Saturday, April 30, 2011

Libya is at war with Italy, said Gadhafi.

Libya is at war with Italy, Libyan leader Gaddafi said on state television.
We are now at war with Italy, because Italians kill our children in 2011 as in 1911. Libyans will move military operations in enemy territory "- Gaddafi said, accusing Italy of" new colonialism ".
"My friend Silvio Berlusconi commits a crime by deciding to participate in the bombing of Libya," - said the colonel.
Italy managed to complete the 30-year history of the colonization of Libya after concluding 3 years ago the "Treaty of Friendship, which was signed by Gaddafi and Berlusconi. Currently, the contract is officially terminated.

Muslim Brotherhood to transform into a party. They want half of the seats in the parliament of Egypt.

Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamic organization with a political approach to Islam. Founded in 1928 by Hassan al Banna in Egypt after the fall of the Ottoman Empire and has deep roots in conservative Muslim society.
Association of the Muslim Brotherhood, announced today the formation of his political party will participate in parliamentary elections in Egypt.
In a statement published on the official website of the Islamists, stated that the new party will be called "Party of Freedom and Justice", chaired by Mohammed Murcia. Furthermore, in the forthcoming elections in October Islamists plan to take 45-50% of the seats in Parliament.
Islamists, by the name they want to represent the party on civil rather than theocratic.
Early Muslim Brotherhood have a purely religious nature and are engaged in missionary activity, protects the ideas of pan-Islamism, the Islamic way of development and Islamic democracy.
Over the years, this structure is politicized, its activists resorted to shares of terror and violence as a means of pressure on the state. In 1954, after the attempted assassination of President Nasser, Muslim Brotherhood is officially banned in Egypt.
The parliamentary elections of 2005 with its socially oriented ideas they took about 20 percent of the seats as independent, and became the largest opposition faction.
Islamists actively participated in continued 18 days, public discontent. Immediately after the resignation of Mubarak, they said they will nominate its candidate for presidential elections and they do not intend to seek a large number of seats in parliament.
Now the situation is changing.

Catholic Church declared Pope John Paul II blessed.

Catholics and Orthodox Christians in Bulgaria welcomed the news of the proclamation of Pope John Paul II blessed with a very warm and benevolent feelings.
The coffin of Pope John Paul II on Friday has been moved from the Basilica of St. Peter, near the tomb of the apostle Peter to the main altar of the cathedral on the eve of the ceremony for beatification, which will be held on Sunday.
By this act the Catholic Church recognizes the Christian virtues which he lived.
Church puts on its very high activity as pope, priest, bishop and man. On this occasion, in Bulgaria in all churches will be celebrating the May 1 thanksgiving mass.
Former Polish Cardinal Karol Wojtyla was the first pope of Slavic origin in the history of the Holy See and the first pope, not Italian elected in the last 455 years. In Poland, is revered as a national hero.
John Paul II, a significant contribution to the liberation of Eastern Europe from communism and did much to improve communication and understanding between religions. During his pontificate, the Vatican officially condemned the Crusades, the Inquisition and the night of St. Bartholomew and rehabilitate Copernicus and Galileo. He became the first head of the Catholic Church visited the Lutheran church and synagogue.
John Paul II made more than a hundred trips abroad, visiting over 130 countries.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Shakira and Enrique wrecked Awards Latin music.

Stars of the American music industry Enrique Iglesias and Shakira "snapped" Awards at this year's Latin Music Awards magazine Billboard, after each won several prizes.
Contractor of the "Tonight (I` m Loving You) "beat the competition in nine categories and won the prize for Latin singer of the year, while the girlfriend of football player Gerard Pique wins the race for" Latin Album of the Year and Latin Pop Album of the Year .
Colombian superstar won six awards, including "Latin Pop Artist of the Year and Hot Latin artist. Her piece "Waka Waka" even announced for "The towable Latin Song of the Year." XXII-they annual Latin Music Awards Billboard be broadcast live from Miami, Florida.

William and Kate - Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are married.

Over two billion people riveted looks to London for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Already announced noble title which receive William and Kate - the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
Prince William and Kate Middleton were declared husband and wife of the spiritual head of the Anglican Church, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams.
Prince William, who is a pilot by the Royal Air Force had chosen to wear the uniform of Colonel of the Infantry Regiment of the Irish Guards - black cap, red jacket, with ribbon embellishments in gold and purple tones.
Prince Charles and his wife Camilla arrived in Westminster Abbey at 12:40 CET. Prince Charles is the uniform of Admiral of the Royal Navy. Minutes later, as they joined Queen Elizabeth II.
At 12:50 GMT Kate Middleton set off from London's Goring Hotel, and minutes later arrived at Westminster Abbey.
Prince William Kate put the ring with the words "With this ring to marry you, I will honor my body and will share with you all my worldly goods. Marriage ring Kate was made with royal gold mines in the mountains in Wales.

Managing in Bulgaria lost over 200 000 potential voters.

In yet another insanely law of unknown political and financial genius, rulers of Bulgaria are on track to lose thousands of voters before the election.
194 000 Bulgarians (data from the NRA) who lost their jobs last year, now face a fine of BGN 500 not filed a tax return.
Redundant workers and employers, clean the Bulgarian did not know until recently that this year for the first time are required to declare their income, even if it were only a contract of employment.
With changes in law, in force since January 2010, job losers over the year are already required to declare their income, regardless of the contract on which they were hired. You must submit a declaration and all employees who have more than one contract of December 31, and those who changed job during the year and whose second employer is not restated annual amount of tax withheld by considering the first employer. Their number is unknown, but after being fined or at risk of fines for whom you will vote?
According to NRA number with social security in the country last year fell by 194,000, which is the most accurate statistics for unemployed during the year.
The change is voted almost unnoticed by amendments to the income of individuals at the end of 2009 the text was submitted by the Council of Ministers.
Was submitted to the BSP and the MRF would be understandable and have an excuse.
The official reasons were for "achieving greater clarity in applying the provisions and easier administration of budget revenues.
The surprise: "to facilitate administration of the bureaucrats' overall risk management hatred of many innocent citizens and potential voters threatened by successive election fines.
Obviously GERD have many Trojans, including the Council of Ministers, which open or covert work against them.

In the U.S., a devastating tornado took nearly 300 casualties. There are victims in Canada.

A powerful storm passed over southern and central U.S. states has led to more than 160 tornadoes, which killed 300 people.
According to CNN television, tornadoes are among the deadliest in U.S. history. The latest data, more than 300 people were killed.
According to forecasts, the National Weather Service of the U.S., tornadoes are common in central and southern parts of the country but so devastating are rare.
Speaking from the White House, Barack Obama called the effects of a tornado "catastrophic".
The president plans to visit Alabama, which is most severely affected by the tornado. There, according to recent data, 198 have died. More than 1 million residents remain without electricity.
Not so common is like a tornado of sever.V Canada, victims of the hurricane is one person, injured dozens.
Are swept southern and eastern Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec.
Assessment of meteorologists from the Ministry of Environment, the wind speed reached 120 kilometers per hour.
On the north shore of Lake Ontario and the beaches in Toronto are observed wave heights up to three meters.
In the port of Hamilton are submerged several boats.
In the province of Ontario because of the hurricane remained without power about 150,000 households, including 20,000 - in Ottawa.

United Europe does not exist. European idea died.

Until when half a billion Europeans will continue to pretend that they have common interests and goals? United Europe does not exist. European idea meanwhile contracted to a large pile of rules and regulations by which really can run various corporate projects, protecting the interests of pharmaceutical giants subsidies and directives for stray dogs and light bulbs, but no joint political interests and goals.
In Paris or Rome, Berlin or London, more often they say: "Why should I like something that makes my neighbor just because it is in line with the EU? Why should I set my own interests in the background?"
Whether Italy fairly Tunisian refugees across other countries, whether France deport Bulgarian Roma, whether Germany bids farewell to the Security Council of UN common European foreign policy, whether Britain blocks regulatory mechanisms in financial markets - all this is the end of a political project.
Reinforcing the crisis of the European idea that all European countries share the same values ​​and goals and can make decisions together for the common good.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Formula 1 Ferrari accused of all sins.

Ferrari will speed a ban on testing during the season the situation worse, as hindering the development.
Ferrari is subjected to sharp criticism in his homeland, where they can not accept the lack of pace and the gap with rivals in Formula 1.
Irritation of the Italians and in particular of journalists comes from the fact that in recent years, Ferrari has something going with people. Recent titles dating from 2007 and 2008
In the coming season Ferrari had to be content with fourth (in 2009) and Third (2010), which is not a positive for the team going to win.
President Luca di Montezemolo has said that the weeks between launches in China and Turkey are vital for F150 Italia, which is now the pace with a second or second and a half less than Red Bull, for example. Italians of them is even more sick of the fact that the eternal enemies of McLaren are faster, and are afraid to fall behind Renault and Mercedes.
Therefore magazine Autosprint directly accused the team of Ferrari in the absence of imagination. It said the car was too conservative and even make a proposal of the business to move out of Maranello in the wind tunnel at Toyota in Cologne, to speed up work and pipe Ferrari to be readjusted.
Technical boss Aldo Costa admitted that the calculations of aero tests did not match the achievements of the runway, but the magazine apparently mistaken suspect calibration - just such was the case with Honda, took almost a year and a half while the team understand what is wrong.
In Autosprint go so far in his criticism that rhetorically asked when was the last team anyone has copied decision by the team of Stefano Domenicali, as such action is usually taken as a sign that a system or component is particularly important and successful.

Russia stopped exports of fuels.

