.753 1:48.634
15 Bruno Senna Lotus - Renault 1:48.861 1:48.662
16 Jaime Alguersuari Toro Rosso - Ferrari 1:49.588 1:49.862
17 Kamui Kobayashi Sauber - Ferrari 1:48.054
Vitaly Petrov 18 Renault GP 1:49.835
Lotus 19 Heikki Kovalainen - Renault 1:50.948
Lotus 20 Jarno Trulli - Renault 1:51.012
21 Timo Glock Virgin - Cosworth 1:52.154
22 Jerome Dambrozio Virgin - Cosworth 1:52.363
23 Daniel Ricardo HRT / Spain - Cosworth 1:52.404
Vitantonio Liuzzi 24 HRT / Spain - Cosworth 1:52.810

Bulgaria bristling against gypsy outrage.

E bristling over Bulgaria because of mercenaries killed by gypsy boss Cyril Rashkov, Angel Petrov.
Tensions exploded in Katunitsa on Saturday when 19 - year-old was hit by a bus "Ford" in which people were King Kiro. Witnesses say the car hit the boy over and drag it a few feet, then fled in an unknown direction. The victim was taken to hospital where he later died.
Despite extraordinary security measures - some police checkpoint, so around the village of Fan Botev Loko first merged together in common cause, revenge for the murder of 19-year-old Angel Petrov people Rashkovi clan. ULTRAS emerged from Sofia, Stara Zagora. Fans of different colors, even hugged before "battle." They came to the battlefield roads as main roads to the village were under police blockade.
Over 2,000 protesters against the "slaughter Rashkovi" in Katunitsa overcame police blockade around the house pointing at the 'Roma King, "and then set fire through the windows.
Protesters burned and three-storey house owned by a son of Cyril Rashev. Earlier today and was so fond. summer residence of Tsar Kiro, which is a few kilometers from the village.
In the village there Katunitsa increased presence of police and gendarmerie. There are two fire trucks and several ambulances.
Molotovki ignited first house of the grandson of Kiro - Angel Rashkov, then aroused, and one of the hacienda of alcohol boss in this in front of dozens built with helmets and shields gendarmes.
The first house that was destroyed today, and before you burn Mercedes S-class is almost completely destroyed inside. Residence of the Great proclaimed monarch of Roma do is completely burned out after the attacks of an angry mob and football supporters.
Over 200 police officers will remain in the village until there is tension. Sunday will be held the funeral of the deceased youth.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Abbas gave the UN Secretary General requested membership Palestine.

Palestinians are no longer listening to the U.S., whether due to unprecedented support they receive recently from Turkey and fallen prestige of the "last superpower"?
Earlier this month, Turkish Foreign Minister reduces the level of diplomatic representation in Israel, Turkey to Second Secretary.
Turkish ordered the Israeli ambassador in Ankara to immediately leave the country and cut all military ties with Israel for Tel Aviv's refusal to apologize for last year's incident involving a ship carrying relief for Gaza.
Erdogan suspend military and economic cooperation with Israel. Meanwhile, Turkish authorities announced a significant expansion of the presence of naval forces in the eastern Mediterranean as part of a new political strategy.
Ankara stubbornly rejected efforts by Washington to end the crisis in relations between Turkey and Israel - key U.S. allies.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas gave the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, a formal application for admission of Palestine to the United Nations as a full member.
Ban Ki-moon, in accordance with the provisions of the United Nations adopted and promised to immediately transfer the request to the Security Council of the United Nations, who will examine it and make its recommendations to the General Assembly.
Residents of the Palestinian territories to the streets to celebrate the event, Al Jazeera reported.
In the center of Ramallah, a chair with a height of six meters, which should symbolize the place of a Palestinian state in the UN.
Meanwhile, the U.S. has said that if Abbas presented to the Security Council of UN candidacy for membership in the UN, the U.S. would veto the initiative.
The construction of Jewish settlements hinder the achievement of an agreement between Israel and Palestine, said the head of the Palestinian National Authority Mahmoud Abbas in a speech to the 66th session of UN General Assembly in New York after the filing.
Abbas also said Palestinians continue to resist Israeli occupation peacefully.
Earlier he explained that apply for recognition of a member of the UN Palestine ranged from 4 June 1967
Abbas was unable to begin his speech, as the majority of the members of the General Assembly gave him a standing ovation. Meanwhile, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, left the hall immediately after the Palestinian leader began his speech.
"The goal of the Palestinian people - the realization of the inalienable right to establish a national state with its capital in East Jerusalem on land in the West Bank and Gaza Strip We demand the immediate release of political prisoners from Israel." - Abbas said in his speech, stressing that the Palestinian people to reject violence and terrorism in all its manifestations.
Netanyahu invited Abbas to negotiate directly to the UN.
Netanyahu said that the basis for Israeli-Palestinian conflict "are not settlements. They are simply a consequence one of the issues to be addressed and resolved during the negotiations," "The core of the conflict has always been, unfortunately refusal Palestinians recognize the Jewish state within. It is time for Palestinian leaders to recognize what is now recognized by all major world leaders. "

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NATO continues operations in Libya three months.

Representatives from 28 member states of NATO in Brussels decided to extend for three months until the end of December, a military operation in Libya.
During the operation in Libya, NATO troops strike over Gaddafi, Navy, used the UN embargo on arms sales.
The Security Council March 17 adopted a resolution calling for a no-fly zone over Libya.
As stated by the leadership of NATO, the objective of "Operation Joint defender" is the provision of the arms embargo, the no-fly zone and action to protect civilians. The mandate of the operation due to expire on June 27 but was extended until the end of September, and now the end of the year.
For almost half a year against opponents of the regime of Gaddafi NATO failed to establish control over the entire territory of Libya. The turning point came in the fighting in the third week of August when opposition forces with air support from NATO took over the Libyan capital Tripoli. The fate of Muammar Gaddafi is not yet known. Part of his family fled to Algeria.

The prosecutor withdrew the charges against Jacques Chirac for "dead souls".

In this case, the former president of France and nine other persons were accused of creating fake sites in the administration of the French capital.
"I beseech you to acquit the defendant of all charges brought against them," - said in court prosecutor, explaining that the prosecution lacks enough evidence against the former president.
Court against Chirac in France has become the first trial of a former head of state after World War II. Former president charged with creating the mayor of Paris, fictitious jobs delivered his supporters - members of the party.
It is worth noting that Chirac is still very popular figure. His rating is still higher than the current occupant of the Elysee Palace, Nicolas Sarkozy.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Italian seismologists face prison for upbeat report before the earthquake in L'Aquila.

In Italy, six scientists and former government official to be tried on charges of killing people in the devastating earthquake in 2009 in L'Aquila. Scientists are part of a group established by the Government to assess the possible risk of earthquakes, are accused of giving the wrong conclusion about the danger.
Early morning, April 6, 2009 an earthquake measuring 6.3 points almost completely destroyed the city and killed 309 people.
Privacy insists that accurately predict major earthquake, even in a seismically active area is simply impossible.
The case attracted the attention of the scientific community. As a result of their work, seismologists issued incentive report, said it is impossible to accurately predict whether or not to wait for earthquakes.
On the night of the earthquake, many people listened to the explanations of scientists to remain in their homes and killed under the rubble. Those who decided to remain in the street survived.
Prosecutors accuse the group of seven employees of the government of negligence and that they "give a rude and unhelpful opinion about the risks of seismic activity, as well as inaccurate, incomplete and contradictory information."
In addition, there are civil cases with claims of more than $ 30 million.

Berlusconi prostitutes cost € 80,000, prosecutors estimated.

The investigation of the infamous case of partying in the villas of the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and entertainment events, orgies called in the press have spent € 80,000, writes The Daily Mail, citing data from an Italian prosecutor.
Giampaolo Tarantino, who, according to investigators dealing with the supply of beauties was arrested on suspicion of extortion. According to investigators, he asked for half a million euros from Berlusconi for silence. The politician claims that his family help the businessman voluntarily.
According to investigators from July 2008 to May 2009, Tarantino organized for the Prime Minister at least 25 orgies. The girls were delivered by France and Britain. In addition, the girls had bought tickets and paid for the use of limousines and staying in five star hotels.
The amount was for prostitutes to 1000 euros a night spent with the Prime Minister, who also generously showered them with gifts in the form of women's jewelry. In one intercepted call 74-year-old politician boasted he had slept through the night once, with eight women.
Earlier Italian opposition wants to investigate suspicions under which the Prime Minister used an airplane to transport the participants in their orgies.
The fact is that prostitution is a crime in Italy.
Berlusconi completely denies and says he never paid for sex.
We are against the Italian prime minister opened four investigations - on charges of bribing a British lawyer David Mills, of perjury - on charges of fraud and the scandal - to use the services of underage prostitutes.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bulgaria and Romania missed Schengen. Romania war on tulips.