The government of Russia is going to extraordinary measures to tackle the crisis with gasoline.
Ministry of Energy and Russian oil companies have decided to suspend exports of petroleum products to save the domestic market.
Exports will be discontinued in May.
For what new oil is said, what the Burgas Alexandroupolis, since Russia can not satisfy its domestic needs.
The suspension of exports will be affected strongly Bulgaria, the sole refinery Neftochim Bourgas processes only Russian oil.
The decision was taken yesterday at a meeting with oil companies in Russia, including Rosneft. Last year, Russia exported only 3 million tons of petroleum products.
Department of Energy predicts short-term growth in gas prices in Russia than 5%.
Lukoil president Alekperov warned: the price of gasoline may be increased by 5-7%, as today's prices do not reflect the costs incurred by the company. According to him, 5-7% can not be an obstacle if the government removed the excise duty which was introduced from January. "

People wash and bathe too often? Hygiene leads to depression and diseases?

Daily brushing with which we are accustomed and personal hygiene, can damage skin, says leading dermatologist in the clinic "Cranley" Nick Lowe in London.
"A lot of hot water, combined with hard soap can strip the skin of fat, which leads to dryness, cracks and even infections."
Recently, scientists have done more "one shot" for hygiene habits with the finding that the growing mania for cleanliness may be associated with growth depression. The removal of bacteria and viruses from the skin, actually weaken the immune system, and this in turn affects the functioning of the brain.
The growing obsession with cleanliness may be associated with growth rates of depression, scientists say.
Weak immune system, too sensitive to dust and dirt people slowing production of the hormone of happiness "serotonin and cause depression.
The number of people who throw the rules of hygiene are increasing everyday, according to The Guardian and The New York Times. More people with opportunities to begin consciously avoided shower, soap and water. This trend is known as "escape from the soap."
These trends were seen in the U.S. and Europe.
Last year's survey found that 41% of British men and 33% - women do not bathe daily.

Problems in the fifth block of the Kozloduy NPP in Bulgaria, the background in the area is free of bias.

When the mark 25 anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, during the fifth annual planned maintenance block of NPP is registered increase in the level of radioactive noble gases, the company announced. It was found that the activity is due to the increased concentration of xenon (Xe-133).
Preliminary assessment INES scale is level 0. No abnormal radiation background in the region of Kozloduy.
Equivalent dose of gamma radiation in the pressurization loads reached values ​​up to 10% of the control limit. All workers and professionals who have resided in the sealed area and the 5-block passed measure, the results show that not recorded exceedances of permitted levels of radiation, assures the Kozloduy. The maximum estimated dose of personnel does not exceed 0,05 mSv in for that activity 0,5 mSv.
At 18 pm on 26.4.2011, the radiation environment in the sealed area of ​​the block is normalized.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Russia's fuel crisis, excluding petrol.

In Russia erupted strange fuel crisis. In stage one or another area the last few days there is a shortage of fuel is created psychosis. Prices rise. Crisis the entire country - even usually untouchable Petersburg.
In Moscow now has fuel but Lukoil, TNK, and Rosneft petrol available only in their own networks stations.
Putin ordered an investigation and assign combat the monopoly of oil companies.
Causes of the crisis, highlighting the variety - from the new technical regulations for gasoline with high sulfur content, to artificially keeping prices, and Vercelli repair and maintenance of many refineries.
Truth is one, the producers are interested to export oil abroad because earn many times more.
No matter that the antitrust authorities have sought to portray the crisis as a result of a conspiracy (or collusion) to fuel poverty in Russia led to pure market mechanisms.
Putin tried dekretno to keep domestic prices in all market laws that led to the deficit.
Excise increases also affected the shortage of gasoline.
Oil companies prefer to sell oil is not in Russia, where high taxes and low prices, but beyond.
Prices in Russia are almost 40% lower in Belarus and Ukraine, and comparable with those in Europe.

Paris and Berlin want cell borders in the Schengen against Bulgaria and Romania.

Berlusconi and Sarkozy have requested changes to the Schengen agreement relating to the tensions that create the tide of immigrants from North Africa, but eventually killed in Bulgaria and Romania.
Italian newspapers "Abner" and "Stampa" noted the rapid response of EU Home Affairs Cecilia Malmstrom, who promised on May 4 to make the proposed changes. Brussels is not about to completely change the mechanism of Schengen, but the mechanism of management of the site notes, "Abner."
The request by Paris and Berlin to introduce mobile borders in the Schengen area is not so much to Italy as to Bulgaria and Romania, reported the Italian newspaper "Abner."
Commissioner Malmstrom incorporates mobile boundaries, which strongly urge France and Germany. If one party does not deal with the flow of illegal immigrants, neighboring countries will be able to renew temporary checks at borders with it.
In Brussels, explained that the request of Paris and Berlin is not so much to Italy as to Bulgaria and Romania.
The new mechanism for free movement in the Schengen zone, which will offer Brussels will appease the concerns of Germany for Bulgaria's borders, which has many leaks, protecting Italy and transfer the problem to Bulgaria newspaper Stampa.
The paper compares this limit with the decisions they do not see the Italian, not even shoot.

Differences between Putin and Medvedev for Gaddafi.

Gaddafi's government asked Russia to convene an emergency meeting of the Security Council of the United Nations, but President Dmitry Medvedev is in no hurry to listen to this call. Reason for this request comes from criticism by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, the military operation.
Assistant to President Dmitry Medvedev said that the president has no such intentions now.
However, Sergei Lavrov earlier said Russia was in no way support a new resolution of the Security Council of the United Nations if it would provide "further deepen the civil war and violence."
Same day, Vladimir Putin once again criticized the work of Western countries in Libya during his visit to Denmark. "Well, what is that closure of the sky every night when they shoot at palaces ... We are talking, do not want to kill Gaddafi. Now, some say:" Yes, we are trying to destroy said. " And who is allowed to do this? Yes, there was no court Who takes responsibility for killing this man, whatever it was? "- said the Russian prime minister, in answer to questions of reporters.

And Bulgaria against Gaddafi.

Frigate "Daring" departs from Burgas Naval Base to participate in NATO military operation, "United defender, in support of the arms embargo against Libya.
The frigate will patrol in a free area outside Libyan waters. It is also possible to participate in the inspection of suspect vessels.
The crew is about 160 people with special forces, military police, interpreters and all necessary task that will not last more than 40 days.

In NPP Fukushima-1 is preparing to fully warm water reactors.

In Fukushima nuclear power plant-1, is now preparing a bold experiment, the internal spaces of the first, second and third reactor to become "water sarcophagus" or "water bag" as it called journalists. Water will gradually fill up all the indoor and will rise above the fuel compartment.
After the operation, the reactors will be covered with "water column" of height 18.8 m, which will improve the cooling effect. Water will be controlled by two special robots that are granted U.S.. The process can take from three to nine months.
This plan would provide a more secure environment for cooling. Now the water column up to 6 meters and will soon be increased by another 3 meters.
Create a "water shelter provides water to reach over 2 meters above each reactor.
Difficulties creating leaks and cracks.

Capitalism is at odds with Christian values?

A significant number of Americans believe that capitalism and free market contrary to Christian principles. 44% agree and 36% disagree, according to a poll of Public Religion Research Institute.
The website of the Institute provides detailed statistics on responses that differ significantly according to sex, age, income level and political affiliation. Incompatibility of capitalism and Christianity agree 50% of women and only 37% of men. The Democratic Party agreed with this statement 53% and 26% disagree. Among supporters of the Republicans that capitalism is compatible with Christianity agree (46%) non-(37%).
62% of respondents agreed with the statement that one of the main problems of modern America is the concentration of wealth in the hands of a limited number of people.
61% Catholic, 51% of evangelicals and 61%, other Christians believe that the clergy should make statements on economic issues, particularly the gap between rich and poor.

From nuclear submarine of the Northern Fleet, "Ekaterinburg" was successfully launched ballistic missile Sineva ", SS-N-23 Skiff

Strategic nuclear submarine of the Northern Fleet, "Yekaterinburg, successfully launched an intercontinental ballistic missile Sineva from the Barents Sea near Kamchatka, said the official representative of the Ministry of Defence. This is the second consecutive successful start-up of the new weapon in the last 7 months.
The start is made from an underwater position and warheads are on target, said a spokesman for the Department of Defense.
Missiles SS-N-23 Skiff Russia went into service July 9, 2007. Range 10,000 km.
SS-N-23-Skiff, a Russian three-stage ballistic missile with liquid fuel for submarines of the third generation of arms adopted in 2007.
Depending on the modifications you can have four or ten military units with customized targeting, by 100 kilotons each. It can be equipped with both conventional battle charge, and with the nuclear warheads of low power (up to 50 tonnes trotilov equivalent) in producing precision strikes.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pensions in Bulgaria will be frozen for another 2 years.

Bulgarian government froze pensions for three years 2010,2011,2012, and for those three years, inflation will be around 12%.
Estimates for 2012-2014, was approved by the Council of Ministers.
Pensions will be frozen in 2011 and 2012 the minimum increase of money for older people is planned for 2013 only then pensions will be increased by 2-3%. Money for pensions in 2011 were 7.049 billion Euro . provided for 2012 were 7.097 billion
Provided 50 million BGN for people who are the end of 2012 to retire.
The government provides money for highways.
Roads will be among the main priorities of Government funding for infrastructure will jump by 1.2 billion to 4.84 billion This is a very strong growth - by 33%.

Christianity is in crisis, Islam is on the rise.

Now the line separating peoples of Western Christianity and Muslims passing through Eastern Europe and Orthodox peoples.
Balkans become one of the fault zones of civilizations, because the conflicts in Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia, unfortunately, it has grown and religious, civilizational principle.
Strengthening attitudes like anti Semitism, xenophobia and anti-Islamism can be observed in Western Europe.
In western society have historically identified three waves of racist sentiment - against Jews, the second wave are anti-Islamic sentiment, and a constant wave against Gypsies.
Prejudice against Jews is explained on the one hand with the closed nature of the Jewish community, the other reason is suggestion of a conspiracy - the secret plots of the Jews to the outside world.
By having prejudices against Jews choked, the other seems to be strengthened.
There are more and more forms of racism in Western society due to the uncertainty in the future, mistrust among the public in terms of social development - people feel that instead of moving up the social ladder going down.
Fact already bans Islamic clothing, niqab and burqa are limited and the wearing of Islamic clothing that is not desirable in an increasingly large part of Europe.
Place barriers against the construction of mosques.
This is not a good signal about the state of society in Europe and speaks of crisis and uncertainty of Christianity.
Integration of Muslims must be two-way process. This is not just an effort to integrate Muslims, but also an effort to change attitudes and willingness for partnership in society as a whole.
Muslims have a sense of cohesion and common identity. They are convinced they are a special group and have a sense of moral responsibility and a set of beliefs in the Koran that say that Islam is the only truth. Faith in God is usually accompanied by the conviction that the subordination of non-Muslims is of course morally right.
Islam does not allow looking at yourself, creative imagination, aesthetic fashion, humor and artistic expression. Islamic religious practices often conflict with the moral code of many societies.
U.S. sayao wear your cross, and wines from unreasonable policies.
They suggested some time ago a strategic alliance of Wahhabi Kingdom after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. At the time, Riyadh had already learned to regulate the world price of oil, resulting in the subjects of the Saudi dynasty given real opportunity to "live according to their needs." The first victim of this Arab export of Islamic revolution "was notably Afghanistan. It was there, with the Saudis' money is beat the masses Arab volunteers. That is where they held up his first victory over the "Evil Empire", becoming the basis of the International Islamic Bin Laden.
U.S. dancing often with Islam in Europe at the expense of seemingly natural allies.
For most Western Europeans, especially in countries with a predominantly Catholic population, synonymous with "Christianity and Christian civilization is primarily a Catholic church, whose history has many dark pages. Catholicism in the Middle Ages almost totalitarian character, he claimed a monopoly not only in the creed, but also in other spheres of social life. Western churches kept under ideological control of science and art, whisking in public affairs, led the war, participated actively in political life. All this was accompanied by harassment of another thinking and suppression of religious minorities.
Not incidentally, it was the division of Christianity of the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant.
Christian civilization is now based on Protestant values, however unpleasant it may sound for Catholics and Orthodox.
Europe began to outpace much older civilizations of ours, only about 450 years. Then place the Reformation and the subsequent Renaissance. It is this philosophy embodied in the Protestant Christian values, is based on a modern, prosperous society. Begin to appreciate and support is not a waiver of substantive and reverence for dogma, but rather - entrepreneurship and hard work, respect for public order, civil and social activity, the right of individuals to interpret the Bible, which supports free-thinking in all areas. From these values ​​derived the foundations of Western society and prosperous economy - the decentralization of power, free enterprise, individual human rights.
Christian civilization is in crisis because people who store it in their hearts and souls on the downside. Today there is no single European country, put into this including Bulgaria, demonstrating growth, and to ensure that we survive in its present form in the next century.
Western civilization, and nations belonging to it are formed under the sign of Christianity and American, Western and Eastern, South American, including us and the Bulgarians are a civilization.
Unlike Christianity, Islam demonstrates the inexhaustible energy, vitality and prosperity. There is not a European country in which the local population does not melt, except - Muslim Albania, Kosovo Muslim. And there is not an Islamic country where the population is not growing, often included the.
If the people do not want their culture, nation or civilization to survive and grow stronger, nothing can be done. In Europe, for example, people collectively decided that the nations are already obsolete and that should be set up any new alliance. Perhaps, ultimately, this will be an Islamic Europe?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Devastating earthquake and tsunamis in the Mediterranean up to 3 years?

Mediterranean countries over the next three years will be subject to tsunami. With such warning came a group of Egyptian and Italian scientists.
They say a major earthquake will be in the region of Cyprus, Rhodes and Crete, followed by tsunamis, and ultimately of many coastal cities will fall under the blows of the waves.
Conclusions scientists have made to the Government of Egypt. Will soon convene an extraordinary meeting of the Crisis Center.
According to Dr. Ahmed Ali Badui, a specialist in the study of seismic processes in the Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics, Cairo, in the course of studying the history of earthquakes on the planet over the last 4000 years, experts have concluded that Egypt, in 21 cases was significantly affected by the tsunami triggered by earthquakes.

MORALITY AND LAW. Or George Soros is right?

The concept of "morality" is a collection of views of good and evil, conscience and honor, praise and shame, debt and equity. It is a legal category. Morality in the narrow sense is the recognition of a particular social group a set of rules of conduct in accordance with economic conditions, views of good and evil, duty and justice, conscience and honor, praise and shame.
Legal definition of "morality" in Bulgaria and therefore not subject to interpretation.
Society just formed his morals.
Every individual in society has the right alone to decide for themselves what is moral and what is not, and until you violate the laws of the state, no one can claim to his behavior.
There are eternal and unchanging moral norms. They are relative, but vary over a long period of time. Nowadays, for example, the torture of people is not moral. And once been. Today, slavery is not moral. And once been.
- The most often morality is equated with good, good man, good consequences of our actions, our good intentions.
In terms of mass psyche just custom and tradition are the core understanding of morality.
Or George Soros is right as it is justified to call it that speculator: There is very little difference between speculation and investment. The only difference is the fact that investments are successful speculation, because if you successfully predict the future, realize speculative profits. My conscience is completely clean.
I am proud that I am successful speculators.
If you're not quite agree with Soros, it is time to formulate the moral values ​​of society, to give legal formulation of the concept of "morality" and if we agree with him, let him drive, as in the last twenty years.

Bernie Ecclestone to sell Formula 1.

Having recently Ecclestone denied information to the Sky News that News Corp. will buy the commercial rights to Formula 1, involved the richest man in the world - Mexican businessman Carlos Slim now a change of tone.
Bernie Ecclestone has hinted that it may leave the management of Formula 1 if the company by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. buy a world championship.
"I'm old enough to go into retirement and I do not have to work more."
Investment fund CVC, which now owns the rights to Formula 1 was also willing to sell, according to information from more independent sources.
On the eve of 80th anniversary Ecclestone rejected the idea of ​​withdrawing from the management, arguing that it must be dead to not work.

In Bulgaria, Jehovah's Witnesses to seek police protection.


Bulgaria, Jehovah's Witnesses "to seek police protection for 1 May, when VMRO intends to protest to their sanctuary in kv.Lyulin in Sofia.
Founder of the sect was Charles Russell / 1852-1916 /, who was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He published the book "Three Worlds or Plan of salvation" which persuaded that God's son is already on the ground, but is invisible in 1914. will come the end of the world. Russell lived until 1914, but he did not come the end of the world, he corrected that date to 1948. After him president of the sect were "Judge" Joseph Rutford (1917-1942), Nathan Khor (1942-1977) and Frederick Franz (1977-1992).
The striking fact that every president understood the Bible in their own way and in conflict with previous presidents of the sect. This refutes the claim that God is the author of their word, because God can not contradict to themselves.
Nephew of President Frederick Franz, Raymond, is disappointed by the Jehovah's Witnesses. In his book Crisis of Conscience "paints a portrait of an authoritarian group of people who do not spare any resources to retain power in their hands and to give the appearance of prophets inspired from above by: perversion of biblical texts; accumulation of false prophecies , abrupt changes in the creed of the sect, lies and evils of patronage, destruction of family ties.
Only for the period 1940 - 1943 year, they changed 44 times their dates for the end of the world. In its distortion of Christianity, Jehovah's Witnesses have reached the absurd claim that their own 'bible' every week is filled with 32 pages - with each new edition of their magazine "Tower guards.
Sect forbids its members life-saving medical treatment and urging the destruction of the family and suicide.
"Witnesses" are re-translated the Bible in translation, they call the New World Translation. Change the text of the Bible, for it to match the false and often changing doctrine. New World translation goes through multiple edits, as Jehovah's Witnesses find more and more verses that contradict their doctrines.
In Bulgaria this sect came in 1989. But officially registered in 1991. and is distinguished by its aggressive, so in 1994. she was refused registration. Followers of the Jehovah refuse military service does not honor the national symbols do not allow themselves and their families transfusion. Sect appealed against Bulgaria before the International European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, but in the meantime managed to be registered in Bulgaria under the name of "Spring nature of activity - trade pictures and also to the adoption of a fool" Law on Religion "which is officially registered.
Jehovah's Witnesses claim to have 19 million people in over 230 countries and 4000 activists in Bulgaria.
Each year 150 million away free copies of books and brochures to 106 languages.
"Witnesses" will request police protection for 1 May, when VMRO intends to protest to their sanctuary in Liulin.
Hristo Nikolov, representative of the Jehovah's Witnesses, said the institutions have created the necessary conditions for freedom of religion. People in Bulgaria are also open to alternative religious teachings. Problems, however, lies in the public domain that describe the "Witnesses" as murderers of children, proponents of suicide thieves properties
"Witnesses" are financed by voluntary contributions, as part of the money goes to brochures and books.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Turkey does not recognize the Armenian Genocide.


1915 - 1918's, the Ottoman Empire killed more than 1.5 million Armenians.