Bulgaria threatens veto EU through planned changes in the Schengen acquis.
Speaking of strange foreign minister of Bulgaria, Mladenov will most likely lead to severe isolation of the country in the EU, and incredibly difficult, and without heavy and slow access to funds.
Presidential candidate GERD Rosen Plevneliev clearly conscious in the presence of the Dutch Ambassador Karel van Kersten tried to attribute his statement that the diplomat is not explicitly. Plevneliev announced that the Netherlands only reason to veto the membership in Schengen is the previous government and it has become clear from the words of Van Kersten.
Ambassador reacted immediately, "This is an assessment of Bulgaria, not only this government but the previous and the work of parliament."
The Dutch government is "anti-European policy hostage to an extremist party," remarked the Romanian Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi the refusal of the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Romania to be involved in Schengen. "France and Germany offer a scenario for adopting the Schengen two stages."
Romania block imports of flowers from Holland. The authorities in Bucharest explain his decision to risk flowers, seeds and bulbs to be contaminated with dangerous bacteria.

Foreign ministers of 25 EU countries cut off Bulgaria and Romania.

Council of the EU General Affairs approved the last EC report on justice and home affairs, and criticized the authorities in both countries as unable to cope with problems.
All text adopted in the decision boils down to finding that: "No results in fighting organized crime and high-level corruption", "have adopted laws but do not apply" 'the court and investigators are bad "and" all relevant government factors "are to blame.
On 22 September the Council of Ministers of Interior and Justice will discuss the application of Bulgaria and Romania to join the Schengen zone.
Schengen prospects of both candidates were completely illusory.
The only hope Germany does not give a final compromise on its proposal to open borders only by air and sea, while maintaining control of the border by land.
These measures give Bulgaria and Romania hope to get rid of entry into the Eurozone as uncertain.

Foreign ministers of 25 EU countries cut off Bulgaria and Romania.

Council of the EU General Affairs approved the last EC report on justice and home affairs, and criticized the authorities in both countries as unable to cope with problems.
All text adopted in the decision boils down to finding that: "No results in fighting organized crime and high-level corruption", "have adopted laws but do not apply" 'the court and investigators are bad "and" all relevant government factors "are to blame.
On 22 September the Council of Ministers of Interior and Justice will discuss the application of Bulgaria and Romania to join the Schengen zone.
Schengen prospects of both candidates were completely illusory.
The only hope Germany does not give a final compromise on its proposal to open borders only by air and sea, while maintaining control of the border by land.
These measures give Bulgaria and Romania hope to get rid of entry into the Eurozone as uncertain.

France ended with prayers of Muslims on the streets.

France tightens measures against Islam.
In France, on September 16 came into force a ban on prayers in the street.
Muslim Association reached an agreement with the prefecture of Paris to transfer large Friday prayer in the former barracks building on Boulevard Ney, said French Interior Minister and
It will stop the practice of prayers in the street and blocking traffic.
Authorities in France are trying to counter growing anti-Muslim sentiment ahead of elections in 2012.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The new tablet Sony-S2 will be called Tablet P and inexpensive.

More details have emerged for the second tablet of Sony - S2.
The model is equipped with an operating system Android 3.1 will be called the Tablet P. Will support 4G connectivity (in addition to Wi-FI).
Tablet is expected to be relatively low cost because RAM has a memory capacity of only 512MB, with storage space of 4GB, and a micro SD card capacity of 2GB. The model has two 5.5-inch screen, but almost half lighter than the larger Sony Tablet S and Apple iPad 2. It will be equipped with Tegra 2 processor, but the capabilities of front camera are too modest, given that it is only 0.3 megapixel.
Owners of Tablet P will have access to all services of Sony, including PlayStation Suite for gaming and Qriocity - music and video.
Expected sales of the tablet to start in September.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Identity crisis resulting from the Internet, social networking and gaming.