Barack Obama honor the memory of the victims on the day of the 96 anniversary of the mass extermination of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, urging Turkey to "equitable recognition of the facts fully and frankly in the interest of us all." Condemning "these terrible events," President Obama is reluctant to call them genocide, although the term used during the election campaign in 2008
Turkey officially criticized the words of President Obama to massacre of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, describing them as a unilateral statement.
On April 24, 1915, pre-constructed plan begins deportations and destruction with unprecedented cruelty of the Armenian population in the Ottoman Empire.
In the years 1915 - 1918's, during the forced deportation of Armenians from their lands within the Ottoman Empire killed more than 1.5 million people - mostly women, elderly and children. The behavior of the Ottoman authorities is determined by the world as a "crime against humanity" Many countries in Europe and America have officially recognized the genocide of Armenians. But many countries are reluctant to do so because of their desire to maintain good relations with Turkey. Turkey itself is unwilling to recognize the genocide, denying the historical fact hindering the normalization of its relations with Armenia, which is its neighbor.
Turkey has never recognized the right number of people killed or displaced Armenians. According to conceal long document that belonged to the interior ministry of the Ottoman Empire in 1915 in the Ottoman Empire lived 1,256,000 Armenians. Two years later, their number decreased to 284,157 people, said Murat Bardakcha author of the book preserved documents of Talat Pasha 0.972 thousand Turkish Armenians are missing from official statistics of the population between 1915 and 1916 Generations of Turks did not know nothing about the Armenian genocide between 1915 and 1918, when more than one million Armenians were killed by the Ottoman Empire, which purged the population. Two years ago a group of intellectuals launched a petition that apologizes for denial of the massacres. Beneath it signed 29,000 people.
The policy of the empire is the product of the perception that Armenians are not Muslims, they can not be trusted and they are problematic stratum of society. Film about the Armenians established by the Turkish military, was broadcast in primary schools. After public outrage, he was stopped.
Armenia and Turkey share a border of 330 km. but so far have not established diplomatic relations. As a condition for normalization of bilateral relations from Ankara wants Armenia to abandon the ways for international recognition of genocide against the Armenian people and the support for the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh with Azerbaijan and the return of occupied Azerbaijani territories. For Armenia even international recognition of genocide is a foreign policy priority. He was recognized by many countries and the European Parliament.

Religions in Bulgaria.

Freedom of religion or belief is expressed in every person the right to choose, adopt and change his religion or belief. This is one of fundamental human rights enshrined in the Declaration on the UN Human Rights. Freedom of religion and faith e generally supports the freedom of personal choice of religion and faith (between 19 major religions and 270 large religious groups in the world), and freedom not to profess any religion or belief, if a person is an atheist.
Bulgaria's Constitution guarantees freedom of religion and prohibits discrimination based on religion, but defines Eastern Orthodoxy as "traditional" religion. Legislation transposing force these principles is unclear and provides ample opportunities for arbitrary decisions with regard to the public practice of religion by unregistered groups.
Religions in Bulgaria are completely separate from the state independent institutions that build their relations based on legal norms. They develop and operate autonomously under its statutes and regulations, entering into relationship with the state and other public organizations and institutions such as free, independent and equal subjects of law.
Until now the territory of Bulgaria have registered over 100 faiths.
In most of these are not religious communities with new doctrines, but rather detached groups that retain doctrinal identity of the majority religious community from which they emanate.
The majority of citizens, approximately 85% are defined as Orthodox Christians.
Muslims constitute the largest minority, approximately 13% of the population. According to the Directorate of Religious Affairs Council of Ministers in the country are approximately 150,000 Protestant evangelicals, some 30,000 representatives of the Armenian Gregorian
Church and 3000 Jews.

Doctrinal systems of major world religions.
On the one hand were representatives of the doctrinal systems of major world religions: Christianity (Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Protestantism), Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism.
Bulgarian Orthodox Church has the most believers and there are about 4000 churches and chapels, monasteries and 170 in 3000 settlements out of 5336 settlements. Of these, 1226 are declared monuments.
Islamic religion in Bulgaria is the second distribution and is represented and preached by the Muslim religion and Muslim Sunni-hanefitsko denomination. In the country mosques and meschitite teketata are 1200 and their beliefs are about 1.2 million.
Catholic Church in Bulgaria is an expression of the other branch of Christianity - Roman Catholicism. Administered by this religion are registered by a Western Rite Catholics and Eastern Rite (uniati). It has 72 temples in the country and around 70,000 believers.
Religious community of Jews in Bulgaria preached orthodox Judaism and there are 17 synagogues in 17 cities with 3-4 thousand believers in Sofia are about 800.
"Diamond Way Buddhism and religion" Buddhist community in Bulgaria, representatives of Buddhism in Bulgaria. The difference is that the "Diamond Way Buddhism" is representative of the so-called Tibetan or tantric Buddhism and "Buddhist community in Bulgaria - the traditional Buddhism. Followers of both communities in the country do not exceed 150 people.
This first group of registered religions is among the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church, which until now has 25 temples throughout the country.
The largest share of the spectrum of registered religions in the country falls on the Christian religious communities in Protestant basis that number to 80 or 90% of registered religions. 38 religious communities are fifty or so-called harizmatitsi, which makes 45% of all registered. Today the official successor of the traditional fifty movement established in Bulgaria in the early 20th century, is the Union of Evangelical Churches fifties, which was founded in 1928 Here is the place to be noted that in that year by the then fifty church separate group of so-called tinchevisti who share and profess the doctrine of the fiftieth move, but differ in the practice of worship (liturgy). Their meetings (ministries) run more rapidly and more dynamic than the traditional fifty communities. Modern continuation of this movement and expression of its liturgical practice are the National Alliance United Church of God and the Bulgarian Church of God, which for internal organizational disputes concerning the management of community split in 2005, thus registering yet another new religion under the name Church of God in Bulgaria.
After the fiftieth community in number of registered religious communities Baptist ranks - with 11 registered religions in the country. The principal and the largest current which is the successor of the Baptist movement in Bulgaria since the 19 century, is the Union of Evangelical Baptist Churches, the total number of believers than 3500 people, organized in 50 local branches.
Once they are Adventists who are registered with 4 structures. The main one is the Union of Churches of Seventh-day Adventist with a total number of believers around 7000 people. To carry out the masses use their prayer rooms or homes for rent. The Union has its own publishing house "New Life". Central to its owner does branch of the "Adra", which deals mainly with charity. The total number of believers from the four registered Adventist faiths exceed 10 000.
The remaining 48.5 percent of registered denominations Protestant community in Bulgaria is shared by Lutherans, Methodists, or kongreshani Saborni Evangelical Churches, Presbyterian and reformed churches free (as exemplified by the free churches in Germany).

Religions with distinctive system.
The second group of registered religions are religious communities with distinctive doctrinal system, or those whose underlying doctrine is enshrined syncretism (ie, combination of elements from different religious teachings and practices, or combinations of elements of the three branches of Christianity). This group may be referred Society White Brotherhood, religion Jehovah's Witnesses, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormons called, Bahá'í Community, Spiritual Christian society Redeemed Church of Christ and others. This group takes 11% of the total number of registered denominations and includes 1% of all registered members of religions in the country.

In both scores, the question arises why the largest share of registered Christian denominations are Protestant.
The reasons are several, but at this stage we shall consider only one, namely the liberal nature of Religions Act. For example, the law does not explicitly require the number of members of a religious community for it to acquire the status of religion, as in some European countries (Austria, Slovakia, etc.).. There, as a special law regulated divisions of dignity among the churches and religious communities. Officially recognized by the state churches and religious communities acquire legal personality and can benefit from publicity in the course of their worship. In contrast, others can practice their worship without public events.
Most immune to sectarian influences are Judaism and Buddhism, "says Stefan Penov, and so, since these religions do not share aggression, religious expansion, even avoiding missionary activity.

Why Jehovah's Witnesses in Bulgaria is considered a dangerous cult and threat to human life?

In order to appeal to Europe, in Bulgaria, the Law on Religion is extremely liberal and tolerant, and the procedure for registration of any religion is very simple. Therefore, Jehovah's Witnesses are among the many religions allowed in Bulgaria.
Internet forums and blogs go view that "Jehovah's Witnesses are slipped around the world Christian celebration throughout the larger cities of Bulgaria with suggestions for people to become their members.
Normal practice was in the days of major religious holidays call from door to door and to insist on a conversation. Offers a free Bible and the opportunity to include a course in religion, upon written request.
Jehovah's Witnesses are accepted by most Bulgarians for a dangerous sect. In their face people see a real threat to human life.
It is believed that the most common victims are older single people, especially if they are owners of property to Copy of "witnesses", youths and children who are retiring are traumatized and emotionally. People with depression, a difficult point in their lives and others who are mentally unstable and unfamiliar with the dangers behind supposedly harmless biblical expressions, also became their "victims." Received unexpected attention, small material assistance or moral support these people wholeheartedly give our souls and freedom of pastors.
The reaction of "Witnesses" is that you can not explain why after having registration in the country were not well received.
For "Jehovah's Witnesses, the end of false religion (read Christianity and traditional Islam) approaching. They preach that false religion involved in wars and politics, spreading false teachings and condone immoral sexual relations.
Widespread perception of "Jehovah's Witnesses is that they are pagan, pseudo-religious, trade organizations, disguising behind Christian imagery and concepts. Emissary of the sect are extremely aggressive, try to isolate the man from his environment and subject it to designated pastor. With its comprehensive commandments organization controlled behavior and thus the minds of its members. It is managed by a small group of people who are arbitrary and categorically define its religion and politics, and sooner or later "pastors" forcing subordinates to their give everything you have.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Vatican condemned the genocide of Roma during the Second World War.

The Nazi genocide of the Gypsies, their persecution throughout history, as well as deepening the integration of Roma in society is dedicated to the central topic in a forum in the Italian city Grotaferat said the Catholic news agency Zenit.
Vatican was represented by President of the Pontifical Council for Migrants and Refugees, Archbishop Antonio Maria Velho, who spoke of the need to change the mentality of society, accepting the Gypsies.
Velho Archbishop recalled the violence suffered by the Roma during the Second World War, persecution on racial grounds, camps and physical destruction of thousands of people.
During World War II Nazis are destroyed between 220,000 and 1.5 million Gypsies.
Hardly have been highlighted persecution and destruction of the Gypsies under the leadership of the Church from 14 to 18 centuries in Western and Central Europe.
The head of the Pontifical Council spoke about the actions taken by the Catholic Church to support the integration of Roma, the first official document of the Vatican, dedicated to studying the lives of Roma - "Guidelines for the Pastoral Care of Gypsies" - published in December 2005
Concerned was missionary work among the Roma community and to train missionaries to work with Roma while Christian communities that receive them.
It is estimated that currently in Europe there are approximately between 7-9 million Gypsies.

Holy Fire from Jerusalem arrived in Bulgaria's state airline.

In today's Holy Saturday church-state delegation will bring the Holy Fire from Jerusalem around 20.00 hours at the airport of Sofia, said the Directorate of Religious Affairs.
Bulgarian delegation will attend worship at the temple "Easter" in Jerusalem, where over the grave of Jesus Christ each year is a miracle from heaven descends sacred fire, called grace. On Good Saturday, more than 2000 years, thousands of believers from around the world come to Jerusalem to witness the miracle in the chapel, erected in the place where Christ was buried.
According to Orthodox belief that fire down from heaven, and only on the eve of Orthodox Easter - it is estimated that in a few minutes the fire is insubstantial - not hot and not burn. "Descent of Heavenly Fire" is a phenomenon which, according to church can not be explained from a rational perspective, but from a scientific point of view, the explanation is impossible.
At the airport, bishops and priests will take part of the fire to remove it in their dioceses for the evening worship on Easter. Piece of fire will be allocated the same night and at the Bulgarian monastery on Mount Athos.
In Sofia, the airport will be caught fire in the chapel in the building of the Holy Synod, where a procession will be submitted to the evening Easter service at the St. Alexander Nevsky.

Authorities prevented the controversial U.S. pastor, Terry Jones again publicly burned the Koran.

Controversial American pastor, Terry Jones, who became famous in the world, after publicly burned the Koran, they would organize a similar rally on Friday, but authorities have played him, he spent part of the day in court, and another - in prison, wrote American blogs .
Terry Jones was sent to jail on Friday evening after hearing about outrageous acts against Islam, which can lead to a sharp increase in violence and is prohibited for three years to approach the largest mosque in America - Islamic Center in Michigan. The court also asked Terry Jones to pay a symbolic fee - one dollar a threat to peace.
Controversial cleric refused to pay, and accused the court that it violated his right to freedom of speech, and then transmitted to the local prison.
Name Terry Jones thundered throughout the world on March 20 when he, in the presence of about 50 people, burned the Koran in a church in Florida. Thus he caused a rebellion in Afghanistan, which killed over a hundred people.
His actions provoked a strong reaction of condemnation especially in countries where Muslims are over.

Lindsay Lohan sentenced to prison.

American actress Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 120 days in jail for violation of probation for drunken driving.
Lohan appeared yesterday before a court in Los Angeles on charges of stealing a necklace for 2500 dollars. Accusation of theft was reduced to slightly misconduct and has been actress to appear in the case in June.
However, the Court ruled that the incident with the jewelry was a violation of the imposed probation in 2007, and chastised Lohan by 120 days' imprisonment and 480 hours of community service. Counsel for the actress said it would appeal the verdict.

Escalation of the conflict with Jehovah's Witnesses.

We will continue to fight against "Jehovah's Witnesses as a sect that has been banned - said Vice-President of the movement. VMRO are adamant that during the clash in Bourgas are detained their members.
Many are already complaints of Bulgarian citizens across the country who complain about the aggressive campaigning of Jehovah's Witnesses, preaching their beliefs even minor Bulgarian children.
Jehovah's Witnesses "deny all national and religious holidays, respect the national symbols, flag and anthem, urging the destruction of family and family values. Do not allow blood transfusion and organ transplantation. Members of Jehovah's Witnesses would never defended his country in danger, because it allowed military duty.
For its part, "Witnesses" have defined the situation as "terrible act of vandalism scenes, such as comparing the situation to that of" weak, raped a woman who has to defend itself. "
The party is convinced that "Jehovah's Witnesses" are harmful and dangerous to society because they do not recognize the Holy Cross and the State, prohibit the wearing and the worship of the state symbols, and celebrating holidays and birthdays.
This is perhaps the most aggressive sect by all those around us.
Weeks ago the Commission for Protection Against Discrimination dismissed the allegations of the Jehovah's Witnesses against IMRO - Bulgarian National Movement.
The party will urge the state to prohibit the religious community and to revise her finances

Friday, April 22, 2011

When will I meet a Higgs boson? Higgs boson is the primary objective of the Large Hadron Collider.

Large Hadron Collider (LHC) improve the record of his predecessor, U.S. Tevatron in density of the beam protons, which will allow physicists to obtain faster data and information on the structure of the micro world, the report said the European Organisation for Nuclear Research ( CERN).
On Friday evening the intensity of the beam - the number of particles in the beam passing per second through unit area - reached 4.67. 10 to 32 grade of protons per second per square centimeter. Thus, the record was surpassed in 2010, the accelerator Tevatron, the U.S. Fermi National Laboratory (Illinois) - 4.024. 10 to 32 grade, protons per second per square centimeter.
"The intensity of the beam is the key to the success of the LHC, so this is a very important step, the higher intensity means more data, more data means more opportunities for discovery." - Said CERN Director Rolf Hoyer.
The more collisions, the higher the probability of the birth of new particles, in anticipation of the Higgs boson - the last missing link of modern physical theory, the Standard Model. Higgs boson is the primary objective of the Large Hadron Collider.
This session of accelerators began in late February after a technical stop at Christmas, and will continue until the end of 2012.
By the end of this period, physicists can now say with confidence whether the Higgs boson does not exist, or vice versa gave the first indications of its existence.
U.S. authorities because of lack of funds declined to extend the work of the Tevatron, and accelerator and will be closed in October 2011.
However, American physicists working, and still hope to beat its European competitors in the race for the Higgs boson.

U.S. Ambassador not allowed in high school in Bulgaria?

U.S. Ambassador James Warlick was unable to attend the presentation of graduates from high school "Cyril and Methodius in Asenovgrad ban because outsiders are allowed in school without written agreement.
This is days after translation error led to verbal clash between the U.S. Ambassador and President Georgi Parvanov.
It is becoming increasingly controversial diplomat was in Asenovgrad at the personal invitation of longtime American favorite Passy-party campaign for World Earth Day.
After renouncing the school organizers urgently changed the place of the initiative and make it redirect to the community center.
Director of the school declined to comment exactly who ordered her not to meet U.S. ambassador among high school students.

End of Schengen? France, Germany, Holland and Belgium shaken Schengen.

Bulgaria and Romania contributed to the hostility to the Schengen area. Four years after joining the EU they fail to deal with the commitments made before accession.
Disputes between member states on migration and the possible extension of the Schengen area jeopardize European integration.
The relationship of the parties to the Schengen States is so negative that I had, EU home affairs to give assurances about the future of the Schengen agreement.
Ugly expression by blocking trains at the border with Italy by France is not the end of the acquis. What happened is a signal that the success of European integration are vulnerable to ill thought through unilateral action by national governments.
France, Belgium, Germany and Holland - all threaten to return to border controls, trying to paint the Schengen zone as a threatened invasion of Tunisians, Romanians and Bulgarians.
Schengen is under serious threat of insecure governments and anti-immigrant far-right parties.
In Italy, the far-right part of the government with "Northern League" and Interior Minister Roberto Maroni, who after meeting with his counterparts from the EU last week reasoning whether it makes sense from the European bloc.
In France, Marine Le Pen of the National Front "looks like it will send into oblivion Sarkozy in presidential elections next spring.
In Germany, there is frustration from the lack of "integration" of Muslims, and welcomed the tightening of controls at external borders.
Cameron said he would introduce tighter restrictions on entry to the UK by nationals of countries outside the EU. Furthermore, threatening to temporary rules restricting citizens of new EU countries to seek work in the UK.
Greece, with its imitation of a system for refugees and systematic violation of the rules of the eurozone's fiscal integrity, not a good example. Hungary tries to convince the European block that does not violate democratic rules.
It is worrying that a small number of immigrants lead Member States to undermine one of the biggest successes of the EU - freedom of movement in the Schengen zone.
France, Germany, Holland and Belgium undermine the acquis.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ratings Medvedev, Putin's party United Russia plummeted to a record low.

Medvedev was first publicly acknowledged the existence of differences with the "partner authorities" and hinted that he would seek a second term. However, while it avoids precise wording, referring to the fact that "the future nobody knows."
Putin said: Neither he nor Medvedev did not rule out that each of them can go to the polls. "But we proceed from the realities of the current situation at the time of election of the economic situation, social situation, political situation and, accordingly, will make a decision," - said the prime minister.
Boris Nemtsov believes that time is working against Medvedev, because Putin has clearly aims to once again make the Duma elections a referendum on confidence in himself. And winning, to put an opponent to the fact that people want to see the president only him. Medvedev to succeed, according to Nemtsov, a president will need to register opposition parties, to remove the censorship on television, forcing the authorities to stop extruding civic activists.
Ratings Medvedev, Putin's party United Russia plummeted to a record low. According to the nationwide survey conducted by fund "Public opinion", the popularity of the president in the eyes of the Russians in January 2010 declined from 62% to 46%, confidence in the Prime Minister declined from 69% to 53%. At the same time, the rating of the ruling party reached a minimum over the past two years - 44%. At the same time reached a record level of distrust of the party in power - he rose from 29% in January to 38% in April.
Growing trend, "vote for some third party, not for Putin or Medvedev.

To prohibit any "Jehovah's Witnesses?