Passion for social networks can reduce the level of concentration and is a sign of "identity crisis" - this term in psychology means the loss of one social group or the image of their place in society and its samotsennost
said the professor from Oxford University Baroness Susan Grinfild.
Researcher who has devoted his life to study the physiology of the human brain, and criticized the social networking site Facebook, noting in particular: "It's almost like living in an unreal world, but in a world that is important what people think about you Think ... consequences for society if more people start to worry what others think about them than what they think for themselves. "
In 2008-2009, the Baroness said that in the last 10 years physicians have started three times more likely to prescribe to their patients drug given for attention disorders. According to Prof. Grinfild this might be related to long hours spent in front of the monitor. Baroness said that as a result of interaction with engineering the brain child accustomed to immediate response to his actions that adversely impact its ability to focus their attention for longer.
The human brain, says professor is able to constantly change and adapt, but it is quite sensitive to the environment in which it is located. So long continuous interaction with the computer can greatly affect its functions.
The term identity crisis appeared in the science relatively recently - in the second half of last century. Identity crisis manifests itself as a contradiction, inconsistency of the existing social status of individual or social group to the requirements of the changed situation. The main indication is the inability to accept the new role, which requires external circumstances, or assuming to adapt to it.
Psychologists give and symptoms most characteristic of this condition:
- Inadequacy of self-
- Loss of perspective
- Increased pessimism
- Change is social activity
- Appear uncompromising judgments and social aggression
- Increased interest in metaphysical and irrational problems.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sexual Crisis in China

Sexual life of Chinese people in crisis, showed online communication research center in Beijing Academy of Social Sciences in Shanghai, which informs the Xinhua news agency.
About 34% of those polled 3,000 people said they are not satisfied have sex, and 6.5 percent were "extremely dissatisfied". Another 32% admit that their sexual life is too mediocre. Were satisfied only 23% of those polled, while "very satisfied" with only 3.6%. The age of respondents was 17-55 years.
For 30% of respondents in the age group 35-55 years have sex less than once a week (the global index is 2 times a week). And 8 percent so rarely indulged in sexual pleasure that can be equated to full absence.
Furthermore, the more you win, the less deal with sex. Overall sexual satisfaction of the Chinese was 44% lower than the average world indicators.
According to the President of the Chinese Society of Andrology Jiang Hui sexual frustration of the Chinese society is a consequence of rapid economic growth, which increases pressure on people.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

For geno-type of the Bulgarians. Bulgarians are Indo-European origin.