Scandal in Bulgaria by "Jehovah's Witnesses has entered a new phase. The Bulgarian party warned of possible new clashes similar, but the religious community demanded immediate intervention of the institutions.
On Palm Sunday five followers of the Jehovah's Witnesses in Burgas were beaten and taken to hospital.
Between IMRO and Jehovah's Witnesses today, sparks fly. The party will urge the state to prohibit the religious community and to revise her finances
"These mental speculators nobody checked. Nobody brought a column where I write - took 10 leva paid tax 10% - no such thing," said Angel Djambazki, Vice-President of IMRO.
"As a religion, we are financed exclusively by voluntary donations. We have no other sources of funding, are justified Hristo Nikolov, administrative center of Jehovah's Witnesses.
VMRO continue to argue that their supporters were not involved in the beating of Palm.
"Maybe this is a normal occurrence for expression of citizenship, but I call it attempted murder. Those people who provoked it is unrealistic to assume responsibility as real men," said Atanas Atanasov, "Jehovah's Witnesses.
"Aggression broke out before Easter because" Jehovah's Witnesses "have developed a very active propaganda. Children from nearby schools were handed their religious magazines, which causes a response," explained George Dakaliev, VMRO - Burgas.
Disputants agree in only one - will wait for response from the prosecution to say who is to blame for the incident on 17 April. VMRO want amendments to the religion and organize new protests on May Day in Sofia.

Car of the Year - 2011 "is Nissan Lif.

The winner World Car of the Year-2011 (WCOTY) is the electric Nissan Leaf. The results were announced at a press conference in New York. Nissan Leaf was selected by the original list of 39 models of cars from around the world, surprisingly to German luxury sedans Audi A8 and BMW 5-Series.
Revolutionary eco Japanese car is powered by 109 hp electric motor Top speed is 140 km / h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h it away in less than 10 seconds. Mileage per charge - 160 km. To fully charge the battery from normal contact with a voltage of 220 volts need eight hours. At the same charge to 80% is a special station for 15 minutes. Earlier, Nissan Leaf was voted "Car of 2011" in Europe.

Bulgaria and Romania, notables in growth.

Romania and Bulgaria will mark the highest growth among the new EU member states (EU10) in 2012, according to a World Bank report presented on Tuesday in Bucharest. "Romania is expected to lead to economic recovery in 2012 in comparison with other EU-10 with growth of 4.4 percent," said World Bank economist and co-author of the report. With regard to Bulgaria World Bank expects growth of 3.4% in 2012
Despite positive developments, however, risks remain, the report underlines the World Bank. Because, although exports of the countries has reached pre-crisis levels, private investment remains weak because of weak consumer demand and freezing construction sector.

Freedom of speech is threatened in Bulgaria.

Freedom of speech in Bulgaria is threatened by recent amendments to the Criminal Code (CC), adopted by parliament last week, according to which journalists and writers can be sentenced to between 1 and 4 years in prison for incitement to discrimination. This is the opinion of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), expressed in a letter to Foreign Minister Nikolai Mladenov.
According to the representative on media freedom OSCE Dunja Mijatovic is important native power to counteract the "hate speech" without creating conditions for violation of the rights of the media.
The newly adopted text prosecute anyone who incite hatred or violence on racial, ethnic, national, religious or other grounds.
According to Bulgarian legislation, however, Mijatovic did not define clearly enough the concept of discrimination, which have left an opportunity for open interpretation of the various cases that will eventually come to court.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Real beat Barcelona 1:0 in the finals of Copa del Rey.

Real (Madrid) Barcelona wins by 1:0 in the Cup final of the King of Spain at the stadium Mestalla. Of the four games that both teams have to play each other, the result is a success for Real Madrid and one draw. Remaining to be played two matches for the Champions League.
In the first half the players of Real (Madrid) prevailed, and created several hazards in front of Jose Manuel Pinto.
Real could lead to results more in the 11th minute when Ronaldo came in a good position and shoot, but Javier Mascherano cellars ball.
In the second half the players of Barcelona controlled the game on the field and missed some very good points.
In the 50th minute Pedro miss first chance that he discovered.
Barcelona scored in 68 th minute with Pedro, but the goal was annulled for offside the player of Barcelona.
Real (Madrid) scored in the 103rd minute when Di Maria put the ball on the head of Ronaldo, who transferred Pinto for Chapter 1:0.
Real Madrid finished the match with 10 men for the expulsion of Di Maria in the final seconds.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Terrorist threats to "The Wedding".

With the approaching wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, scheduled for April 29, increased threats to the ceremony. Muslim radicals threaten to turn into a nightmare wedding.
Movement Muslims against the Crusades, announced on its website that will fit in this day, thousands of demonstrators in Westminster.
The site says that the UK continues its involvement in the killing of innocent men, women and children.
They threaten that "day, which for so long is expected ... will overshadow the events of November 11, 2001.
In describing the threat of Islamists, the Daily Mail notes that anti-Muslim right-wing radicals have previously warned that they intend to oppose the Islamists. Thus, the risk actually wedding turn into a bloodbath.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Energy saving light bulbs cause cancer?

Phenol and other harmful ingredients challenged malignancies
Investigation of Air A public television in December rose to his nails consumers in Germany - has proven that energy saving light bulbs emit carcinogenic phenol, while lit. By 2016, EU-wide economical lamps to replace all incandescent bulbs.
A December Air hired experts who studied the lights for 5 leading German companies and found all the separation of phenol in harmful concentrations able to induce malignancies in humans. Manufacturers do not deny for phenol, but say that it is not a health hazard.
Because of energy saving compact fluorescent bulbs were imposed in 2009 by directive of the Commission and must change their traditional incandescent in all EU countries. Already banned the production of incandescent bulbs of 100, 75 and 60 watts, and by 2012 should disappear and 40 watts.

Snipers in the fight against foot and mouth disease on the border with Turkey.

Police snipers will join in the fight against FMD in Strandja, on the border with Turkey, said Director of the Agency on food safety in Bulgaria.
Hundreds of farmers rose in revolt against the killing of animals infected with foot and sent a letter to EU Georgieva why not restore power fence along the border with Turkey, as was repeatedly promised.
The big problem animals are coming from Turkey and orphan sick animals, whose removal will now be included snipers.
From today we will join with police and snipers, perhaps with helicopters, as the trees began leafing.
7000 domestic animals may be killed as part of preventive measures to reduce infection in bronze.

Monday, April 18, 2011


From Fukushima transported radioactive water somewhere.

Removal began in special tanks of radioactive water from the second block of the station, where they are transported nobody is asking for now.
In accordance with the schedule is coming up April 26 be transported to 10,000 cubic meters of water containing high levels of radioactive iodine and cesium. Until now, the radioactive fluid absorption through the drainage system and discharged into the waters of the Pacific.
Where and how to store this huge amount will show the future.
Experts have found that contaminated water is soaked to a depth of five meters below the fourth energy block. Secretary General Yukio Edano Japanese cabinet said it would halt the melting of the reactor if it starts to operate the cooling system, which currently operates in part.

Formula-1, 2011, before the Grand Prix of Turkey.

Formula-1, 2011, before the Grand Prix of Turkey.

Drivers' standings:
01 Sebastian Vettel 68
02 Hamilton 47
03 Jenson Button 38
04 Mark Webber 37
05 Fernando Alonso 26
06 Felipe Massa 24
Vitaly Petrov 07 17
08 Nick Heidfeld 15
09 Nico Rosberg 10
Kamui Kobayashi 10 7
Michael Schumacher 11 6
Sebastien Buemi 12 4
13 Adrian Sutil 2
Paul di Resta 14 2
15 Jaime Alguersuari 0

Classification of teams:
2001 RBR-Renault 105
2002 McLaren-Mercedes 85
03 Ferrari 50
2004 Renault 32
2005 Mercedes 16
06-Sauber Ferrari 7
STR-Ferrari 07 4
08 Force India-Mercedes 4
2009 Lotus-Renault 0

Program / plan:

Friday, May 6, 2011:
Practice 1 10:00 to 11:30
Practice 2 14:00 to 15:30

Saturday, May 7, 2011
Practice 3 11:00 to 12:00
Qualifying 14:00

Sunday, May 8, 2011
Race: 15:00

Ferrari have no excuse for their bad performance and would invest in this effort to remedy the problems before launch in Turkey, Istanbul. President Luca di Montezemolo should seriously consider their future.
Fernando Alonso admitted that the choice of strategy of the Ferrari team would not change how the team standings in the Chinese Grand Prix. He was disappointed with seventh place and was again defeated by his teammate Felipe Massa, who finished sixth. Scuderia decided by two teammates to set a strategy with two pit stops. According to Fernando cars of Ferrari "were too slow compared to the competition.
Track Istanbul Park was built in Tuzla. The construction of the track began in 2003 and ended only two weeks before the Grand Prix last summer. The track has a length of 5.378 km with 13 turns. Like most trails in the calendar of Formula 1, it was designed by German architect Hermann Tilke. One of the curious details of the "Istanbul Park is that the track is filled with many ascents and descents. This is unusual feature for tracks of Formula 1. Most of them are flat and even surface.
Race Date: May 8, 2011
Name: Istanbul Park
Number of laps: 58
Length: 5.338 km
Track: 309.396 km

Supper consisted of a great Wednesday. Easter can be celebrated by all Christians on April 5.

In Christian tradition, the Last Supper was the last supper of Jesus with the apostles before his crucifixion.
Christians have long celebrated the Last Supper of Jesus Christ on Good Friday, but new research shows that it took a great Wednesday.
Professor Colin Humphreys, a scientist from Cambridge University, believes the reason for this confusion in the calendar and ensure that discovery makes him finally to determine the exact date for the celebration of Easter. Humphreys used a combination of biblical, historical and astronomical research to establish the exact nature and time of the last supper of Jesus with his disciples before his death.
The study by British scientists was published in his book "The Mystery of the Last Supper.
According to his theory of Jesus used the old Jewish calendar, not the official lunar calendar, which was widespread at the time when he was crucified, and today continues to be used.
Therefore, dinner for Passover and Last Supper took place on Wednesday, explaining how it was possible to happen so many events between supper and the crucifixion of Jesus.
It appears that the capture of Jesus, his questioning and the processes have not occurred within one night, in a longer period. Humphreys believes that it follows the modern solar calendar to determine the precise date of Easter and given that the crucifixion of Jesus occurred on April 3, Easter can be celebrated on April 5.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

Google stops Videos and Tags.