Finally a decent test for geno-type of the Bulgarians.
As expected, and they are older researches conducted in Swiss labs, Bulgarians have a mixture of Slavic and Aryan blood.
Failed completely false pseudo-historical theory, touting decades without any scientific reason, except political that Bulgarians are of Turkic origin.
Were examined blood samples of 855 Bulgarian and Bulgarian-Muslims and are compared with those of other European populations, says Professor Toncheva, Head of the Department of Medical Genetics at the Medical University - Sofia.
Bulgarians are a special type of Slavs, told journalists at the National Press Club BTA Acad Angel Galabov, Director of the Institute of Microbiology, BAS.
He cites data from a large genetic study, "Characterization of Anthropology, genetic identity of the Bulgarian people" committed in the course of two years from the Bulgarian and Italian scientists.
Bulgarians are Indo-European origin, not Turkic, as assumed so far and it's impact on similar claims.
According to geneticists are close to Bulgarians and Croats, Poles and Slavs, the most typical are the Russians.
The study is published in American journals and is now awaiting the comments of historians, added Galabov Acad.
Indo-European origin of the Bulgarians can demonstrate the similarities between the Bulgarian and Persian traditional medicine, said last year Dr. Slavyan Stoilov, Bulgarian participant in the expedition to Iran.
Bulgarians are probably part of a family of Persian territory of present-day Iran, says anthropologist did Alexander Iliev, who was head of the expedition.
In 2010 Bulgarian Genetic Laboratory Project of the American "Family Tree DNA" present its results of DNA tests performed on 110 News:
From the results obtained show that Bulgarians belong largely to the Thracians:
- I haplogroup originated in the Balkans before 25,000 years. Perhaps its predecessor haplogroup IJ arrived from northern Mesopotamia through Asia Minor to the Balkans in the earlier period. So it is likely the first settlement of Europe, she went through the Balkans, have been of haplogroup IJ or its predecessor IJK (Figure 1). Bulgaria offers sub-branches: I1, I2 * and I2a2, the most common is I2a2 (Scheme 2). The old pre-Thracian population in the Balkans, Pelagsite or "Pelgari", as well as her Goths and pics that belong Dardania haplogroupa. Earlier in the Balkans zeselvane haplogroup of haplogroup I by, for example, can easily be demonstrated by comparing the gene variations.
It is known that the gene undergoes greater variation where a population resides in a long time.
Some time ago I was hyped trial of iGENEA, who rebelled the spirits:
49% Thracians
Macedonian 11%
15% Slavs
15% Greeks
5% Hum.
Of course, for the final data is necessary a study of much larger number of people, and we must recognize that genetics is clearly not specified their criteria perfectly.
Until today, hiding the existence of millions of Bulgarians, descendants of Asparuhov brother Kuber in southwestern neighbors, in Italy, descendants of the other brother Altsek and finally, but first a historical burden of millions of Volga Bulgarians, descendants of Big Brother Kotrag.
Sooner or later, genetic studies will show what is, what
On 12.07.2011 Google surprised us with a beautiful color picture of your pages in all languages ​​of the Moscow church "Basil." The next day on news of BTV with calf enthusiasm marked the 450th anniversary of that temple, and nothing about its history, which was built in 1555-1561 on the orders of Ivan the Terrible to celebrate the conquest of Kazan and the conquest of Volga Bulgaria.
In 1920 Lenin a decree renamed the Bulgarian Tatars in Russia. In Russia still can not bear that two centuries were dependent, subordinate, and have long paid tribute to the Bulgarian rulers.
After the victory over the Bulgarians Ivan the Terrible added to the title Grand Prince (King) Kamsky and Bulgarian, which he used and his grandfather.
This title is retained in all Russian tsars until 1917
BTV surprised me with joy difficult to explain the destruction of one of the biggest Bulgarian state.
For Russians, it is understandable two centuries been dependent, subordinate, and have long paid tribute to the Bulgarian rulers.
This is their story, and it can be regarded as national liberation, but for "Bulgarian TV"?
Since 1991, NGOs are working to restore historical truth. Particularly active is the International Academy for bulgarian, art and culture. The estimated number of Bulgarians in Tatarstan is about 2 million people.
Volga Bulgaria is the name under the Russian history of Great Bulgaria in the remaining part of the Bulgarian tribes, along the Volga after 660 heads of state Kotrag Khan, one of the sons of Khan Kubrat.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Turkey and Egypt established a military alliance against Israel? Militarization and neo-Ottoman Sunni threat from Turkey?

Erdogan suspend military and economic cooperation with Israel. Meanwhile, Turkish authorities announced a significant expansion of the presence of naval forces in the eastern Mediterranean as part of a new political strategy.
New Military Plan of Turkey was called "Operation Barbarossa," said Russian-Israeli media.
The new plan "Barbarossa" was directed against Israel, Cyprus and Greece.
Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu announced that his country intends to strengthen its military presence in the Eastern Mediterranean "to protect freedom of navigation". According to Davutoglu, Turkey will seek to "break the naval blockade of Gaza."
Few days ago, however, the United Nations acknowledged the legitimacy of the Israeli sea blockade of Gaza, while Israeli commandos blamed on excessive and unjustified use of force.
Cairo and Ankara is preparing to conclude an agreement on military and economic alliance in the forthcoming visit of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Egypt next week, fired Israeli media suggest that the two countries are united against the Jewish state after the crisis in relations between Israel and Turkey .
Hosni Mubarak strongly rejected this old Turkish initiative.
Mubarak believed that Erdogan is trying to increase its influence in the region and to benefit from the sphere of influence of Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
Now, Ankara rejected Washington's efforts to end the crisis in relations between Turkey and Israel - key U.S. allies.
Conflict between these states could threaten U.S. interests in the Middle East, and the interests of Europe, what you think.
Representatives of the Turkish government not only threaten Israel.
On Monday, Minister for EU Affairs of the Turkish government announced that the Turkish Navy will not allow Cyprus to seek oil and gas in the Mediterranean.
Turkey does not recognize agreements signed between Cyprus and Israel and Lebanon, the border economic zones, saying they violate the rights of the unrecognized Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
Erdogan's government policy and cause an escalation of hostilities in the Kurdish autonomy in Turkey.
Threats against Cyprus and expressed Turkey's Erdogan, noting that Turkish warships will be sent to the borders of Israel and Cyprus.
This position of Turkey has already provoked an angry reaction in Athens. The Greek government issued a statement condemning Turkish threats against Cyprus.
Why do not we hear the official position of NATO and the otherwise talkative
Anders Fogh Rasmussen?
What happens between key members of the Alliance?
But Israel continues to strengthen its relations with Balkan countries. On Sunday, Ehud Barak signed new cooperation agreements in the field of security in Greece.
All this should not surprise slumbered Europe, and it startled when, the strange conditions of EU democratization of Turkey, seriously weakened the position of military and state elite, which is responsible for pro-Western reforms in Turkey and untied the hands of avowed Islamist Erdogan and exceptional politician. Received support from the unconscious "Euro-Democrats" Islamists stood against the secular courts and the army in Turkey last game and it won.
Two days ago the Chief of Intelligence of the Turkish Armed Forces General. Hakka Beijing Ismail was arrested in connection with "an interesting internet campaign" to discredit the government.
Threatens a neo-Ottoman Sunni threat from Turkey?