Google plans to stop two of its services for low interest. Notices edge of Videos and Tags will happen later this year.
The company prohibit users to upload photos to Google Videos in May 2009, but now everyone can watch files online clumsily. Because Google has the largest such site in the world - YouTube, 2006
Users who store their videos in Google Videos, however, will be able to download files through add button Download. The feature will be available until May 13.
Google recently informed that its service stops and Tags, which started late last year in the form of trial. "We decided to redirect its efforts to other current and future products for local businesses, and will stop offering Tags", writes a blog search engine. Users no longer able to upload information about their companies in the service, which will be formally arrested on 29 April.

Wang Predictive IS THE END OF THE WORLD?

In recent years many charlatans, journalists and researchers are more and more confirmation of that soon will come the end of the world. For authoritative source of the famous prophecies indicate a Bulgarian prophet Vanga, as well as "her heirs".
For great terror in this outwit include Russian newspaper Pravda.
Where went the rumors about "the heirs of Vanga?" The thing is that back in 1996, shortly before his death Vanga was told that her soul will be instilled in the 10-year-old girl. Since that time the media continue to pursue and find such "successors."
But before the prophet in the world there were people with clairvoyant abilities, Nostradamus, Abel, Moskovskaya matron. So, who who has inherited? Still, the gift is not inherited, you are born with it. Even the niece of Vanga in his book did not confirm reports that her aunt has sent her a gift to someone. In fact, no specific prophecy Vanga for earthquakes in Japan and even more for a forthcoming apocalypse.
Bulgarian sociologist, published a book in which he has made a careful analysis of the predictions of the great clairvoyant. 99 messages analyzed by him, 43 fully correspond to the truth, 43 seemed ambiguous and only 12 turned out to be absolutely false. Thus the "exact hits" are about 70%. Vanga specifically predicted that humanity expect it terrible disease, hunger and lack of water, which is not surprising under the current environmental conditions, said publication.
Gradually the face of the Earth will disappear many plants and animals, but the radiation would have nothing to do with it. And another prophecy: "In 2018 the trains would fly with the sun, the extraction of oil will be stopped, the earth will rest." But not a word about the Apocalypse.

Robots in Fukushima-1. A minimum of nine months to eliminate the dangers of crash NPP.

Robots Packbot, came and worked in the Japanese nuclear power plant, Fukushima-1, but new data complicate the situation. The two tracked self-propelled robot, which donated a private company IROBOT, have measured radiation levels inside the plant.
According to information received in the first reactor power of radiation varies 10-49 millisieverts per hour in the third - 28-57 millisieverts per hour, reducing job opportunities for people.
Increased especially for Japanese, Fukushima-1 "level maximum total radiation dose of 100 to 250 millisieverts.
President of the operator Tokyo Electric Power, Shimizu said that work on stabilization will take place in several stages and will take six to nine months.
First, over the next three months, is scheduled to provide a stable operating system for cooling the reactors, Fukushima-1, and to minimize leakages of radioactive substances outside the station.
From three to six months will continue the so-called cold off the reactors. Then, the ruined buildings of the first, third and fourth reactor will be covered with special materials.
Japan faces decade of earthquakes: you should not expect to stop the disaster in the coming weeks or months, warned Geophysics Ross Stein of the USGS. Meanwhile, in confirmation of his words earthquakes continue with new shocks.
Stein, who works with Professor Shinji Toda of Kyoto, in cooperation with other Japanese scholars: "In Tokyo, you will need to remain vigilant for many years no one should think that after several weeks or months, it's over," says expert.

Five injured and 10 arrested after clash with Jehovah's Witnesses.

Bulgaria.Five people were injured and ten were arrested late last night in Burgas after clash between the Jehovah's Witnesses and members of the VMRO-Burgas. Protest against the followers of the religious community was organized by the party in front of the church in the city. Injured five people are "Jehovah's Witnesses.
At the initial information they were beaten by members of the party. Among the ten arrested in the police and the leader of VMRO in Burgas. Many Orthodox Christians do not recognize the official registration of Jehovah's Witnesses in Bulgaria.



Maundy week.

Worship during the last week before Passover recall the last days of earthly life of Jesus Christ, his suffering, death and burial. This week is called "passionate", ie translated from Slavonic "sufferer." Also called "Great" because of the importance of the great events occurring in it.
St. John Chrysostom taught: "This week has been removed ancient tyranny of the devil, death is suppressed, is tied strongest (the enemy) and his weapons are scattered; deleted is sin, is removed oath and is open heaven, heaven is no longer accessible people coming to the Angels, partition was lifted, the limits - deleted. God of the universe is reconciled heaven and earth. "
Worship in this great in meaning and content week marked by some external grandeur. They are decorated with wisely selected prophetic, apostolic and Gospel readings, uplifting, inspired chants and deeply meaningful, reverent rituals. Whatever the Old Testament challenges shaped or predicted in the New Testament depicts or said about the last days and hours of the earthly life of God-man - it is collected by the Church in a lively and impressive image that is gradually revealed to us in worship of the Holy Week.
Worshipers present during these days in the temple, are able to consistently populate mentally and spiritually in Jerusalem, the mount of Olives, in upper Zion, in Gethsemane, or in the garden of Joseph of Arimathea. Worship this week we bring round of voluntary suffering Savior. They give us invaluable opportunity to mentally contemplate shed for us His pure blood to hear as if directly from his mouth his last dying words and precepts. By attending the Holy Week of worship, which our present life and shaped all the events of the last earthly days of Jesus Christ, which though carried out before our eyes, we, Christians, along with his Savior go to Calvary and crucifixion together with him - and soraspinaemsya sshestvuem Emu Emu "as sung in church song.
Holy Week is a remarkable time. Then Christian people rise and set for adoption of the most lofty thoughts and feelings. St. John Chrysostom testified that the first Christians in the hot desire to be with the Lord consistently in the last days of his earthly life, in Holy Week prayers deepening and strengthening the heroism of the post. They imitated by the LORD, who only love for fallen humanity undergone great suffering, try to be good and forgiving to the infirmities of their brothers and perform as many acts of love and charity. Considering for indecent to utter conviction and sentences issued in the days of our justification by pure blood of the Immaculate Lamb, they ended the any claims, proceedings in public places, stopped any disputes and penalties and even liberated prisoners during this period of their chains if not been implicated in serious criminal offenses.

Easter Monday

"Behold, the Bridegroom cometh at midnight, and blessed is this servant, whoever awake but unworthy is he whom find carefree. So watch out, my soul, are you overwhelmed by sleep, he should be put to death and not stay out in front of closed door of the kingdom, but his senses and cry aloud: Holy, Holy, holy to God, for pardon our Mother! " (Troparion, ch. 8)
In worship on this day St. Church invites the faithful to accompany Christ to be crucified with Him, to die in His name to all worldly pleasures to live with him.
As a closer in contemplation mysterious events of the Old and New Testament, Holy Church tells us further suffering of the Savior in the Old Testament predobraz of chaste Joseph, who, being innocent, was humiliated and sold into slavery by his brothers, but then again was exalted by God . In sinaksara on this day says: "Joseph is predobraz of Christ, because Christ is the envy of his ednoplemennitsi - Jews, He was betrayed by his disciple for thirty pieces of silver, was locked in a dark, narrow pit - the grave, but revolted by him through his own power, reigned over Egypt - ie over all sin and finally beat him, became bishop over the whole world, our philanthropic redeemed through thou draw out the mysterious wheat and feed us with the bread of heaven - zhivotonosnata his flesh. "
From the Evangelical Church Events St. recalls drying nabezplodnata fig tree, which symbolizes the Jewish society in which Jesus Christ did not found a true fruit, but merely hypocritical shadow of the law. This fig tree is cursed and rebuked by him. It also symbolizes every soul who does not carry the fruit of repentance.
Furthermore, the parable of the fig tree withered morning gospel edifies us through the stories of the Savior say on this day parable about the wicked husbandmen, killed the first servants of his lord, and then sent by his son.
This parable depicts hardened the Jews who killed the prophets first, but after the arrival on earth of the Son of God, and killed himself. It is also true for Christians who violate the apostles and Fathers commandments and thereby continue to crucify the Son of God by their sins.
In the gospel reading Liturgical Holy Church recalls the fate of the Jewish people and bogootstapniya end of the world, predicted by Jesus Christ. By describing the large and numerous disasters and signs preceding the destruction of Jerusalem and the end of the ages, believers incite despite the evil that lies in the world to the magnanimity, fairness, patience, and prayer vigils. They are comforted by the communion of the Savior to spreading the gospel around the world and reduce disaster "for the elect" (Matt. 24:14, 22).
Think about the last hour, wretched soul, and beware not to be cut off as a fig tree. Industrious develop talent given you, as awake and shout: do not stay out of Christ's palace!

GREAT Tuesday

"In Your Grace how unworthy I go? ... Because if you dare to enter the palace, denounced me my clothes because it is not marriage, and connected will be thrown out of the angels. Lord, cleanse my soul of skvernotata and save me as a philanthropist (Stichera, Ch. 1)
Utrenyata On that day recall the events described by the evangelist St. Matthew (Matt. 22:15-46, 23:1-39). But most of all worship in the Great Tuesday draws its content from the parable of the ten virgins, the talents and the Second Coming of Christ. Through these commemorations St. Church guide believers to spiritually awake in the name of the Lord's suffering for us to wise stewardship of thou draw our forces and capabilities, especially in works of charity. In their chants St. Church on this day with great perseverance inspires us is binding on us spiritually awake and religious and moral improvement.
Bridegroom Christ, make us participants along with the wise virgins in Your heavenly kingdom and our assigned to thy chosen flock, because you good and mankind!