Addiction is a brain disease.

For the first time the American Society of Drug Addiction comes with the view that addiction is not a simple substance abuse, and chronic brain disease.
In fact, his deep addiction is not just a social, moral or criminal problems and brain disease whose symptoms are reflected in the listed areas.
Is a problem in the underlying neurology, not external actions of the individual, explains Dr. Miller, a former president of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM).
Previous studies indicate that drug addiction problems affect neurotransmission in the region of the brain responsible for feelings of reward. These problems lead to strong impulses (ie craving) and related behaviors, such as participation into areas controlled impulse control and assessment.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

End of bank cards? Steal PIN with infra-red camera.

There comes the end of the credit and debit cards and what to replace them?
Scientists from the University of California at San Diego are investigating a new way to steal PIN numbers for bank cards - using infrared cameras to measure the temperature of the device keypad.
When the customer presses the keys, they warm up more than others. The temperature also allows to determine the sequence of keys.
Using the reverse sequence, fraudsters fail to learn the correct PIN.
It is true that if the user enters the amount of money he wants to draw the map, their problem is less complicated.
In cases where the interval between the users of ATM is a minute chance to steal the PIN is 50%.
Inventor of the Personal Identification Number (PIN) was a Scottish engineer James Gudfelou that back in late 1960 invented and patented the idea.
Plastic cards with magnetic stripe appears later.
Bankers traditionally reiterate that the safety rules when using bank cards will be less if cardholders are more careful about security PIN and usually not refunded the money.
For the moment, banks have no interest to modernize and change this so sweet for them worldwide system.

126th Anniversary of the Unification of Bulgaria.

Berlin Congress in 1878, divides the Principality of Bulgaria Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia, which remained within the Ottoman Empire. Remaining population under Ottoman rule began movement to unite the fragmented land.
1880 set Bulgarian Secret Central Revolutionary Committee, to realize the unification of the Principality of Bulgaria with Eastern Rumelia and establish committees and "Saedinenie".
Since the spring of 1885 in Plovdiv arbitration under the leadership of Zahari Stoyanov BTTSRK goes to actively promoting unification through press releases and public demonstrations. The most popular event is celebrating the anniversary of the death of Hadji Dimitar Buzludja peak on 17 July, at which people come from all corners of Eastern Rumelia and the Principality of. Committee established ties with senior officers such as Captain Captain Raicho Nikolov and Sava Mutkurova, and many officers in the local garrisons. On September 4, rebels under the leadership of Chardafon, declare unity and establish control over large village of Konare. Unification of Bulgaria is the act of de facto unification of the Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia in the autumn of 1885. It is coordinated by the Bulgarian Secret Central Revolutionary Committee. Unification is done after the riots in various cities of Eastern Rumelia, followed by a military coup on September 6, 1885, supported by the Bulgarian Prince Alexander I. On September 8, Prince Alexander I recognize Unity.
Unification is a drastic violation of the Berlin Treaty. Serbia and Greece are the most - biggest opponents of the compound because they do not accept the Unification of Bulgaria. Out of this situation on October 24, 1885 in Constantinople ambassadors' conference begins. Bulgarian government has also undertaken a wide and varied activities in recognition of the Union. The aim is to avoid conflict with Turkey. Serbia, which has plans for hegemony among the Slavs of the Balkans is strongly opposed to unity. King Milan Obrenovic notify all the Great Powers back in 1881, it will invade Bulgaria in a possible unification of the Principality and Eastern Rumelia. On September 9, 1885 Serbia mobilizes its conscripts. In the country out hundreds of articles, books and posters for propaganda content against the compound. Austria-Hungary supports Serbian demands, but prefers to resolve conflict peacefully. Germany and Russia prefer at this stage not to interfere directly, but Russian newspapers publish articles that are considered "fair compensation", which is expected to receive Serbia. Some print publications condemn Russia, saying: "Russia will lose Bulgaria." Ottoman Empire remains the only country to support Bulgaria, which is its formal vassal.
On September 27, Serbian units crossed the border with Tran, but were repulsed by the Bulgarian army. After a month followed by the second border provocation. Bulgaria protested to major powers, but to no avail. In late October, Serb troops complete focus on the border on November 2, Serbia declared war on Bulgaria.
On the morning of November 5 begins Slivnishka decisive battle. After 11 days of bloody fighting the Serbian army is facing a complete defeat, which is avoided by the intervention of Austria-Hungary. On 16 November the Austro-Hungarian Minister Plenipotentiary vBelgrad, Count Kevenhyuler-Sword, arrival at the Headquarters of the Bulgarian army in Pirot and urges the Bulgarian Prince Alexander Battenberg I to stop further offensive. Kevenhyuler threatens interference with the Austro-Hungarian troops in the conflict and a possible Russian involvement. Bulgarian ruler was forced to accept. As a demarcation line e selected current frontline.
War ended in favor of Bulgaria and ends with, signature of February 19, 1886 peace treaty.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Turkey, there comes the end of the republic? Arrested by the Islamists is the head of military intelligence.