VELIKA Wednesday

More than a prostitute have done iniquities, O Good One. No tears, no repentance You are offered. But silence please fall before thee and kiss thy feet bubbled to receive forgiveness of sins from thee, Savior, whom call: Deliver me from my foul deeds!
Wednesday night against the Lord spent in Bethany (Matthew 26:6-17). Here at the house of Simon the leper, a woman "sinner" is vazlivala precious ointment upon the head of the Savior when He sat at the table. Meanwhile, the council of priests, scribes and elders had already decided to capture the Savior through cunning and treachery and to kill him.
Here, opposite the sinner woman and her selfless act in treadmill soul of Judas, one of the twelve disciples of the Lord, were born criminal intent to deliver a wicked board his Master and Lord.
So in the church office of Greater Wednesday celebrates the woman sinner and Heavens and cursed avarice and betrayal of Judas.
"God, fallen into many sins woman, perceiving Your divinity, took rank of mironositsa and sobbed, You offer ointment before the funeral. Alas, she says, because for me it is night - intemperate abuse, dark and moonless strong attraction of sin! Accept flow my tears, who through the clouds producing water at sea. Slopes to my heart sighs, Thou that by Thy mercy unspoken bent heaven! Give it a kiss and wiped with the hair of your head Your purify feet whose sound Eve in Paradise at noon when he heard scared hid. Who will be investigated Dushespasitelyu, Save mine, many of my sins and the abyss of Thy judgments? Do not despise me, Thy rabinya you who have infinite mercy "(Glory, voice, 8).
St. John Chrysostom writes: "Play is what Christ foretold the woman sinner. Wherever you go in the universe is everywhere proclaimed to this woman, although she did not sign and did not have many witnesses. Who then proclaim and preach all this? - The power of him who foretold it. Gone a long time, but the memory of this event is not canceled. And the Persians and Indians and the Scythians and Thracians, and sarmatite and Moors, and the inhabitants of the British Isles povestvuvat of what has made woman a sinner in the house of Simon the leper. "And Judas Zlatoustiyat teacher says:" I ask - so how Judas became a traitor when he was called by Christ? God when calls people to Himself, not forced and not forcing the will of those who do not want to choose virtue. He convinces advises doing everything possible to incite them to become good. But if some do not live to become good, He is not forcing them. "
Christ Jesus, who was anointed with precious ointment, and deliver us from afflictions that befall us and our mercy, because you good and chevoko lyubets! Amen!

Holy Thursday

In the liturgy of this day recall the events occurring before the path of the Savior's suffering dorovolnite - the execution of Jesus Christ of the last Passover supper, which he washed the feet of his disciples and established the sacrament of the Eucharist and its delivery.
In the apostolic reading depicts the establishment of the sacrament and its purpose, and how worthy his acceptance. On the day of establishment of this most holy sacrament of Holy Church calls upon believers to special communion with the Body and Blood of the Savior, though this happens at the hands of its Divine Founder Himself. Even Heruvimska solemn song of this liturgy is released and instead sing a song touching, exposing Judah and calling for mimicking confession of the prudent thief: "Evenings thy secret." Also the usual welcome song to the Virgin Mary is replaced by Eirmos the canon in which the faithful are invited to Christ's Supper, to adopt proposed by Christ immortal table.
Gospel reading tells of events occurring before, during and after the Last Supper and was selected by the evangelists Matthew, Mark and John.
The many fateful events occurring on that day, comply poignant feelings and thoughts contained in the liturgical chants. By contemplating the Savior in the last minutes before suffering his church in their chants deep suffering and tribulation. But knowing who is the sufferer, why and for whom he went to the cross death, Church St. site and gives a sense of reverential love to go for voluntary suffering.
As a glorified infinite love of the Savior maker full weight of human sin and inexpressible humility of washing the feet of His servants, St. Church revere the cup of eternal life offered by the Creator. Praised prayer bloody sweat in Gethsemane the Saviour who taught us holy example - it is in prayer to seek solace and support among the sorrows in carrying our cross in life and at the hour of approaching death.
After utrenyata sing the following (otpustitelen) Troparion: "When the glorious disciples in washing the dinner is enlightenment, then Judas zlochestiviyat consumed by greed, the mist and you, the righteous judge, sent the lawless judges. Look, lyubitelyu wealth one (Judas), who hanged himself because of them. Run from the insatiable soul, which odarzosti to make it to Master. Lord, who art gracious to all, glory to Thee. "

Good Friday (Good Friday)

Today hangs on a tree He who divided the land of water, with a crown of thorns is crowned Him Who is the king of angels, in false purple dress one who (in Jordan) released Adam; with nails are nails Bridegroom of the Church, with a copy to pierce the Son of the Virgin. Worship Christ, of Thy sufferings. Show us thy glorious Resurrection.
The entire liturgy of Good Friday is devoted to the reverent and poignant reminder of suffering and survival sacrum death of the God-man. Every hour of that day is a new feat in redemptive suffering of the Savior. Echoes of those suffering can be heard every word of Orthodox worship, which is as singular and unmatched power of tenderness and poignancy and depth of infinite compassion for the suffering Savior.
As a thought carries us over the past centuries, St. Church seems to lead us to the foot of the cross of Christ, erected on Calvary, and turns us into witnesses of torture of the Savior.
Morning worship plays terrible night. The darkness of nature, the darkness of the black hatred of Jews seeking to kill him, death and mourning Redeemer in the darkness of Gethsemane, His humiliation of students and enemies - all this reinforces the horror of that night. I used to think look at the temple praying to change the sad and terrible pictures. On the one hand, it appears he bathed in heavenly light, the Creator of all things, the Savior healed the sick, which opens the eyes of the blind, raised the dead ... Even now when he overcomes his torture, sorrows, not so much for himself as for his persecutors, not for his wounds, but moral wounds of those who subject him to humiliation and torture.
With hellish malice inflict wounds and tortured him favored by him: for his mana they return bile and water - vinegar, for all his love for them - the Cross and death.
Wherever we focus our thoughts look - everywhere is cause for new broken and tears. Our heart resents the Jews who only a few days ago enthusiastically shouted: 'Hosanna to the son of David, now a criminal perjury frantically shouting: "strife, crucify him!" Numbness black hellish deed one of the chosen disciples of the Savior, who is betrayed for thirty pieces of silver. Our thoughts sight stops in front of the divine sufferer, called by flagellation, in shameful scarlet, wet from the pure blood, with a crown of thorns, which bites into his head - mercilessly humiliated, brutally beaten and finally killed by painful way of the cross.
This stunning contemplation of the on these unprecedented times and terrible blasphemy Holy Church draws faithful people to the Cross of Christ and tries to bring them to such a gracious condition that was found in the Apostle who would not know anything "except Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ crucified" (1 Cor. 2:2). But to such a state of mind can reach only those who live with the complicity of a loving heart, mind contemplate the voluntary suffering of the Savior of the world, giving up of everything that can distract him from innocent suffering Lord, who really goes along with the Savior "sarazpava back and killed him because of all of life's pleasures.
Marred by impure thoughts and vain mind can not see the light of God's glory manifested in the redemption of mankind through sufferings and death of the Son of God.
St. Ephrem the Syrian teaches: "All children come to the Church honest and purchased from the world of purified blood Bishop. Come to contemplate the sufferings with tears and sighs, with fear and trembling, saying to himself: "For us, the wicked shall be put to death Christ our Savior." Realize, brother, what you hear now. Sinless God, Son of the Most High, is delivered to you. Open your heart, look at his suffering and his say: Sinless God delivered today osmyan is today reviled today, life is today, endured flogging today, wore a crown of thorns today Heavenly Lamb was crucified today. shuddered Let my heart be terrified my soul Every day I have to shed tears at this meditation on the sufferings of a bishop. Sweet are the tears, because through them prosvetlavya soul that constantly reflects on Christ's suffering .

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chinese Grand Prix in Formula-1-2011.

Driver Rankings Boxing Difference
1 3 3 L. Hamilton 1:36:58.226
2 1 5.1 2 S. Vettel
M. Weber 3 2 7.5 3
4 4 10.0 3 E. Button
N. Rosberg 5 8 3 13.4
U. 6 6 15.8 TABLE 2
7 5 30.6 2 F. Alonso
8 7 31.0 3 M. SCHUMACHER
9 10 57.4 2 V. PETROV
10 16 63.2 2 K. Kobayashi
11 15 P. DI REST 68.7 2
N. Heidfeld 12 9 72.7 2
R. Barrichello 13 11 90.1 2
14 18 90.6 3 S. Buemi
15 14 A. 1L BRA 3
16 20 H. Kovalainen 1L 2
17 17 S. PEREZ 1L 4
18 12 P. Maldonado 1L 3
19 21 January Trulli 1L 2
20 25 E. D'AMBROZIO 2L 2
21 24 T. Glock 2L 3
22 23 V. Liuzzi 2L 3
23 22 N. Karthikeyan 2L 1

Lewis Hamilton won the Chinese Grand Prix.
Was third on the grid, but prevailed over Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) - overtook him a few laps before the finish and saw the first checkered flag of the route to Shanghai, mainly because the stored set of tires.
Mark Webber is good to the third position and a podium from 18th position. Jenson Button for fourth. Nico Rosberg made a very strong race strategy with three pit stops and finish fifth. Ferrari, confused with another strategy chose to stop only twice in boxing today, like Vettel - wrong strategy and sixth and seventh position for Ferrari. Obviously Ferrari changes are needed talentless owner of the team.
Michael Schumacher at the eighth position, having started the 14th with a strong performance.

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