The strange circumstances of EU democratization of Turkey seriously weaken the position of military and state elite, which is responsible for pro-Western reforms since the founding of the republic by Kemal Ataturk gave trumps in the hands of avowed Islamist Erdogan and exceptional politician.
Received the support of the unconscious part of the "Euro-Democrats" Islamists stood against the secular courts and the army in Turkey last game and it won the referendum. Is at stake the future of the country.
After the Turkish Islamists are told by 162 persons present and retired military officers, including former senior commanders who were accused of plotting to overthrow the government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, now chief of Intelligence of the Turkish Armed Forces General. Ismail Hakka Beijing was detained in connection with an interesting online campaign to discredit the government.
He was facing a "secular" (read Islamic) court in Istanbul
general magistrates arrested for allegedly participating in the leadership of terrorist organization and attempting to overthrow the government or interfere with his work.
Beijing has rejected the accusations and said that "internet Memorandum" was a legal and official documents produced in the structures of the General Staff. According to the indictment, "the memorandum Internet" is provided for the creation of websites against the government.
In custody are 10 people out of 14 senior officers, for which there is an arrest warrant in connection with the case.
Interestingly, the ruling Islamist party in Turkey, in a fully democratic manner managed to pass two key reforms relating to the further Islamization of the country. Earlier Erdogan's party was permanently threatened by the ban because of his ill-disguised Islamist nature. During most of his political career Erdogan declares that historically and economically, Islam is the only salvation for humanity.
Turkey through its alliance with Iran and support for Hamas is included in the long civilizational conflict with Europe and the U.S., which is currently doing a dead fox.
Israel and some Arab regimes, feel threatened by neo-Ottoman Sunni foreign policy. Islamist nature and is issued by the sharp tone of Turkey and Erdogan to Israel.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Turkey and Israel reduced the level of diplomatic relations.

Raid against the "fleet of freedom" was denounced, but the UN half-heartedly, as Israel's blockade was declared legitimate. In the UN report states that Israel used "excessive force" in the operation against Gaza for humanitarian fleet last year, but expressly points out that the sea blockade was legal, the leaked information in advance, "New York Times."
Islamist movement "Hamas", which controls the Gaza Strip, condemned the findings of the report as "unfair and unbalanced". "This will allow the Israeli occupation to avoid responsibility," said a spokesman for Hamas.
Turkish Foreign Minister reduces the level of diplomatic representation in Israel, Turkey to Second Secretary.
Turkey told the Israeli ambassador to Ankara to immediately leave the country and cut all military ties with Israel for Tel Aviv's refusal to apologize for last year's incident involving a ship carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza.
UN has found that Israeli commandos were greeted with "organized and violent resistance" on board "Mavi Marmara".
Ships flying the Turkish flag and nine activists were killed, including Turkish citizens.
Turkey will not fully recover its relations with Israel until the Jewish state has not apologized for the deaths, but so far it has not done so.
Turkish Foreign Minister said the UN report is the last chance for Israel to apologize and that relations may deteriorate further if this does not happen soon.
Turkish organization IHH, which was the basis of the incident the ship "Mavi Marmara" is outlawed in Germany evidence of funding of the Palestinian Islamist organization "Hamas", which is treated as a terrorist by the European Union.
With the price of innocent victims, "Hamas' accumulated points to the international community and Israel have long to buy his obsessive guilt for the tragedy.
Israeli human rights defenders and fell into the trap of the cunning "Hamas". Turkey plays a risky game to become a leader in the region. Erdogan's government must be unanimous public opinion in support of the Palestinian cause.
Israel accepts the report "with some reservations."
"Israel can not afford to bend to ultimatums," said a source from the Israeli cabinet.
The investigation led by former New Zealand Prime Minister Geoffrey Palmer concludes that the sea blockade was legal and appropriate because its purpose is to prevent the importation of arms by sea. "New York Times" noted that while Israel feels vindicated by the report, Turkey is worried about finding the legality of the Israeli naval blockade.
In June-July that Turkey does not participate in the new provocation against Israel, "Fleet of freedom" organization "Free Gaza" because Islamic IHH comply with realpolitik, Turkey and Israel were in a period of improved relations.
The composition of the fleet was of Italian, French, American, "as well as ships, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Norway, a ship flying the flag of Palestine.

Special forces occupied the embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Special Forces entered the Embassy of Libya in Sofia on Thursday and then drove diplomats from the regime of Gaddafi. This was after arriving in Bulgaria a new ambassador, appointed by the Libyan National Transitional Council
Squad combat terrorism is sent at the request of the Foreign Ministry.
Bulgaria, which is recognized transitional national council for legitimate power in Libya, Libyan diplomats said four persona non grata and taken steps for their expulsion. In conducting the special share was not fighting.
"Diplomats and their families refused to leave and police need to take them from the embassy. They were taken to the police station, and hence likely to be taken to the refugee agency in anticipation of their expulsion," Foreign Ministry announced.
Are derived from the Embassy wife and children at the now infamous now famous former Consul Ibrahim Al-Jamahiriya Fueyris in management of police district, then the center for temporary accommodation of foreigners.
Although Chief Secretary of the Interior has personally followed the operation, the Ministry of Interior has no official comment.
The use of heavily armed forces had, since preliminary information had weapons inside.
After entering the stock in the new Libyan embassy representative sent by the Transitional National Council of Libya.
Borisov said the positive intention of the government to seek compensation for the arrest of the Bulgarian medics in Libya. Moreover, our country will insist on restoring the lost concessions after Jamahiriya stabilized.

Bread is a dangerous source of harmful salt.

Most experts believe that one day should not use more than 6 grams of salt.
Analysis of bread, the salt shows that every fourth bread (about 28% of all samples) of bread contain too much salt. It turns out that only one piece of bread contains the same amount of salt as a whole package of chips, says The Daily Mail.
Furthermore, the highest level of salt is more expensive bread that is sold in special bread and pastry shops. Despite the fact that large manufacturers should indicate on the package the percentage of salt in the recipe, consumers are still not aware of health indicators for salt.
The disastrous effect of salt on the human body is talking a long time and have to admit that the definition of "white death" is attached to sodium chloride in many cases justifiably so.
Meanwhile, the diet of many people is above the standards of salt. For example, the British consume 43% more salt than normal (8.6 g instead of 6 grams).
For Bulgarians, these indicators are at times higher.
Salt is also a natural and truly necessary component of human blood and tissue fluid. If the Middle Ages, the product was less available for its delivery in Europe have led even wars, today the use of salt is much more than normal and has long exceeded acceptable limits.
According to doctors, it increases the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, and the likelihood of early death.
Experts insist on changing harmful traditions established for the consumption of salt on the packaging and display the actual amount of salt and dangerous doses. Experts insist that the reduction of the amount of daily consumption of salt.
Diet rich in white bread and pasta, can double risk of heart disease, says British edition, "Daily Telegraph".
Cardiologists strongly recommend that patients with hypertension to exclude from its menu all salty, as the level of blood pressure depends on the content of sodium chloride in the body.

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